“Black coat” is still more in Paris, simple and not simple, these details make you more beautiful


When it comes to the evergreen trees in the winter wardrobe, I believe that the black coat is definitely famous on the list. Whether it is in the streets of the national beauty, or in the combination of celebrities, the black coat plays an unspeakable role. Essence Noble, cold, calm, or cool, as long as you think of dressing style, a black coat is done.

However, for middle -aged women, I recommend everyone to get inspiration from the Parisian bloggers. Most Parisians love black coats, and they also know how to wear black coats to work hard. This winter, “black coat” or Paris beauty is more wearing, simple and not simple, these details make you more beautiful, let’s take a look together!

1. Black coat should be paired with blue jeans


In French style, black is synonymous with calmness, nobleness and casualness. Choose a long black coat or a long coat to easily make the middle -aged woman appear free and easy to appear.

However, the black coat is too cold and it seems unpopular. Choose a pair of blue jeans to connect the black coat, which can quietly add a sense of casual fashion to the dress, creating a maternal but neatful street look.

This method is most popular with the Parisian beauty people. From amateurs to bloggers to go out on the street, it can be seen everywhere. The seemingly common black and natural jeans are combined together with such a wonderful attractiveness.


When using blue jeans with black coats, ordinary people need to pay attention to a few points. First of all, the blue jeans must choose a high -waisted straight or high -waisted micro -laid model, which not only raises the waistline and shaped the long and sharp leg lines, and directly filled the gas field.


Second, straight jeans and micro -jeans must be connected with short boots. It can be black or the earth color, and it can easily wear long legs.

2. “All Black” color matching yyds

If you want to wear a black coat to wear handsome, stylish and advanced, then you may wish to learn from the dress of Parisians and use the full black color to show a sense of simplicity.


This method can show the mysterious, noble and refractiveness of the black system to the extreme, giving a sense of high cold and non -approaching distance, which is very fashionable.

For example, using black long coats with black slit jeans, black jeans, or directly connecting black boots, it is fashionable.

Of course, all black color matching will also have a single color such as color, so remember to create a sense of layering, such as using black straight pants with thinner boots with thinner boots, or use the belt and high waist to raise the waistline position.

Of course, choosing a black system with different shades, or black leather pants with a black coat, which is more fashionable and more fashionable.

Third, the small area of ​​the earth makes the dress more temperature

Black coats are synonymous with high -level refining, but there are also disadvantages to be too low -key and deserted. If you are worried about the lack of temperature in the dress, you can add a small area of ​​earth color to the shape.


Like many Parisians when wearing black coats, they like to match the earth color shoes, bags, and even scarves. These seemingly inconspicuous details make their dress more retro and elegant and warm.

In particular, brown bucket bags, brown underarm bags, or brown short boots, combined with black coats to add more fashion and exquisite.


Fourth, the black and white match that is never out of date

When it comes to the most classic method of black coats, it is naturally combined with white items, using “black and white matching” to present the simple and refreshing dress.

More importantly, white can play a role in reflective board, allowing black coats to show a more advanced and more textured side, and black makes the dress stabilize, which is in line with middle -aged women’s own temperament.

However, it cannot be five or five points when using black and white. It is best to choose a white inner to shift your sight, such as a beige knitted cardigan, a white shirt or a white T -shirt.

In this way, the white system can be used as auxiliary color, and it will not grab the limelight of the black coat, but pay attention to it. If you use a white sweater as a coat, you must try to expose the white items as much as possible.


Even if only the white neckline, cuffs, or hem of the white inside can be exposed, the dress can be changed.

Fifth, let metal accessories improve the texture texture

In addition to breaking the depression of the black coat with white, metal accessories are also ideal choices.


Use metal accessories to enhance the gloss of the black coat shape and make the dress more modern and stylish. It is the most common method of many Parisians.

It can be gold jewelry, can be a golden chain bag, or even a superimposed belt and shoes.

Black coats are the most common basic models in winter, but in order to wear a black coat out of fashion, ordinary people also need to learn from the masters’ dressing skills. Too fashionable!

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