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Perhaps many people can’t distinguish between the difference between the red dot sight and the holographic sight, and a considerable number of people even think that the two are the same product. But in fact, the red dot scope and holographic scope are very different in terms of imaging principles and comprehensive performance. Let’s get to know it —

About red dot scope

The red dot scope is called “reflected red dot scope”. Its imaging principle is similar to the mirror, that is, the split of the laser (

When you are aiming, the point/circle/cursor/line/cross


) The actual image of the pattern is hit on the lens, and the scorer’s eyes are entered through the coating reflex on the surface of the lens, forming a virtual image about the division.

The red dot scope can be roughly divided into two types: inner red dot scope and an open red dot sight. The difference between the two is that the inner red dot sight has a tube body, with at least two lenses with objectives and eyepiece, and the laser sources are inside the scope. Compared with the open red dot sight, it can better protect the laser sources and perform well in most scenes.

The laser source of the open red dot scope is open, usually only a coating lens as a reflector. The manufacturing process of this red dot scope is relatively simple, and it is easy to achieve higher quality at a lower cost.

Aimpoint T-1 inner red dot scope

AIMPOINT T-1 Inner red dot scope vision

Aimpoint is a well -known red -dot scope manufacturer, other manufacturers, such as Trijicon’s REFLEX open red dot scope, MRO inner red dot scope, red dot scope in SRS, and the red dot in M5 of Israel Meprolight Company Bobs, etc., have certain influence in the market.

Trijicon Reflex open red dot scope installed on the shotgun

A AR rifle equipped with a red dot scope equipped in MEPROLIGHT M5

Although with the advancement of LED technology, the battery life of the red dot scope has reached thousands to tens of thousands of hours today, but there are still many problems in the traditional red dot scope, which are mainly manifested in:

Vision (vision (


Visual difference refers


) The problem, the division pattern is deformed when moving to the edge of the lens; the red dot sight that is not exquisite enough in the workmanship is aligned with the reference point. Although AIMPOINT claims that there is no visual spots in the inner red dot scope, many video bloggers’ tests have proved that they do have vision, and they are large under certain conditions.

The resistance of the limits is insufficient. At extreme temperatures, each part of the sight is caused by moving the relationship between thermal expansion and contraction and the relationship between mutual mutual movement. This is a big problem for people who need to use the sight at extreme temperatures.


Install Trijicon RMR Type2 open red dot scope on the pistol


Trijicon big killer installed on the machine gun: MGRS open red dot scope

The red dot scope of the Trijicon SRS installed on the rifle

It is difficult to use the multiplied mirror to accurately aim the human goals with a long distance. The red dot scope is used for close -range aiming, and the multiplier mirror needs to be used when a long distance is aiming. Because the red dot scope generates the deficiency of the reflection to the eye of the shooter. When using the additional mirror, it was originally 1MOA (


That is the angle, 1MOA is equivalent to 1.44cm at a distance of 50M

) The size of the size is also enlarged to three times, that is, 3MOA, and the original 2MOA split round will be amplified to 6MOA, and then the target is obstructed when the target of the precise shooting is a long distance, making the shooter unable to target.

Using the traditional internal red dot scope, due to the small diameter of the cylinder, the field of vision of the shooter is narrow, which is not conducive to maintaining the environmental perception of the shooter.


The concealment is poor. In the case of a honeycomb hood, the reflective exposure of the shot of the shot of the red dot sight of the lens coating of the red dot scope may be fatal in the enemy or other secret operations. When the opponent used the night vision at night, the inner red dot scope of the inner red dot of the honeycomb hood was not as bright as the lanterns, let alone the open red dot scope.


However, the emergence of holographic diffraction scope has greatly improved these situations.

About holographic scope


Holographic scope (


The full name “holographic diffraction scope”


) The core is the holographic diffraction technology, and its imaging principle is relatively complicated. The technology was first applied to a flat -display sight of fighter pilots. After many years of experiments and research and development, it was reduced to today’s holographic sight.

Using the holographic scope, what the shooter sees is actually the actual image after the patterns have been reflected many times. This real image is infinitely far away from the shooter. This also allows us to experience A sense of depth.


