Fashionable women are no longer wearing leggings, “cropped pants” are even more popular, and high -levels are not long -legged


There are people who love beauty, and many middle -aged women are no exception. Even if they are no longer young, they have never been inferior to anyone in catching fashion. This is not only reflected in picking money, but also on their right The matching of single products.

In autumn, many fashionable women who love fashion no longer wear a bottoming shirt. In comparison, they prefer the popular items that can modify the leg shape and improve the fashion atmosphere. Outstanding and elegant dress taste. This autumn, fashionable women are no longer wearing leggings, “nine -point pants” are even more popular, and high -levels are long -legged. Let’s take a look at how to pick models, match and enhance highlights!

1. Picking a piece

Style picking money is the most difficult problem for middle -aged women to bypass. After all, although nine -point pants are mainly simple and concise, the pants, color and materials are different, which will cause the shape to change.

First of all, nine -point jeans are the most popular styles in autumn. This kind of pants can be used to create a young state with the unique attributes of denim fabrics. The windbreaker easily resolves the sense of seriousness.

There are also nine -point trousers. It is also standard for many fashionistas to go out of the street and commute. The sharp and smooth three -dimensional straight line cutting can often create straight long legs, which is the gospel of legs.

When people are middle -aged, the colors should not be escaped too much when picking nine -point pants. Needless to say, blue, black or white, it is difficult to make mistakes in any way. There is also a kind of beige, light coffee color or light khaki color. Human temperament is relatively elegant and intellectual.

Town pants are also very rich in pants. Some overly loose wide -leg cropped pants have some requirements for tops, and smoke pipe cropped pants, tapered cropped pants, small foot cropped pants or nine -point radish pants, which is more suitable for Used to create a relaxed dressing effect.


Two, matching articles

Town pants are the versatile artifacts that are popular with fashionistas in autumn. Like some common top products in autumn, I do n’t know how to choose nine -point pants when choosing nineteen pants.

1. suit+cropped pants


As a number of people with a few people, the suit from the spring fire to autumn, choose a wool waist suit or a micro -profile suit, which is warm and stylish.

Regarding the nine -point pants, you may wish to be equipped with a denominated model. Whether it is exposing a slender ankle or using a pointed short boots to connect the pants legs, the sense of fashion can be strong.


2, shirt+cropped pants


When wearing the shirt and wide -leg pants, you may wish to replace it with nine -point pants. Using cone pants -shaped nine -point jeans can not only modify the leg shape, but also break the dullness of autumn, and it is more refreshing and casual.


This kind of method is unlimited, unlimited, and there is no great restriction on the figure, but if it is daily occasions, the shoes can be considered as canvas shoes and sneakers as much as possible.

3. Knit sweater+cropped pants

Relying on the soft feel, the sweater that occupies a place in the autumn is also a fairy partner of the nine -point pants. This method can use nine -point pants to break the monotonous sense and enhance the bright spots.

But don’t forget to wear dual leather shoes or short boots, thereby enhancing the texture of the clothes.

Third, improve clothing articles

Picking the style of the nine -point pants and mastering the method, let’s take a look at what aspects need to be worked out of the nine -point pants.

1. Shoes

There are many shoes that can be used to combine nine -point pants, such as canvas shoes, small white shoes, loafers, pointed shoes or short boots. First of all, we must choose shoes according to the nine -point trousers. If it is a tight -tight style of pants, it is recommended to wear thin shoes.

In addition, you need to consider your own needs when picking the money. If you want to create a warm and comfortable autumn and winter shape, it is recommended to use short boots with cropped pants, or use socks+flat shoes with cropped pants.


I prefer the stylish dressing style. It is recommended to match with various shoe -long canvas shoes, small white shoes or light -mouth single shoes.

In this way, there is a distance between the nine -point pants and the foot shape, which shows thin legs and stylish legs.

2, color scheme

The main point of improving the texture of the nine -point pants with the help of the color is that the color should be less, and it should not exceed three types. At the same time, the color response technique is used to strengthen the depth.

For example, shoes are consistent with the color of nine -point pants, and the tops are consistent with the color of nine -point pants.

3. Raise the waistline

Many people wearing cropped pants in addition to improving the sense of refining of styling, they also want to use cropped pants to create long legs. At this time, they must pay attention to the waistline position. The proportion of the whole body.

The above is the cropped pants wearing for everyone this time. Don’t wear bottoming pants this autumn. Town pants are both fashionable and advanced!

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