From renting to home, this post -90s guy has changed five houses within four years, just to make life into a poem!


Such a sentence popular on the Internet: “The house is rented, but life is not.”

Perhaps at this time, you are working hard in a corner of the city alone, and you work hard and live alone. However, even if you live alone, you need to run your own nest.


In Chengdu, there is such a post -90s -Li Bailu,

He has lived alone for 4 years since he graduated, but his life has not been at all;


He is not an architect designer, but he has changed 5 living space;

He used to use the 0 3,000 yuan to change the rental house to brush the circle of friends, and since then with green plants, food, photography …

And all of this stems from his love for life.

Today, let

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Come and share his transformation experience in the five spaces in these 4 years.

Four years of graduation, from renting a house to buying a house, to the entrepreneurial studio. Every year, they experienced large and small moving, transformation, and decoration, and spent a lot of thoughts and time to toss, in order to make the concept of “home” fuller and make the concept of “self -living” affect people who are expecting common life.

Home is a place where you can let go of restraint and live freely.

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Entry -level rental level


Chengdu Third Ring Road, 55㎡, 1350 yuan/month


July 2012, the first year of graduation


Sofa, dining table, refrigerator, washing machine, bed

Standards for choice of residence:

1. Clean. So the old house is basically not considered.

2. There are few furniture. It is convenient for later transformation and choose a house with few furniture.


Determine the tone

The first step is to cover the ugly work. The fixed tone is relatively bright. The white+original hemp color is the main, cough. At that time, this match was still possible … the main white+original hemp color selected more, and the price is also possible. In contrast, it is easier to match.

The curtains in the living room were replaced with IKEA’s plain cotton and linen curtains, which seemed to be more than 100. After the black sofa disinfection is wiped, it is simple to release it with a thicker original hemp.



1. Curtain. As the biggest soft color block, the tone will change greatly after changing it. According to your own style, you can choose curtains on the Internet.


2. Sofa cover. The color of the black sofa is too heavy, and the sofa posters+sofa non -slip net pads. The cloth can be fixed in the gap of the skin sofa. However, if you want to turn the clouds and rain on the sofa, it is recommended not to publish it with a sofa, it is easy to drop. With a thick -dedicated sofa, the anti -slip effect will be better than thin, so when searching for keywords, add the keywords of “sand publishing”.

1. The curtains of the bedroom are available on the Internet. It spent a few dollars in the tailor shop downstairs. Without shading, if the light is to be shaped, a layer of shading cloth needs to be superimposed.

2. I bought a simple and cheap style for four -piece set. At that time, MUJI’s bedding could not be consumed … Bear dolls were sent by female classmates at the time of graduation.

As a large color in the bedroom, the sheets are best uniform, and it looks favorable. The solid color looks elegant, and you can also choose other styles according to your own tone.


Four -piece set of curtains ¥ 160


Add furniture and small decoration

1. Because the original furniture was small, there was no workbench, so I added it myself. This part is relatively expensive, but it is worth investing for many years.

2. To keep the table tidy, you can buy some desktop storage supplies.

3. You can find some high -pixels on the Internet and print it out as a poster and put it on the wall. Cork boards can book some postcards, cards, small posts, and so on.

The table 9 119, chair ¥ 59, table lamp ¥ 69, cork board ¥ 40



1. The appropriate shelf can be stored in lightweight objects or as decoration.

2. A few dollars a cowhide hard carton is essential for storage storage. It is beautiful and cheap, and can be folded and taken away when moving. There are relatively few storage furniture, which can be more large and small. In addition to being used as an office drawer, you can also store personal small clothes in the bedroom. It has been used for four years.

1. If you need to do it by yourself, pay attention. Many walls are hollow walls, and ordinary nails are loose, so they need to use expansion nails. First use the nails and hammers to hit the hole, then let the expansion tube in, and finally use the nails, which will be relatively stable. But don’t put too heavy things, unless professionals use very solid methods to fix it.

2. Communicate with the landlord in advance to prevent the nails in advance, so as not to have unpleasant contradictions when delivering the house. In addition, it is very important that to ensure the line with the landlord, some walls are covered with hydropower, and you must not be hit.


Other small decorations

1. Very old dining table, bought the cloth cover. Basically, the furniture with heavy colors is covered with clothing, which is a small skill that changes and uniform styles.

During the use, a transparent table pad can be pressed on it, and it is better to clean. In addition, TB can now be found, waterproof table cloth, can be wiped with wet cloth, and the texture should be slightly thicker.

2. Proper music can soothe the mood, so there must be a small speaker or CD machine at home. A wall -mounted CD machine on the Internet usually records some music with a blank disk.

¥ 248

Other suggestions

1. Some transparent rubber that cannot be dropped on the glass, etc., buy a bottle of “rubber removal” and get it in minutes.

2. There are some footprints or dirt on the white wall. Prepare a few thin pieces of sandpaper (the sandpaper is divided into thickness, and it should be thinner when buying). Before checking in, bring a mask, gently rub off the dirty surface with sandpaper, and finally use chicken hair to brush off the wall ash on the surface of the wall, and finally clean the ground. Don’t try to use paint and putty yourself as an entry -level player. You may not be able to mess up the wall.

3. The wall of the wall left before, buy a small branch of the wall, just fill it, or stick it on a poster or photo frame.

4. Add some green plants to make the family more life at home.


The first home after graduation

This is the overall situation of the living room and balcony. Although it is small, it is the first “home” after graduation. Although at that time, there was no deep concept of life. Even if spent the first month of the first month of the first month of internship salary, this “home” gradually became what you like, and also the happiness of independent life in adulthood. Source of feeling.

