The whole car crystal decoration+Starry sky to watch the new 7 Series Guster is immediately not fragrant


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全车水晶装饰+星空顶 看完新7系 古斯特立马不香了

On March 16th, the 2022 BMW Group’s financial report annual meeting was held online as scheduled. At the meeting, the core management headed by BMW Group Chairman Zipzer reviewed the group’s operation and revenue status in the previous year, and was about to be about to be about to be about to be about to be about to. The new generation of 7 series sedan and i7, which debuted at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year.

↑ Zipcez, chairman of BMW Group

According to the latest data released, the BMW Group delivered a total of 252,1514 new vehicles worldwide in 2021, an increase of 8.4%year -on -year. Among them, sales of new energy vehicles increased by 70%to more than 320,000 units. In order to continue this momentum, the BMW Group will speed up the expansion of the pure electric product lineup. During the year, the BMW Group’s mass production and trial production of pure electric models will reach 15 models, covering about 90%of the market segment. In addition, the “Neue Klasse” model based on a new structure will begin trial production in 2024 and will be unveiled in 2025. By the end of 2025, the BMW Group plans to deliver 2 million pure electric vehicles worldwide.

In terms of model planning, the new generation 7 Series will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show opened in April this year. It is reported that the car will also provide internal combustion engines, plug -in hybrids and pure electric versions. (Among them, the pure electric version is i7) The design level, from the preview video released on the spot, the design characteristics of the double kidney network will be further enlarged, and at the same time, it is equipped with the outline light belt similar to the 8 series modified models. At the same time, the LED daytime running light part uses a slender design similar to the XM concept car. Due to the video conditions, the 100%detail design of the new car may be announced when it appears at the Beijing Auto Show.

In terms of interior, the new car interprets the crystal elements to the extreme after the crystal gear of BMW. From the preview video, the control part uses the penetrating crystal decorative bar, and the penetrating curved screen on the new BMW car is used. In addition, the new IDrive operating system provides more functions, while providing a mode selection system that links with the entire car atmosphere light.

全车水晶装饰+星空顶 看完新7系 古斯特立马不香了

In addition, the rear row of the new car provides a suspended screen with a size of 31 -inch, with a 32: 9 ultra -width ratio and a resolution of up to 8K, which can be used to enjoy the massive entertainment content online. At the same time, the introduction of the panoramic star track sky curtain has further enhanced the ride experience of this flagship sedan. In terms of power, BMW currently only releases the endurance parameters of the pure tram model. It is reported that the comprehensive mileage of this pure electric luxury car may exceed 600km.

全车水晶装饰+星空顶 看完新7系 古斯特立马不香了

In addition, BMW also announced that in the future, it will gradually upgrade its factory to a highly intelligent and environmentally friendly IFACTORY. In order to ensure the battery supply of new energy models, the group supplier will build 5 new battery factories, and the BMW Group will continue Continue to the construction of charging facilities and hydrogen refueling stations.

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全车水晶装饰+星空顶 看完新7系 古斯特立马不香了

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