Infantan, Chuyu and other Tao brand movements frequently find new growth points for “Amoy”


Relying on the Taobao platform, the main sales channels are also known as the Amoy brand in the industry. In the near future, Tao brands have shocked listing, or layout of offline stores, or omni -channel layouts, or holding brand fashion shows to go to the “Amoy” action frequently.

Grapping the capital market, winning a “sea wide sky” for “Amoy”

Recently, the CSRC released the news that the “Amoy brand” Inman and the parent company Huimei Group officially applied to the China Securities Regulatory Commission for public offering of shares and listed on the GEM. The company intends to issue 80 million shares to the society, with a total share capital of 320 million shares; at the end of June, the cracking clothing that also grew up on the Ali e -commerce platform also submitted an IPO application to the CSRC, and intended to be listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. With the rapid growth of the Internet brand, according to incomplete statistics, more than 50 companies have launched IPO plans internally. It is worth mentioning that because a large wave of Internet brands are listed, for this reason, the Tmall platform of Alibaba also set up a “assisting merchant listing office” to serve the listing of Internet brands.

For decades in the industry for decades, it is not easy to know the operation of the Amoy brand. Pan Geng, the general manager of Peter Pan’s shoes, believes that some of the early developed Amoy brand sellers have completed the accumulation of original funds, and they have completed the accumulation of original funds, and they have completed the accumulation of original funds. A series of layouts such as sales, channels, brand influence, ecological expansion, etc., and can achieve good returns. At present, their comprehensive strength and industry competitiveness are no less than that of offline traditional brands. In addition, e -commerce companies have time to explore the sense of urgency and new technologies, so it is sooner or later.

The capital market is fun. The relevant person in charge of the Fujian area of ​​Shenyin Wanuo said that the listing place of the Tao brand is often the New Third Board, because the threshold for listing the New Third Board is relatively low, and the scale of the enterprise is not much related. Whether it can be financed depends on the company itself Competitiveness. Some people in the industry have pointed out that the financing of the New Third Board is more difficult. Many companies have been listed on the New Third Board or even listed for a few months. Therefore, it is difficult to say that the Amoy brand’s listing dream has been successful even if it is realized. After all, no matter how powerful the Tao brand is, there is still a “Amoy” word.

Layout offline channels to find new growth points for “Amoy”

The Tao brand brand -branded men’s clothing, which has grown up from Jinjiang, is busy with the preparations of the opening of the stores in Shenyang. Deng Youjun, chairman of Pinli, told reporters that since the first offline storefront of Nanchang at the end of December last year, Pingli has opened more than ten offline stores across the country in half a year, and will be opened in Beihai and Zhengzhou.

“We have done a set of market surveys. The sales of children’s shoes for offline physical channels and online e -commerce channels are roughly accounted for 8: 2. Development is more advantageous. “Huang Lipeng, general manager of Fujian Lixun Children’s Products Co., Ltd. revealed to reporters,” Next, we will launch a multi -brand collection store with Dr. House as the brand. The latest product of the brand. “

In addition, well -known Tao brands such as HOO, Habiben, and Olunburg are looking for resources and seeking offline channel expansion.

This is the same, the peripheral Tao brand has more intensive “Amoy”. As of the end of 2015, Inman has signed 202 franchisees, and this year plans to open to 1,000. By 2020, Inman will open 10,000 offline stores. In addition, the Family Family Family, Yudi Fang, and Afu essential oil also have their own offline store opening plans.

In addition, there are still many Tao brands to “Taotao” through fashion shows, well -known IP activities, and application for well -known trademarks through offline brands. At the previous Haili Expo, Genanx Lightning Tide Brand, as the first Tao brand to lead the transformation of local traditional enterprises, staged a colorful fashion show, which is not inferior to other traditional brands. “The Tao brand is the name of the industry. We will not deliberately mention it. Explosion more activities can increase the recognition of the brand’s brand. From the perspective of the long -term development route of the brand, we all use the standards of offline malls. Come to do your own products and services, “said Genanx Lightning Tide Brand.

Deng Youjun admits that, in fact, no matter what form of “Amoy”, Taobao is always the biggest and most important channel for enterprises, and “de -tolerance” is not to say that enterprises must be separated from Taobao, but the operation method is different from ordinary Taobao brands. The operating rhythm of the enterprise is consistent with the first -line offline brands.