The first residence after graduating was what I was looking forward to, so I enjoyed the time at home after get off work, so I slowly came into contact with the kitchen. Because I like to take pictures when I read, I ’ve taken the food I learned on weekdays has become an interest beyond work.

In the winter of 2012, he picked up a six -month -old little VIP, a disease. It did not abandon it because of the low salary, and saved money to treat it in those months. In the early summer of the following year, it completely recovered his health, and it also changed the habit of turning over the trash can when you were timid and when walking dogs.


Thanks 2012.

Rental class

Chengdu Third Ring, 67㎡, 900 yuan/month

July 2012, the second year of graduation

Sofa, dining table, bed


3000 yuan


The work address in the second year has changed, so it is replaced to the second residence. None of the two houses in these two times were in the downtown, and it was an empty house, so the last rent of 1350, the rented 900, usually ride a small electric car donkey to work at get off work, is still very convenient for me.

Correct the basic framework

In the second residence, I bought the most basic refrigerator and washing machine. After moving, the room was full of things, so began to assemble large -piece items.

I bought a few cheap and beautiful chandeliers from IKEA. I installed it myself. If I do n’t know much, I need to find a professional master to get it. Take a look when you install it, and the next ordinary light will get it yourself. IKEA’s chandeliers I think the cost -effective is still very high.

The landlord left a bunch of debris on the balcony, obtained the consent of the landlord, and threw it away from the unnecessary.

The shelves and wooden boards left by the decoration are made into a flower stand. The wind must be fixed with iron wire or rope. The old wooden sofa is also used as a flower platform.

IKEA’s outdoor anti -corrosion table and chairs were bought in 2012 and moved to the second house.

The wooden ladder was brushed into white with paint, and a small amount of green plantation that had been moved from the home had stables and bought some plants.

The wall surface is processed according to the simple method of processing the wall stains in the previous entry level.

Prepare soft outfit

There is no door in the kitchen, so I bought the cheap original hemp fabric and the fabric of Qinghai Bo. I manually sewn the curtain (the newly moved to find the tailor shop) for the first time.

It is not a very heavy object, such as partitioned curtains and shower curtains, can be fixed with telescopic rods. If it is often pulled, such as curtains, it is not too stable. The telescopic rod is a good thing, eliminating nails to install a rod.

At that time, IKEA was newly produced with mint green chandeliers, which was just appropriate in the restaurant. It also decided that this time the residence was “white+green” as the main color. In addition to the plant itself, two of the pillows were replaced with green, and the cushion of the working chair was also replaced with mint green.

1. In the living room, the rocking chair was the first home and later income. It was an iron rock chair that was found in the second -hand market. When I moved, I carried it with an electric car … think about it.

2. The sofa has a sofa cover in TB to provide specific size and select the required fabric. There are many such shops in TB, which can be searched for details.


3. Because the floor tiles will look cold, I bought a tingling carpet. With a futon and IKEA carpet, the entire space will warmer.

1. The carpet can weaken the cold feeling brought by the tile floor;

2. The light source of the chandelier is concentrated in the lower half, and the ceiling of the entire house will not be too bright. In addition, choosing a warm light bulb, people living in it will feel that light is surrounded by themselves, which will be more warm. A sense of security. If it is a top lamp+white light, the room will be translucent, the edges and corners, and it will be hard and cold;

3. A bright color in the plain color can embellish the role, such as mint green, bright yellow and other colors.

1. Clean the kitchen and add a simple curtain. Fix the two ends with sticky hooks, clamp the two ends of the cloth with a clip, and hook the hook. Very simple (Lou) …

2. IKEA’s 19 yuan carpet bought two and put it in the kitchen for convenience.

Other small decorations

1. IKEA, which was bought in the previous year, DIY sticks to the fabric of the national style and becomes a national style chandelier.

2. Some beer bottles after using can tear off the label as a flower.

3. The previous room was simply sorted out, and the landlord’s consent was thrown away. Simply spread the quilt.

Tell the landlord mattress to be too broken. There are many small cockroaches inside. There will be a lot of cockroaches without throwing away the entire house -this is the tips I advise the landlord to throw old things, but these things do nourish the small bugs.


4. The landlord originally left a very old chair. After I washed it, I put it in the living room as a flower table and a shelf. There are a few layers of folding cotton and linen below, and the chair is not so old.


5. The restaurant, a small painting for my friends, IKEA’s mint green chandelier. The original glass table was covered with tablecloths. If you obtain the consent of the landlord, hanging paintings can be used with no marks, and this nail is easier to enter the wall and is very stable.

The heart of the heart, renting a house is also home

After the whole movement, the simple decoration took a total of ten days, went to work during the day, and packed the house when I came back at night. Basically, there are no major changes, but it is just a place. It cost a total of 3,000 yuan, including buying refrigerators and washing machines.

At that time I recorded the album of these pictures was written like this:


Whether you are happy, whether a house is warm, is actually not related to the richness or no one. No matter how big the city is, there is enough place for me to be. In peace, renting a house is also home.

As more and more foods are filming, customers slowly find me to make a film, so in addition to going to work, they will also go out to contact a list on holidays. Recalling that at that time, it should be very satisfied: there is a clean and comfortable residence, which is getting better and more excellent, self -sufficient, doing everything, and constantly wanting to complete.

A good residence will give you a steady stream of happiness, prompting you to have enough energy to plan tomorrow and realize something you want to do. You have a limited energy you invest in life, and life will give back your upward vitality and unlimited possibilities.

Thanks 2013.

