Small units also come to learn for a while. There are so many tricks in the porch corridor lamps?


Speaking of light layout, this is a overall series. Both in “decorative” and “practicality” have important functions. Today we may wish to know the porch lamp ~

1. First look at the type of corridor

According to different apartment types, the corridor is divided into inner corridors and outer corridors. The corridor type is different, and the lamps are different.

【Inner Corridor】


That is, the aisle space on both sides is the door or wall, which is more common in the type of dynamic partition.

The inner corridor is relatively independent. Even if the area is not large, you still need to install the enthusiasm of the porch. The installation demand is mainly to provide lighting.

【Outer Corridor】


That is, a walkway beside the hall is more common in the horizontal hall apartment. Because it shared the space with the hall, the porch lamp of the corridor is mostly auxiliary lighting.

2. How to choose the entrance lamp at different ceilings?

Due to its particularity, unless the central air conditioner is installed, the corridor does not require a ceiling. In the corridor of different ceilings, the entrance lamps are also different.

【No ceiling】

Usually, the top aisle light of the top porch is used. If you tend to modern minimalist style and enhance the modern sense of space, you can look at this porch lamp in the article.


Yuan Mei finally wanted to say: The corridor is a moving aisle of a home life. The key needs to install lamps are lighting. Therefore, when choosing lamps, it is mainly considering the high layer of the ceiling. Just feel depressed ~