Chu Ge Tao’s brand wants to “break the cocoon into a butterfly”

Ten years ago, relying on traffic dividends, low market competition rates, and the advantages of Ali’s “brand -making” policy, a large number of Tao brands came into being and achieved explosive growth. Ten years later, with the upgrading of consumer demand, the era of a Tao brand only needs to create a Tao brand only through a few explosive models, and the formerly glorious Amoy brand living space is also squeezed.

The cost of traffic is high, the Tao brand is superior to gone

“The traffic industry’s traffic is getting more and more expensive, and the conversion rate is getting lower and lower. In the past, brands like cracks and Inman, hundreds of or 10 million inputs can bring tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of traffic. The conversion rate can also reach tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of sales, but such traffic dividends are now gone. The current e -commerce environment has changed a lot. On the one hand, the traffic is expensive and the conversion rate is not high; On the one hand, the rules of Tmall have been changing, and some companies have not been able to keep up with Tmall. For example, the current big store is already using online celebrit Large investment, and enterprises need to measure the input -output ratio. “Yao Daodi, general manager of Jinjiang Condon Dance Dance Bodybuilding Co., Ltd., said that it is difficult to survive today.

In order to reduce the impact of the changes in single platform rules, Tao brands such as local HOO, Harbie Bear, and Kaobei are undergoing online omnicular layout. Many merchants revealed to reporters that the current Tmall flagship store is mostly used to support the scene. Real sales and profit points are on other websites such as Vipshop.

It is difficult to cater to the rapid development of the platform, and the “embarrassment” of the discarded “embarrassment”

The “Crystal Crystal” derived from the fast growth period of Taobao is not available in the brutal online shopping market. As Ali, who has grown up behind the biggest scene of the Taotao brand before, has aimed at the Internet celebrity economy. On March 1st this year, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, gave a speech at the 2016 Tmall Global Merchant Conference, and affirmed the importance of Internet celebrities for the first time. In other words, the title of “Amoy brand” is too angry.

Tmall settled in the start -up brand invitation system. Tmall began to let go of a big brand from the world. Except for the three major Tao brands such as the three squirrels and Inman, the Tao brand of other small categories was almost forgotten. “In 2008, as long as it is a bit of strength, you can make a brand on Tmall. At that time, Xiao Er turned around you all day to help you make ideas, plan, and provide traffic. For our Tao brands, the “tall” activity on the platform basically dare not think about it. “

Traditional brands are squeezed, and the channels of multi -channel “new” brands sink, so that the Tao brand’s belly is affected by the enemy

When rough growth cannot adapt to new business competition, traditional brand companies have begun to accelerate the embrace of the Internet and mobile Internet, and the rules of online platforms are leaning towards traditional brands. Traditional brands have joined e -commerce, and consumer purchase demand continues to upgrade; international brands have cut into the domestic market with e -commerce, and competition accelerates the increase in brand quality. The business state has gone forward, and the emergence of many new brands has made many Tao brands with unlimited survival space. In many people, Internet brands also need to transform, bid farewell to barbaric growth, and enter a new stage of development. And remove the hat of the Tao brand can help them get stronger capital transfusion, more standardized management and social operations.

The former Tao brand stood in the “wind” scenery, and today’s Tao brand brand “Square Chu Song”. In this rapid development process, many e -commerce companies may not keep up with the development speed in the construction of supply chain, brand, team, marketing, product development, etc., so many Amoy brands have gone downhill or even dying. “This is the rule of competition that an industry will face when mature. I think this is not much different from other industries.” Pan Geng pointed out that the Amoy brand is “broken cocoon into a butterfly” or “disappearing”, which is mainly dedicated to depends on Whether the founder’s own comprehensive ability and personal quality can hold the development of the brand. On the one hand, the helm of the Tao brand must locate themselves to integrate upstream and downstream resources, and strongly become a brand with strength and offline brand competition; on the other hand, find out the product differentiation style and marketing positioning, cut into it A small piece of “cake” is small and beautiful; at the same time, the cost -effectiveness of the product is the ultimate, so that low prices can also be profitable.

Due to the situation, the Tao brand reshapes the “kernel”

It is said that existence is perceived. Even if the Tao brand that has passed the traffic dividend period is no longer bright, the Internet thinking in their bones will help them reshape the brand’s “kernel power” on the road of “Amoy”.

Create a complete offline product supply chain and realize the “brand” counterattack of the Amoy brand

The expansion of offline physical stores makes the Taotao brand no longer stay on the webpage, making consumers visible. However, in the context of the rapid rise of rent and labor costs, the opening of physical stores undoubtedly requires huge capital investment as a support, and it is deeply welcomed by domestic mainstream shopping malls such as Parkson System, Wanda System, World Trade System, Dennis System, etc. By opening the terminal store and increasing offline exposure to remove the Amoy brand hat?