Studio junior edition


Chengdu Third Ring, 67㎡, 1000 yuan/month


In May 2014, the third year of graduation

sofa bed

One thousand thousand

In May 2014, I quit my original job. Because of the two years of the kitchen and shooting food, I have accumulated a lot of ideas and experiences, so I want to make my own food photography studio. In addition, when I was studying, I wanted to open a grocery store for designing products in the future, so this studio is just a transition.

Before resigning, there were often writing manuscripts to the media, and customers usually asked me to shoot food, so I saved a little money, a total of more than 10,000 yuan.

Brush the wall

Get the landlord’s consent and brush the yellow wall by himself.

1. A bucket of more than 400 pieces of Picang Pingbai 18L, and it was not used up on both sides. It is necessary to mix about four or five pounds of white water. It is too thick. It should be slightly thinner. If it is too thick, it is easy to accumulate and push.

2. The ground should be covered with painted plastic films for easy care.

3. Swipe it after drying.

Old object

Running the second -hand market, he found some old objects in second -hand furniture. Basically, the second -hand market in Chengdu sells second -hand furniture. There is nothing to visit. If you have to go, you can go to Jiahonghua’s second -hand market.

Tao to a second -hand furniture owner’s own old box and take the photo background.


Generally, the old wooden box will be collected uniformly. The price will be several times better in antiques shops or shops specializing in wood/objects. Because this box was put out of their own casual, it was only 50 yuan.

In a very inconspicuous small corner, there are a bunch of old couples who specialize in giving up some old cabinets and chairs to paint and sell them. , 130 in total.



























Transform old objects

The old objects bought back were cleaned. After the wooden board was washed, it was a log color, which was not very expected. Later, I bought wood wax oil+dedicated color pulp (usually the same shop will be sold). I chose a brown -red color pulp, mixed according to the seller’s method, and slowly wipe the wooden board with hairless cotton cloth. Get the color you want.


The table board with the table legs bought by IKEA has become my workbench. The chair you buy is just good.


1. Wood wax oil can only be wiped on the woodless wood, and the paint surface needs to be polished and flat.

2. There are many colors of color slurry, and you can choose according to your needs.

3. Be sure to wipe evenly when wiping, otherwise it will be uneven if you do it.

4. The more you wipe, the deeper, so you need to observe the color while rubbing.


The old bucket cabinet is dark red, and it is not in line with the style of my plan, so I started to paint manually. Some people recommend some chemicals to soften the paint, and try a few types, not very useful. So the old method is still the old method, prepare:

1. The thickest and thinnest sandpaper (if the requirements are not very detailed, it is also possible to prepare thick light)

2. Sandplack clip/hand push device (easy to be injured with your hands, you have to wear gloves anymore)

Sprinkle with the side of the sand on the side until the original wood surface is grinded. You can also buy a plug -in electric grinding machine, which is more convenient. In fact, it is also the principle of grinding sandpaper.

It took a day or two to deal with this cabinet, and finally used it as a flower stand.

Next, spread the ground on an office carpet. One is because everyone usually enters and exits in class, and it is more convenient to spread the carpet. The second is that the wooden floor is too expensive. In order to save labor costs, do it by yourself

Usually take care of the vacuum cleaner and use dry washing powder regularly.


Installation curtain

The basic framework is taken care of, so I start preparing furniture. I bought the need for furniture and objects on the Internet a few days before, so I calculated the time in advance to improve efficiency.

Put away the original curtains, so that the space is wider. Customized louver windows, good -looking and regulating light. When there is sunlight, you can also have the beauty of light and shadow. Installation of curtains is the only part of the entire transformation.


DIY grid rack

A grid rack is needed. If it is made of logs, the price will be relatively high. Therefore, I bought this kind of wooden box flower pot embryo. Although it is very thin and light, it is cheaper, but it is cheaper.

Clean and sun, use powerful blue and white glue and sponge double -sided glue to stick them together.

1. Because they are very light, they will be unstable, so they will focus on the atly on the bottom layer, such as books, big pebbles, etc., and there is no big problem when pressing.

2. If you have conditions, you can nail them with air nail guns.




For the sake of light, the chandelier was still chosen. I did not choose IKEA, but bought cheaper industrial -style lights on the Internet, installed by myself.

Most of the Edison bulbs on the Internet will be dark, so either choose Watshi or replace the bulbs. Later, I changed IKEA Watshi to make a bigger light bulb.

I bought a few lights on the Internet. After receiving it, I felt that the proportion didn’t seem to be right, but I was too lazy to return the goods. I changed the original line head to a plug, and I just used the socket left by the landlord.

I bought a batch of cotton and linen on the Internet, washed it, and took it to the downstairs tailor shop to make a curtain. The same uses the telescopic rod fixed. The shorter can be used in thin, and the long one needs to use a thick telescopic rod.

The word on the hemp cloth is to write the words on the paper first, then cut off the shape of the word, and finally use the thin water -based pen on the cloth, and then fill the color with the signature pen. Pay attention to the place near the edge. Be careful, because the signature pen will be faintly stunned on some fabrics. (Can’t wash water)

Two high -narrow tables were made as a “pseudo bar”.

Recommended object:

1. Bar chair from f 1 1 1 1

2. Dr. FROM Chair, a coffee -colored fluffy stool

Install two barrier. Many people ask how to fix it without racks: three holes on the side of the wooden board, and three holes on the corresponding position on the wall. There is a long steel nail on the wall. Just insert the side of the wooden board so that you can not see the fixed traces.

Picked up some branches in the wild, as the embellishment of the bar, brought a saw to the countryside.