The principle of holographic diffraction scope of viewing

In fact, the split pattern of the holographic scope can not only be made into two -dimensional, but also three -dimensional. Standard Eotech holographic sighting mirror pattern is a point with a diameter of 1MOA in the center, and the outside is a ring with a diameter of 68moa.

The holographic scope does not use the reflection imaging of the objective mirror. The objectives and eyepiece have a layer of coating that increases the optical flux and reduces the reflectivity. This makes it almost completely unlikely to see the reflection of the lens from the front. Only the Sagittarius can see the split pattern projected by the laser.


The lens of the holographic scope does not require laser reflex coating. Observation from the eyepiece, its optical flux and imaging color are almost consistent with the images observed naked. The red dot scope is generally different because it has laser reflexes, and there is a certain difference in imaging color and naked eyes. It will be more obvious.

In addition, from the principle of imaging, the holographic scope does not require object mirrors, and even if it is damaged at the holographic film on the eyepiece, due to the large area of ​​imaging plane and almost zero -vision imaging characteristics, the shooter can still be performed through the remaining parts. aim. The red dot scope is limited to the principle of imaging. If the reflective lens is ruptured, it may completely lose its imaging ability. Watch the tests of multiple bloggers on a well -known foreign video website to find that as long as the red dot scope of the red dot scope (


Usually also reflective lenses

) Broken, even if there is no fully loss of imaging ability, the sight has lost the ability to target targets/indications at the point of sight, because the laser that causes reflection after the lens is destroyed is no longer consistent with the lens.

The holographic scope window is still available after being destroyed or polluted

Trijicon MRO inner red dot scope

Because of the imaging principle of holographic scope, it is close to


1 to 30M

) At the time, there will be about 4 to 0.2moa’s vision spoof, and as the distance increases, the visual spoard decreases sharply. This is exactly the opposite of the traditional red dot scope “increase with the distance, the increase of the difference”. Highly credible experiments have proved that in the sunlight in the summer afternoon, for the target outside 1000M, the vision difference between the Trijicon MRO red dot scope is as high as 32MOA, and the visual spoofei of the AIMPOINT T-2 red dot scope also has about 15moa, and the Eotech holographic interest The visual difference between the sight is almost zero.

Unlike the red dot scope, because the imaging of the holographic scope is real, under the action of the multiplied mirror, the split pattern will not increase with the increase. Instead, it maintains the original size. Essence

Comparison of imaging effects under the night vision, the left is a red dot sight, and the right is the holographic sight imaging

When the holographic scope of the night vision mode is used in conjunction with the microstrip night vision instrument, compared to the internal red dot scope of the traditional night vision mode, the split pattern of the holographic scope can be easier to be recognized in the night vision instrument. Come out, and it will not be discovered by the enemy’s night vision equipment. The red dot scope may be seen by the enemy from the night vision instrument when the laser source is shot to the object mirror because it is reduced to a higher brightness gear.

The distance of the target can be estimated by the holographic sight

Comparing the field of view, the holographic scope can help the shooter to obtain a larger peripheral vision because of its large lens and relatively thin mirror body, thereby enhancing the environmental perception of the shooter, and the inner red dot sight cannot be achieved. At the same time, the split pattern of the Eotech holographic scope can easily estimate the distance of the target.

Red -dot scope 100 yards (91.4m) is at a sight of 1 times and 3 times big.

Eotech holographic scope of the imaging of the 100 yards (91M) when it is 100 yards (91M)

Red dot scope of Israel Meprolight M5

Trijicon Reflex red dot sight of the lens reflection condition


EOTECH XPS3-0 holographic sighting effect effect

EOTECH XPS3-0 holographic sight front

Eotech XPS3-0 holographic sight mirror

Trijicon MRO Red Dot Aiming Mirror Imaging Effect

The biggest disadvantage of holographic scope compared to the red dot scope is that the battery life is short. Of course, Sagittarius should develop habits and shut down at each time after each use. Moreover, the battery should be included in the standard maintenance process in half a year. Furthermore, the holographic scope can automatically detect the battery power. When the power is insufficient, it will flashes continuously when the power is turned on, reminding the shooter to change the battery.