In this regard, Deng Youjun said that all the operating models of Pinl are consistent with offline brands. The company’s staff configuration has exceeded 150 people. In terms of commodity partitions, offline operations, market expansion, and brand ministry configuration, it is even more. Generally, the Amoy brand does not have.

“Most Tao brands do not have their own designers, and most of them take the cash on the cash on the wholesale market to sell online. The investment cost of Pingli is equivalent to 100 million offline clothing companies. Only designers are only designers. There are 15 people, with more than 40 design departments. At the same time, we also build a complete set of quality inspection equipment to ensure product quality. “Deng Youjun told reporters.

“The stay time and access depth of the customer’s entry into the store are the brand that reflects whether the brand is really staying in the customer’s mind, and whether it can catch the brand of the old customers. We are more than 3-4 times the industry level in this regard. The unit price of the customer is 3 to 4 times the level of the industry, and the daily average old customers’ return rate is 45%to 50%, which is more than 4 times that of the general Amoy brand. “Deng Youjun believes that it is based on the guarantee of design and product quality that can support the support that it can support the support that it can support the support that it can support the support that it can support the support that it can support the support that it can support the support that it can support the support that it can support the support. The unit price of the customer can open the store offline with such a customer unit price.

“‘Peter Pan’ ‘next five years of strategy is mainly the transition from the Taotao brand to the front -line brand.” Pan Geng pointed out, “We will mainly lay out from six aspects, and one will increase investment in research and development. The functionalization and style of commodity; the second, increase the investment in marketing innovation, marketing content, and socialization; the third will increase the construction of the team, manage the goals, and militaryization; The supply chain is actual and rapid; five increased the investment in quality control, the QC team plus full inspection line to control each pair of quality; six increased their investment in functional technology, and now explore and develop some of some raw material factories. Inner materials that are in contact with your feet will make ‘comfort’ to the extreme. “

In fact, no matter what stage of the Amoy brand in what stage, what kind of “Amoy” method to adopt today, in the process of choosing to “Amoy”, the reshaping of the traditional e -commerce channel supply chain is to “Amoy to Amoy “The fundamental is also the key point of success or failure.

Run small steps, cater to mobile e -commerce information and consumers fans, accelerate the Tao brand to “Amoy”

Mr. Wu, a well -known local online brand person in charge, said, “The style of our brand is relatively niche, so there is no plan to open stores in a short time. For the brand that is still in the preliminary growth stage, we want to want The way to make a brand cannot be rushed. We can only provide customers with better services as much as possible. From a visual perspective, product quality, before -sale and post -sale service, slowly improve and precipitate. Brand ‘hat. “

It is clearly realized that this status quo is clearly. While the Cumini dance bodybuilding costumes are sold on the Tmall platform this year, they actively actively work on the three vertical platforms of Baby Tree,, and Rolls. As early as the end of last year, community marketing was started, and it was covered by multi -platform coverage to seek better development. “The company’s products have been improved and improved, and a large part of the reference opinions come from offline rather than online. After the ups and downs of the e -commerce industry in recent years, we really feel the offline enterprises Vitality will be much longer than online companies. “

The integration of online and offline is conducive to the long -term development of the Tao brand after “Amoy”

“In the future, it is not optimistic about pure e -commerce companies, because pure e -commerce companies either die in inventory or die. Fanke from more than 10,000 people to more than 100 people, his case is worth thinking about.” Yao Daodi said The current e -commerce and traditional channels are gradually integrating, and the layout of online and offline at the same time is already a trend. In this process, the advantages of the traditional enterprises walking offline will be greater. Most of them use the product as the king. In terms of quality control, they will be much better than online; on the contrary, online brands will go online and offline Expansion, the brand will be more vitality. In addition, offline channels can truly bring reference to the brand in many aspects such as consumer experience and data precipitation.

“I feel that there is no distinction between Amoy brand and offline brands in the future, that is, it exists without conflict.” Pan Geng believes that for each brand, e -commerce is a very important channel. angle. As long as your company is doing good products with differentiated or functionalization, it can solve consumer needs or improve pain points. Even if you are a brand born from Taobao Solding channels. In the process, Taobao is regarded as a large market for consumers across the country. The relative threshold and trial and error cost are low, and they can use the platform to obtain a large amount of consumer data. For creative projects or newly founded brands, It is still a very good choice from Taobao card making.

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