1. The branches under the shelter are eucalyptus branches. After taking off the skin, it will not rot, very hard, and the appearance is very delicate. It is the same as the original ones for two years. The branches are tied to the steel nail.


2. The branches above are fixed to the air conditioning hole, and the following is tied to the steel nail.

3. Confirm that there is no hydropower in the place of punching.

4. Some walls are hollow walls, that is to say, it is very loose to hit, and the steel nails cannot be fixed steadily. Live on the wall. Or use large expansion steel nails.

I picked up some transport wooden frames from the slag area of ​​the community, bought some bamboo poles, and put up a humble flower stand in the balcony. It was placed under the flower, which was irrelevant. Save is the king.

In the end, the large shelves and tables all arrived. One person cooperated with a small bare car to put these upstairs and assemble it.

Customized a higher table on the balcony as a small bar. However, the rain cannot be drizzled outside, and the desktop of the skin will crack ~ so pay attention to the outdoor. In the room, the quality has not changed for several years, and it is very solid. In addition, a good outdoor umbrella has been prepared, and it is still in use.

1. Shelf, outdoor bar counter is good Yi Jiajia

2. Outdoor Umbrella FROM Offrea Outdoor Teng Art Furniture

The old bread cover+old floor lamp, transformed it.

Ideal grocery store

Later, I started to learn to do handicrafts. After all, I would like to open a grocery store for designing products in the future. I feel that I should also know some related content so that I can design a product.

In this small space, I started the teaching of food photography, and many interesting students came. Occasionally, afternoon tea with my friends was also here.

Do everything

The decoration of the entire studio took a month and was tossing every day. Except for punching, the rest were done by me alone.

All spending, removing the rent, from adding computers, refrigerators, tables and chairs, and pulling network cables. The invisible ones are invisible. A total of 17,000 is more than 17, which is balanced than the original single item.

In general, the price personally thinks that it is worthwhile, because the conditions are limited, some things have to be used through transformation, and even many are hand -made, slightly rough, but in my opinion:

When the conditions are limited, cherish the ordinary things in your hands; when you use good things, do not despise ordinary things in your hands.


This is also my understanding of “people who cherish things”.

Thanks 2014.

Getting started decoration


Chengdu, 87 square meters, three rooms, one living room and two guards, self -purchased


250,000 yuan

The studio was completed in June. In December, I started to renovate my own residence.

I came from a language, so I did not have design experience in myself, but I just achieved it according to my favorite feeling. In addition, because it is spending its own money, the decoration funds have limited funds, and they have their own emphasis on investment.

The following is the apartment diagram before and after the transformation.

Simple renderings can learn [Sketch Up] by yourself. Basic models are not difficult. According to the kitchen, storage, and so on.

In addition to some special customized furniture, the model of conventional furniture is generally found on the Internet. You can download it directly into the SU and use the probable effect.

Space changes:

1. The living room was pushed out of less than one meter outside the balcony.

2. All non -loading walls of the households have been removed and open kitchen.


3. The smallest room and the master bedroom are opened to synthesize a suite as a small study.


Kitchen part

Because in the past few years with the kitchen, “food” has become my label, and many people also know me because of food. The kitchen becomes particularly important in a new home.

I hope I have a spacious and bright open kitchen, so I focus on the kitchen part when decorating.

Open all the non -loading walls, expand the space of the kitchen, and make the entire space spacious and translucent.


My bathroom and kitchen are full of moisture -proof plaster plate ceilings, which look like white and ceiling. But now most families are aluminum gusset ceilings. They will feel that the lines are not good for maintenance, and they will dip the oil fume in the kitchen for a long time.

First of all, the line is usually bad at the light mouth, so take the lights down.

Secondly, there is a range hood. At least I stayed in more than a year and did not find any changes. If two years later, the color is yellow, just paint again.

If the kitchen should be used to use a gypsum board ceiling, you need to buy the range hood in advance and install the hood in advance.

In terms of resource utilization of houses, the transformation of space is relatively important. Reasonable transformation can make small spaces appear more spacious. The walls that have no effect should be knocked off. The beams of the uneven room should be incorporated into the ceiling to make the space lines smoother.


1. The kitchen also chooses a wooden floor, which is determined according to my habits. I usually do things carefully, so there is no case of washing dishes and washing water.

2. Choose all -wood flooring and be visually uniform.

Cooking table:

1. The bar/cooking table is made by the carpentry. It is planned to have water and electricity, size, and use inside. Because the facade always has a wood paint, it is enough to use a woodworking board outside.

2. After doing well, the facade should be polished with wood paint. Although the wood paint is more expensive, it is better than using brick and latex paint. The interior space of the brick will be smaller.


3. The dark wood part of the bar is actually a fake shape made of woodworking board. Finally, the black walnut’s panel bag (nail) is used to go up, and finally the painter will improve the paint.

4. The countertop and cabinet door of the cooking table are determined with the cabinet company.

1. The groove in the middle of the bar has a decorative effect, but the main consideration is to break the bulky the entire white area.

2. The design of the kitchen is based on your own living habits. However, it is best to meet the kitchen operation process, from the refrigerator -sink -operating table -stove is a convenient order. More about the arrangement of kitchen, passenger pounds, and bedrooms, it is recommended to buy the “Residential Design Anatomy” played by Naga Naza in Japan.


Entering the door is the characteristics of most of Chengdu’s units, and all partition walls are destroyed:

1. Functionally conducive to the communication between people, not to make people who cook in the kitchen. When you come to the guests, everyone also likes to chat with people in the kitchen outside the bar.