Some people worry that the mirror strength of the EOTECH holographic scope is not enough, but in fact, after the countless battlefield tests of tens of thousands of special combat players, special police, and private military contractors, its structural strength is completely trusted.

Eotech holographic sight observation effect

Traditional red dot scope observation effect

Eotech’s holographic scope is widely adopted worldwide. The picture shows the company’s trademark


New Show-Vortex UH-1

Razor holographic sight


In recent years, Vortex, the United States, has launched a holographic scope called UH-1 Razor to compete with an old Eotech holographic scope that has long occupied the market for a long time. The scope uses Vortex’s patent FHQ technology, which has the advantages of low energy consumption, long battery life, and more reliable performance. According to the reply from the author’s consultation Vortex, FHQ technology “provides excellent forward trace suppression (

Forward Signature support

), All important optical elements are located at the bottom of the sight, and have better impact resistance compared to other holographic sights. “

Vortex also declared that the UH-1 holographic imaging method and holographic system are completely different from the Eotech holographic sight. The most amazing thing is that the UH-1 wind correction button and the height correction button are not part of its holographic system, and these two adjustment buttons in Eotech are part of its holographic system.

EOTECH holographic scope directly connects many key optical road systems to the side of the subject. Among them, the holographic film located on the eye mirror is a vital part of the holographic imaging. At the bottom of the body, this makes UH-1 not need Eotech to cover the aluminum alloy case outside the outside.

Vortex UH-1 holographic sight appearance


Later show-Vortex UH-1 holographic scope

Vortex UH-1 holographic sight field and imaging effect

UH-1 waterproof USB interface is currently used as a fast charging socket. In the future, it is likely to become a data transmission interface between a sight and an external device. Various photoelectric devices are frequent today, and VorteX is still very popular in this regard.

Compared to Eotech’s scores, the most prominent feature of the scope is that below its scheme pattern is a triangle. After the correct zero is adjusted, the top -tip of the triangle is aimed at the target, compared with the differential pattern of Eotech, there are several types of EOTECH’s sorting patterns, which provides a fast aiming point.

UH-1 also provides the function of automatic shutdown after 14 hours of booting. This function can also be manually selected to cancel. Eotech is automatically shut down in 4 hours or 8 hours. Given that most of the task time of most European and American special forces today is in several hours, ten hours or days, Vortex’s 14 -hour automatic shutdown can indeed alleviate the embarrassing situation of automatic shutdown of the sights used by soldiers during the battle of soldiers to a certain extent. Essence

The UH-1 full mirror body is formed with an aviation aluminum alloy. Compared with the EOTECH main body, it is made of plastic. Only one aviation aluminum alloy is used as a protective cover, and the battery part is still exposed, which is indeed more reliable.

Compared with the black buttons that are almost the same as the color of the mirror body, the UH-1 button is light gray. In this way, it is not exposed to the position of the shooter because the color is too prominent, but it can also make the shooter easier to find the button to adjust.

The overall body of the UH-1 mirror, compared to the conventional models of Eotech, such as XPS2-0 or 3-0, less edges and corners, especially the battery cover, which can minimize their hooks to hold other items, such as the headphone cable. Class probability.

But the disadvantage is that this holographic scope is not like Eotech, and the shooter is given a completely colorless sight of the shooter and the real scene. Through the window, you can vaguely see some blue/green/red/yellow. Although this does not affect the shooter for aiming, it is indeed not as perfect as Eotech. Vortex said that this layer of light blue coating is to enhance the contrast of the field.

In addition, when observing the sight on the front, there will be a red reflection similar to a red dot sight mirror at some angles. Relatively speaking, it is not so convenient to conceal the special forces.


As an old technology in the 1980s, the red dot sight has almost no room for progress, and the development prospect of the holographic sight is still very optimistic. In general, today’s technology has developed rapidly, and the sights have changed a lot. I believe that more and more excellent sights will appear in the future.

As far as my country is concerned, a red -dot scope of good performance has been created, but there are still bottlenecks in holographic scope manufacturing. Looking forward to my country’s breakthrough in this field.

(This article was published in “Light Weapon” No. 1, 2020, and the public account was deleted)


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