The second batch of fashion shirts with novel design, exquisite and versatile men and women through, daily commuting is handsome


Shirts are fashionable items that often occupy the popular TOP list. The tide people’s wardrobes must also have a shirt single product. Ordinary shirts are incorporated into the function, work, streets, checkered and other elements, and then Chinese and English print Cultivation such as embroidery and other craftsmanship is casual, and the design is surprisingly designed. The high -level big -name shirt feast will let the shirt wear your attitude and let the world give you a way!

1 striped shirt


The long -sleeved shirt of the contrast color vertical stripes is a fashionable single product that is in love with the street control. The fashionable personality, the contrasting striped element blooms the characteristics of the male characteristics, the shirt is used in the fashion circle, which is very popular in the fashion circle. At the same time, the shoulder lines are modified, and a laziness and casual taste will be exposed. The integration of large pockets highlights the personality, allowing you to bid farewell to seriousness and rigidity, and bring a full street tide.

The T -shirt is simple and atmospheric, with a black tall shirt inside, highlighting the high -level modern sense, the trendy contrasting English letter printing, fashionable and stylish, with jeans, casual pants are handsome. The pink striped shirt is more fresh and gentle, full of vitality, fashionable and stylish, black and white striped shirts will be slightly mature, the atmosphere is stable, and it is very British.

2 Frost White Shirt

A clean and elegant white shirt, wearing it is a gentle and elegant young man, with fresh art and artistic style. A slight smile, the male lead Xiao Nai, played by Yang Yang, was a lot of people who were stunning with a white shirt with black cropped pants. The printed shirt of the orchid pattern, tastes wild time, shows the quiet charm, trendy personality, the letter of the letters on the chest, the ginseng embroidery, collide out of the good style, the bee embroidery embellishment, outstanding texture, basic version, leisure simplicity and no choice. People, the hem of the arc can modify the hip shape. Angel printed shirt brings dry and cool weather to hot weather. The angel hand -painted printing from the western tile painting is a trendy element that is worn in the season. Skin, comfortable to wear.

Oxford shirts with simplicity and simplicity, simplicity and fashion sense, the design of the coloring woven belt, get rid of the sense of dullness, the fashion trend, the alphabet dotted, casual and generous, simple but not simple, trendy and handsome. The fashion of contrasting color stitching, exquisite personality but not publicity, showing connotation and taste, showing different urban gentlemen. The unique and advanced stand -up collar design is the cool way to open the white shirt. The interesting stitching is staggered, and it is really creative. The simple white T -shirt is paired with light -colored ripped jeans nine -point pants and small white shoes, casual casual, paired with black suit pants with leather shoes, gentleman generous.


3 Fresh green shirt

The fresh color is light and elegant and leisurely, showing the sense of elegant gentlemen of men, the letter pattern printing, embroidery and asymmetric elements, trendy fashion, make the shirts more distinctive, the contrasting design is strong, the street blue -green stitching seals embroidered flower embroidery Stacking the sleeve shirt, the street wind wears, the front and rear stripes, the different hue fight, the front placket is green and fresh, the back of the rear placket looks comfortable, the upper and lower tide is not heavy, the stacking sleeves are stuck, and the sense of layering is soaring.

4 grid shirt

Fashionable young people who are flying up with contemporary are very personal and hate being restrained. The fashionable street -style pattern shirt is to satisfy you who are critical. The shirt version is based on the popular Oversize silhouette. Most boys and girls can easily control, deconstruct the application of design, stitch the plaid and sweater fabrics, and break the conventional cognition, that is, there will be no feeling of engineering men, nor does it deliberately show the British fan, loose hooded design Very highlights. The red and black stitching grid shirt is very high -profile. The design is simple, with a sense of personality, and a sense of rhythm. It is a love of young people on street culture. The breathability is not easy to deform, and the cotton fabric is comfortable and skinny. Spring and summer can be worn as a jacket to create a sense of layering. The inside of the sweater knitting in autumn and winter is also full of careful wear.

5 days blue blue shirt


The big -printed desert plant theme pattern is covered with blue shirts, abstract plant flowers, strong vitality, hopes, like a young man who is chasing his dreams and hard work, restrained and delicate Feeling, highlighting the trend. You can run around the four seasons. A denim can be done. The loose version, the upper body is naturally casual, quite wide and stylish. The garment drifts through many graphite rinsing processes, and the whole body is stained. Do the old effect. You can wear it alone or as a coat. You can wear a sweater or T -shirt in the autumn. It can be used as an inner dress in winter. It is matched with a coat or down jacket jacket to highlight the color characteristics of the shirt. , Really dazzling.


6 Botten Pink shirt


Solid -colored core velvet embroidery shirt, with a soft shiny pink light core velvet, retro and modern, literary and capable handsome coexistence, letters embroidery, highlighting the fashionable temperament. The flarpiece texture has a thick texture and soft touch, which can easily shape the fashionable retro style and fashionable personality.

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