2. The room makes the house look more coherent and spacious.


Put the deer header partition frame:

In fact, when it is a kitchen ceiling, reserved more as a partition, and decorate it slightly. You can transition to the height of the ceiling of the living room and the kitchen.


1. Cabinet production is relatively fast, about half a month. Almost every cabinet can be customized in accordance with your requirements (normal requirements). The cabinet is generally the same. It is divided into granular boards, moisture -proof plates, solid wood -free paint plates, etc. The paint -free cabinet is relatively better. The countertop is generally divided into quartz stone and artificial stone. The quartz stones are mixed with pure colors. Artificial stone can be made of solid color, such as pure white, but the hardness of artificial stone is relatively low, so usually the family is selected for quartz stones.


2. There are many choices of cabinet doors, as you like it. The door handle can also be selected by yourself. If they do not, you can buy what you like on the Internet, choose the length, and consult with the cabinet company whether the length and screw length are appropriate.

3. Generally, the cabinet company will give you drawings, size and the like during measurement, and you must confirm on the spot. The cabinet in the building materials market is much lower than the cabinets in the mall and store, and things are almost the same.


4. If you can find the manufacturer’s store, it is cheaper. Dealers must have a large part of profits. According to the different prices of different materials I selected, I set a 1,000 yuan /meter floor cabinet including quartz stone countertop and 500 yuan /meter hanging cabinet.


If you are in Chengdu, you can search for Baidu Map “Ouyi Cabinet” and in the Fuhe Market. The door of my cabinet cabinet is not shaped, the outer film, and the door handles are bought online.

The daily storage of my kitchen is convenient to use, which is conducive to cleaning and keeping the table refreshing and clean. The important thing is to add upper control, patience when organizing, and return after use. Whether the residence is neat will affect the mood in the morning and the mood of going home at night.

About open kitchen:

1. My life habit is to clean up the kitchen for every time I eat. The residue oil was not overnight, and the floor was dragged.

2. The kitchen cleaner is separated, the dishes are washed and wiped out of the stove.

3. Wipe the oven rice cooker next time after cleaning. In the long run, you don’t need to arrange a lot of time to clean the kitchen in the long run.

4. My catering habits are also light. The method is mainly braised, stir -fried, baked, and steamed. There is almost no stir -fry, not spicy (except for visitors), and I almost come to my house to eat. I do n’t feel the smell of oil fume outside the bar.

5. The boss used in the range hood is currently very powerful. The pots are basically WMF, and there are some IKEA and Japan’s cast iron pots. They usually do not burn the pan.

6. In addition, try to reduce the items on the table, so that every day of hygiene will also speed up.

7. Going to cooking and wiping while cooking.

Thanks to such living habits, it can make the open kitchen a particularly comfortable thing, and it has not been worried about it.


1. The height of the cooking table can be higher than that of the stove, so that the dishes and cutting vegetables do not need to bend over.

2. I choose a small trash basket on the countertop instead of the underground trash can, because the living habits are washing vegetables -picking vegetables -throw it in hand. If you put it underground, you always drip a lot of water, or make the underground garbage basket dirty Essence

3. After check -in, I chose to store the unused kitchen appliances, and the walls were not hung. I hope the whole space is relatively simple and refreshing, and it is not easy to stick oil.

My dad said to me many years ago:

“The most important place at home is the kitchen. It constitutes three meals a day, let us really live.”










Recommended object:

And my mother, I taught me from an early age: “Wash your hands to dry it, you can’t throw it out of the pool.” , Wipe if you have water.


I used to think that the details of life that most people understand. In fact, it is a person’s ability to live, not necessarily everyone. Thanks to my family for letting me have the concept of “home” and good living habits.

Recommended object:

The large single -cylinder sink of the kitchen is recommended, the quality is good, and the real material sense is also particularly good. The drain basket is sold well, not only selling.

Single grooves are much more practical than dual grooves. Those who really go to the kitchen know that the large single slot is good.


From Amei Family Official Website



Two bathrooms, one is a guest guard and the other is the main guard. In order to facilitate the use of guests, the guest guard installed a squat toilet, and the main guard was installed with a toilet and bathtub.

Because the space of the bathroom is not large, the bathroom cabinets and mirror cabinets are as small as possible. Several bathroom cabinets in IKEA are relatively thin, very suitable, and do not seem cramped and satisfy the use function. Especially the sanitary table and small mirror cabinet have room for storage.


The small parts on the wash basin are all supported by the pool. IKEA’s towel rack replaces traditional hooks.


Tiles, like the kitchen, are all 10 × 10cm sub -light white tiles.


The choice of floor drain has a lot of floor drains now. The most common is deodorant floor drain. The principle of anti -deodorant floor drain is to add a closed device to the floor drain. It will only open the flowing mouth when the water flows to the water. Essence

But this disadvantage is that when the water flow is particularly urgent, the drainage is often very slow (because the flowing mouth is small), especially the shower area. Therefore, there is a special shower and floor drain, which is larger and the flowing water is faster. It is best not to bring a closed device.

In particular, it is recommended that the washing machine should not use the deodorant floor drain above. The washing machine was drained very well. If the water flowed, it would swell directly to the ground, so the use of ordinary floor drain will be relatively suitable.

Usually, the sewer has a taste. You can prepare some deodorized washing solution to remove the odor regularly, which is still effective.

Beauty sewing agent and hook seam:


Beauty sewing is a new type of seam material, mainly glue, with color and BlingBling effect.

The seams are traditional hook materials, which are pink -shaped with water and filled with tile joints.

Both functions are filled, and traditional hooks are also colored. What is the difference between the two?

