Nan’an has a 1 yuan cutting, sewing clothing only 1 yuan


“哒 哒 哒 哒, 哒 哒” … A wave of sewing machines, from time to time, from the “one yuan tailor paving” in the new era of Dingcheng Village, Meishan Town, Nan’an City. Several grandmothers are holding their own clothes and sitting on a side to wait.


It turned out that this day, on Friday, Dingcheng Village Volunteer Service Team Captain Lin Yulan came to the tailoring shop as scheduled, sewing clothes for villagers. Villagers only need to pay 1 yuan, you can enjoy all kinds of seam replenishment services.

A few days ago, the reporter came to “One Yuan Tailor Put”, and I saw Lin Yulan sitting in front of the sewing machine and carefully sewing the clothing brought over. The walls of the “service class” are introduced to the wall, such as sewing, lock, chain, changing the trousers, and make holes.

The 63-year-old Liu Xiucong Apo said that she had a summer dress is too long, I want Lin Yulan to help teach.

“Amother, do you see this?” After a while, Lin Yulan took the short-term clothes to Liu Apo, got the commendableness of the Apo.

“Now there is a tailor shop in the village. I walked from home to this. I don’t have to use it for 1 minute, and I can add clothes to the clothes!” There is such a tailor shop in the village. Cai Hui is very happy. She told reporters that with the increase of age, her vision is getting worse, and the clothes can’t make up, and the sewing clothes need to be ran to Meishan Town, and it takes 6 kilometers from the back and forth. It is very inconvenient.

In less than 10 minutes, Lin Yulan picked up the clothes sent by the two Apo. Two grandmothers are very happy, and they voted 1 yuan in the love box.

“I saw a few months ago, I saw it through the Internet, and other places have love volunteers to use the weekend time to sew clothes for free. I want to start learning tailors at the age of 17. You can also open a love trend, for the villagers Serving. “Tell said that Lin Yulan followed by Liu Mu Liu, secretary of the Village Party Branch, and got strong support from the Village and the Commission. On July 1st, “One Yuan Tailor Pudded” opened in the new era of Dingcheng Village. Every Wednesday, on Friday will be open.

The reporter learned that in order to help the villagers sewing the clothing, Lin Yulan brings a broken cloth, chalk, counting, needlework, pull, buttons, etc. small objects from home.

Liu Jianhong, the head of the new era civilization practice station in Dingcheng Village, introduced that “One Dollar Tailor” has been supported by many love township. Among them, the township Liu Hongbo donated a sewing machine worth more than 2,000 yuan, and the township Liu Jianzhi donated 5 love charging treasures … In addition, the village is also equipped with a medical box, love honest umbrella, convenient toolbox, pump, pump, Disposable raincoat, herbal tea, etc.

“I want to serve the villagers for free, but considering that some villagers are not very relieved to ‘free’ services, we have symbolically charged a dollar. Part of clothing.

Reporter: Huang Juntao

Editor: Merchants Audit: Chen Xiaogang