The sewing agent will be broken due to some reason (such as not filled when filling, hollow, accidentally break when cleaning), and it will also be powdered (because after all, it is fascinating water, after hardening, after hardening, after hardening, after hardening, after hardening, it is hardening. It is just like chalk, which can poke out the powder). The most important thing is that with the influence of time and water, it will mold, yellow, and black, especially in the white hook in the kitchen.

Beauty sewing, gel -shaped, after hardening, similar to glass glue (see the part of the glass edge link door frame can be seen). It is not moldy when it encounters water. The cleaning agent stains (the traditional white hooks will soften the cleaner), especially the kitchen and floor. The traditional white seams are all dark as soon as they mop the ground, and the seams can be kept white.


However, the price of beauty seams is five or six times higher than that of traditional hooks, and the construction is relatively detailed, so artificially is also expensive.

You can also use a gap between the seams of seams. Beauty sewing does not necessarily be done in the decoration. Even if you stay in now, the white tiles at home are dark and yellow. Essence If the construction is under construction, if the tiles are not deep, you can use the beautiful sewing agent (it is best to complete the stitch after everything is completed, because the other parts must be continued to be constructed).

If the gap is very deep, it is advocated to save resources, fill in the seams of the Jintong first, and then immediately clean up the space of 1mm, and then wait for the seams in the later stage. Do not wait for the cracks to harden and repair it, it will be very troublesome!

My beauty seams use color cows. After staying for more than a year, there are still no problems.

There are 10 *10 small bricks in the two toilets in my house, and 4mm gaps. It should be a large and wide sewing. A total of nine bottles should be used.

Finally, I suggest that if you make a gap yourself, wipe it with your hands and then wipe it with a sponge, which will be better than using beautiful paper. Because when the beautiful pattern paper is torn, it will definitely pull some beautiful seams away …

Pay attention to small bricks of 10 × 10, because construction is difficult and time -consuming, so the wages ranging more expensive than ordinary bricks. Pay attention to this size brick:

1. Find a skilled master, otherwise the money is not necessarily posted well.

2. Use a 2.5 ~ 4mm positioner, which is the cross positioner stuck in the middle of the four bricks to ensure that the gap is consistent. The sewing is too small.

3. As a cabinet part of the kitchen, you can put large bricks, saving costs and improvement efficiency.


4. Generally, this matte small brick building material market is not available, and you must buy it online. The shop I bought is called “Decoration with Road Tiles”.

1. The installation of the squatting toilet needs to be raised to the ground. It happens that the shower is next to the squatting device of my guest guard, so the position of the shower is also raised together, which is equivalent to half of the inside of the toilet. It is a shower, so there is no need to leave drainage in that place, and the water is discharged directly from squatting.

2. A shower partition is made on the edge of the high ground, which is equivalent to wet and wet partitions.

I realized my requirements for using wooden doors in the bathroom, so that the door at home was almost uniform.

3. The frosted glass partition can also cover the squatting more beautiful.

The tap of the pumping water is used for occasional shampooing, or the pool is cleaned.


living room

The original doors and windows were demolished in the living room, and the position of the bay windows upstairs expanded less than one meter. On the left is the load -bearing wall. After expansion, a space is wrapped on the left as a mop pool, and there is an additional space on the right as a hidden storage cabinet.

After the living room expands, it is incorporated into a part of the space. It is made into a storage room. It can put a lot of large items, and it also stores indoor cleaning utensils. Usually the door of the storage room is closed. When the elastic device is installed, the door will bounce open.

1. Be sure to add water to the balcony to facilitate pouring flowers and mopping water.

2. In addition to beautifying the mop pool, the wooden fence can also make the balcony more morphological.

3. The upper part of the mop pool also asked the carpenter to make a layer of shelf and put some balcony debris.

Let the woodworking scene make a flower stand on the scene, and the balcony was an open -air floor. Planting Longsha gems and icebergs can slowly climb the balcony.

1. The balcony uses a telescopic drying rack. It is fixed on the wall. It can retract and retract. Don’t look carefully.

2. The balcony wall was originally yellow, and the paint became dark gray, and the remaining latex paint was used. The latex paint could not be used outdoors, and it would be brushed at that time, and it did not change much for more than a year.

All the furniture in the living room is customized, and a whole set of black walnut furniture is made according to my own requirements. I bought the sponge, cotton, suede cloth at home.

The furniture comes from the “secret candy” of the TB shop.

The black walnut lines are very beautiful, giving people feel quiet and calm, which is more in line with my concept of a man’s home. Black walnut furniture is also prone to special attempts than other wood. If it is light -colored logs, the difficulty will be much smaller, and it is not easy to make special.

The relationship between black walnuts and floors is also very subtle: what color floor can be perfectly matched with what color flooring of Black walnut furniture, and few cases can be referred to. Although there are still a lot of black walnut furniture in China, most of them are mainly dark flooring. I personally think that the same color floor will weaken the lines of the lines of the furniture, so I decided to use neutral colors.

Because of the advantages of the balcony, the light is very good. In the summer, there are five hours of gentle light from seven o’clock.

1. Different solid wood texture and color are different;

2. Black walnut is dark red, white oak, white waxted wood (yellow white) log color, red oak red shallow wood color, and commonly used include water willow and beylum. In these woods, except for black walnuts, the price is not much different. Black walnut is at least two or three times the cost of these woods.

3. The price depends on whether the workmanship is or other practices.

4. Usually I do n’t watch TV, so although I stayed in more than a year, I have n’t bought TV, but recently, I may have to buy …



The study finally opened up in a room with the master bedroom, so the bedroom door naturally came outside. Although the door hole is only one meter, I still insist on making double open doors, which visually separate the master bedroom and guest room, guest guard.

There are no shapes in the house, tablet.

After entering the master bedroom suite, the right side is the work room. I have always felt that the louver and the study are a perfect match, creating different light, which is very simple and beautiful in the space.


1. Because the budget is limited, everything is simple in the study, so it is paired with white wood.

2. The desk and shelves are cut with paint -free plate. Put the side strips yourself, make the desk and shelves long enough, and save money. With IKEA’s drawer cabinets and table legs, it can be used as a desk.

3. The wooden partition bracket comes from IKEA.

The picture frame is cheap, and the workmanship is okay. Personally, I think the cost -effective is very high.

From beautiful solid wood phase frame drawing frame

1. None of the paintings in my home were bought, either a friend’s painting, or I found some illustration materials for European and American on the Internet, and copied it by myself.

2. In the choice of decoration paintings, I also choose a lot of gouache, watercolor, vector painting, etc., and add some young elements to the house as much as possible.



My bedroom is matched with wood color and gray. Because the bedroom space is not large, everything inside the room is simple, there is nothing extra, and it makes sleep more pure.


IKEA’s coat storage rack instead of traditional cabinets, avoiding being too depressed to make traditional cabinets in small spaces. For me, the space is large enough.

The bedroom is less dusty, and the curtains fall to the ground. Pay attention to cleaning. There is no trouble so far.

The style of the guest room is a bit unseen. The main consideration is that my mother likes it, so it is slightly refreshing. The drawer bed is bought online, a bed of 1.5 meters, a drawer bed with one meter below, and three small drawers. From Eagle Grand Home.

1. The bedside table is white iron, from IKEA.

2. Can’t buy table lamps.

3. The fan comes from the FXB wind direction flagship store.

4. The calendar comes from one -way space.


Go to the household

After entering the door, this area should be the least useful, so I made a large household cabinet and stored many things and made shoe cabinets. In addition, there are shoe -changing stools and floor -to -ceiling hanger, which is convenient for putting coats and backpacks, retaining lighting with white curtains. On the other side is the kitchen. There will be direct light at two o’clock in the afternoon.

If the gas meter needs to move, go to the gas company half a month in advance to report it, move or determine the location of the water heater, and change the position of the water heater.

The position of the weak electric box and the power distribution box, the weak electric box has mesh fiber, and the distribution box is the power gate of each switch. These two things can be moved without moving. After moving, the original wire length is not enough (for example, in the restaurant, you move to the door to change all the wires, so the cost is expensive.

After changing the water and electricity, take a picture of the circuit distribution position, and avoid hitting the wire when you need to nail on the wall in the future.

1. Generally, the cabinet will be made on the spot during decoration. The simple cabinet problem is not big, because the cabinet door must be customized outside.

2. The cabinet generally has paint -free board, granular board, finger -connecting solid wood, multi -layer solid wood, etc. This kind of wooden board is quite wooden inside, and a layer of color and pattern panels are pressed outside. This is the most used. The wooden board.

3. If you want to make it more complicated and better, it is recommended to make a wardrobe outside, usually it will be made into the form of the hanging cabinet plus the wardrobe.

4. My family only made a large collection cabinet and a white cabinet. There is no need for a design sense, so let the carpenter make it, so it is not very bad.

5. Later, I picked a cabinet door in the building materials market.

1. Candy of FROM secrets in shoe stools


2. Follow -up hanger from wood ink

Because in recent years, I have been alone, and I have considered my personal habits during the decoration.

Including the design of the kitchen, it is also determined based on your own habits. I think

A home that makes you comfortable should be tailor -made, with your own traces and temperature.

After check -in, remove a few tricks of decorating the odor: Place a large amount of sleeve skin, put chopped onions, place or bake tea / tea stalks to keep ventilation.

Thanks 2015.


Studio upgraded version



Chengdu Third Ring Road, 160 square meters of blank


In May 2016, the fourth year of graduation


Rough water house



The original work was used for two years. Due to the development of the studio, the original venue became restricted.

So in May 2016, we re -found the right place as a new studio. The venue is still choosing a place where the environment is better, and the area is three to four times before. There is a spacious living room. There are rooms of different sizes that meet the needs of our work partitions.

In addition, the new address is a water house without any decoration, so this time the studio upgrade requires a lot of funds. Fortunately, I have a lot of experience before, so I still follow the previous steps step by step. And can save it.


Production bar

The new job is that the living room is relatively large, which meets the plan to make a living room/appointment for afternoon tea. It happens that the kitchen and the living room are connected to each other. At the entrance to the kitchen, we plan to make a bar. The remaining living room parts are placed in sofas, coffee tables, dining tables and a small amount of display cabinets.

In this way, the living room meets the functional needs of the bar, the customer and the goods display.


1. Like the bar of my house, the structure of the bar is used by the woodworking board and the paint -free board system.

2. In addition, some old wooden boards were collected online and planned to make the wooden part of the table.

Recommended object:

Recommended object:

Recommended object:













3. The facade of the bar, use wood paint, stain footprints, etc. can be wiped out with a wet towel.

4. In the also picture, the extended table part is the dining table, and the inside of the bar is a whole piece of wooden board. Therefore, there is no separate support and can be loaded.


After the old wooden board arrived, he nailed them on the bar on the bar. Because the wooden board is relatively thin and there are grooves on the side of itself, the remaining wooden boards are deliberately broken into wooden strips to increase the visual thickness of the wooden board as a side baffle of several centimeters. Looking like this, I think it is a very thick wooden board.

Those broken wooden cuts will be relatively new, so they need to be further improved later:

1. Prepare the electric sandpaper machine, polish the surface of the old wooden board, and remove some burrs on the surface of the wooden board. Otherwise, it is not comfortable to touch the hand, and it may be scratched. But don’t polish too much, otherwise you will lose the old sense of old pursuit.

2. Give the color difference with a particularly large difference, mix with wood wax oil and color slurry until the color is similar.

3. After the wood wax oil and the color paste are dry, then use the water -based transparent wood paint to evenly brush the old wooden table in the bar twice. Recommend environmentally friendly brand Fule Pavilion.


The painting is also to facilitate the clean -up of the future countertop. And this time the paint does not use wood wax oil, which is also to be able to fill the gaps and uneven parts of the wood, which is easy to take care of it.

In order to prevent the old wooden board itself from bringing insects, you need to buy some pesticides. According to the instructions, a potion was injected to the area with wormholes on the wooden board. Do a good job of old wooden boards.

Recommended consultation:

100 million Kang professional pesticides




Generally, the kitchen costs a lot, but this time we minimize investment. I used the same cabinets, sinks, hoods, and half -sided wall and wooden bricks. It was very realistic.

The wood grain bricks are bought in the entity, what I forgot about the online shop. If you are located next to Chengdu, you can find the location by searching for “Tile wholesale”.

There is a window where the kitchen is connected to the household, which is also paved into the table, which is particularly beautiful.

Please use acrylic pigments to paint me on the kitchen curtain for me. It is particularly beautiful. Although acryline pigments are relatively limited, the advantage is that it can be washed.


In order to save funds, our bathroom uses pure cement style and one is cement brick.


We bought two simple table pots in the building materials market. Counting two faucets, a total of 161 sets. In addition, I bought two miscellaneous toilets, more than 600. It is pretty good to use at present.

Both bathrooms we use cement toiletting tables. The sides of the sink were made of bricks. A whole cement board is connected in the middle, and finally poured cement on the cement board. Increasing the thickness.

Finally, you need to polish the rough surface with sandpaper.



The original home improvement door of the balcony was removed. We asked the woodwork to make the door frame with a relatively thick anticorrosive wood and customized a very thick glass.

Began to forget to communicate with the workers in advance, so it was equipped with a wooden handle, so it was equipped with very, very ordinary stainless steel handles. Later, I was equipped with a solid wood handle.

The concrete wall outside also returned several times. The workers were really casual …

Still mix with wood wax oil and color pulp to wipe the color of the anticorrosive wood into dark colors. For detailed methods, please refer to the introduction of the previous studio.

In order to unify the style, the original glass fence outside the balcony was wrapped in anticorrosive wooden wooden. It also wiped the color.

The open -air and rain will destroy solid wood for a long time, so anticorrosive wood is generally used outdoors. Including the kitchen at home, solid wood where water is often encountered should be waterproof. Try to use as little solid wood as possible for a long time.




Because it is relatively simple, the basic decoration is completed within a month. The whole process is very compact.

For two years, we moved away from the first studio. When I walked clean, I remembered what before I moved in two years ago.

Because the largest room of the new studio is used as a classroom and venue for food photography, a lot of storage racks are needed. The basic price of simple iron shelf online is above 1,000. I simply found someone in the building materials market to welded six two meters high shelf, and then bought the fir wood plate to cut into the required size.


Six shelf plus board, costing about 2,000 yuan. Although it is not as expensive to work online, it is enough.

The solid wood display cabinet, tables and chairs of the studio, or specially customized in the “secret candy”.

This time the cabinets and handles did not use the handles, all using cowhide and walnut for DIY.

Pira hand is currently used for half a year, and none of them were pulled.

1. Worried that the screws will be pulled off. You can first eye at the door of the cabinet, one side into the screw and the screw on the other.

2. Worried that the leather will take off the screws, you can screw+pad. The thickness and pulling deformation of different leather are different, and the real cowhide is not so fragile, and it is basically strong.

3. The longer the texture of the leather, the better the texture, especially the light -colored skin in the picture.

I want a trapezoidal shelf to hang the tea towel bags we made, but there are fewer online. If there are three or four hundred, it is not particularly liked.

So I bought the most common shirt and wooden ladder, more than a hundred dollars. Mixing wood wax oil and color pulp can be divided into two uses.

After the studio is generally done, plants can be added, and plants can make the space more vitality and life.

Both offices used gray walls, which simply matched the shutters we used to use before.


This office piled up the furniture that we moved from our studio.

This is my own office. I especially like black this year, and I like to take pictures in a dark environment, so I made a black and gray space. There are no coloring, directly … because there is no color.

Recommended object:

Lights, sofas, tables, carts, blankets, all come from IKEA

Some plants are placed in the household, and there is a black walnut flower on the wall. In different seasons/solar terms, insert the season due to season.

Enter the cloud house

Entering the cloud house, it has been more than two years now. The idea of ​​grocery in the plan is realized, selling some hand -made original apron, tea coat, cloth bags, fragrant bags and cushions prepared by Chinese medicine artists, and some flower tea, sour plum soup, caramel that we think of very good quality.

In addition to food photography online classrooms, food photography is also set up every month on weekdays, and the address of the class is in the new studio entering the Yunwu.

At present, it has not been opened to the public.

But in the future, we plan to do more interesting things in the cloud house, including food, text, information, flowers, and sharing sessions. Therefore, there will be a suitable time to make an appointment afterwards.

It is planned to land in Chengdu in the second half of next year.

Thank you for your experience in the past few years.

Through the different places, but feel the same upward life.

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