Cooking pot: iron pot, non-stick pan, stainless steel pot, casserole, aluminum pot, which pot is more worth buying?


One sentence in “Analects” is said so, and the work must be good, and must first make a tool. The meaning of this sentence is that the craftsman wants to work well in your hand, you must first ensure that the tools you use are excellent. If you put this sentence on our daily cooking, one of the corresponding tools is that it is a cooker.

If you go to the supermarket’s kitchen area, you will find that all kinds of wok account for the shelves of kitchenware, different brands, different prices, different characteristics. Some hundreds can be bought, and some have to thousands of yuan a pot. If you carefully understand the materials of these pots, everyone will find countless.

The most common cooking pots in our daily lives are the five types of iron pots, non-stick pots, stainless steel pots, casseroles, aluminum pots. That day, lazy is talking to you about the topic of daily selection, let’s take a look, these 5 kinds of wok have characteristics? Which kind of pot is worth buying?


1, Iron pot – there is a branch of raw iron pots and cooked iron pots


I remember that when I was a child, the type of wok was not so much, and the household used the most, it was a simple and practical iron pot. I don’t know when I started, I didn’t have a stick in the market, and people who use iron pots slowly reduced. However, in recent years, I found that the iron pan returned to its C bit.

At present, there are two types of iron pots (cast iron pot) and cooked iron pot (fine iron pot).

. The pig iron pot is casting with iron water, relatively thick, poor thermal conductivity,

Good hot weather,

Repeated pot and daily maintenance. Cooked iron pan has passed

Handmade or machine forging the process, the pot is thin, the toughness is strong, the heat is fast, and there is no heavy iron pot.

In general, the pig iron pot is more suitable for bouting soup, stew, and cooked iron pot is more suitable for use. If it is too lazy to make daily maintenance, friends who have a good arm are smaller, and it is recommended that you choose a cooked iron pot. After all, the heavy cast iron pot is too hot, and it is too strong.

[Taking precautions for iron pot]

When using a high food with iron pan, there will be some iron ions into the food, but this iron is inorganic iron, which is not a height absorption rate from meat ingredients, therefore, don’t Too much pointing “Iron Pot Take Iron”. In the case of cooking and maintenance, the iron pan can also be used as a non-stick pan. However, after daily cleaning, remember to dry water and avoid the rust of the iron pan.

2, non-stick pan-coated pot, short service life

Non-stick, it should be a kind of wok that is popular in the last 10 years.

It “does not stick” essence is because the surface of the pot has a coating made of special materials.

This coating can play an isolated role. At present, common non-stick coating has Teflon

Coating and

Ceramic coating.

We just bought a non-stick pan, it will feel very easy. But after a period of time, everyone will find that it is not sticking to the pan, because this coating has begun to peel off. Whether it is dozens of non-stick, or hundreds of non-stick, as long as the coating flakes, this suction is basically abolished. Compared with the iron pan,

There is a lot of life in non-stick pot, and it is generally retired in 1-2 years.


[Non-stick pot use precautions]


When you use non-stick pan, everyone must keep in mind 2 points, one is that the cooking temperature is best limited to 250

If you are below ° C, don’t cook for a long time, or it will affect the stability of the coating, or the harmful substance may also be released; In addition, the non-stick pan is a versatile, and when the coating is peeled off, it is necessary to change the pot.

3, stainless steel pot – cooking is high

The so-called stainless steel is actually made of iron and other metal, relatively durable, and the corrosion resistance is good, the strength is high, and the price is relatively high. In the material of the stainless steel pan, there is also a model. Everyone remembers that 316 stainless steel should be better than the stainless steel pot for 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel.

However, when cooking,

Stainless steel is very high in the fire, if it is not good, it is easy to stick

. Especially the stainless steel pots like some thermal conductivity, once the hot pot is forgotten, stir-fry, stir fry, you will find how to stick to the pot, in this, I am deeply experienced.

[Precautions for the use of stainless steel pot]


When using a stainless steel pan, you must control the fire. Due to the thermal conductivity and heat transfer resistance of the stainless steel pan, it is more than a long time, and everyone can remember not to open the fire. When cooking, it can be used. The flame should not exceed the bottom of the pot, otherwise the food is easily fried, and the surface of the pot will also be yellow or black.

4, casserole – traditional pot, easy to rupture

Casserole, belonging to a class of traditional


Ceatrical cookware, feature heat, slow cooling, strong thermal insulation, but it is easy to fall. Like some classic dishes, you will be deliberately used as a pot as a pot, such as a casserole head, casserole chicken, casserole burn ribs, etc.

Dishes made with casserole,

Can maximize the original taste of food

Everyone is in the purchase of casseroles, must go to regular channel purchase, because some unscrupulous merchants will produce a casserole that is exceeded with heavy metal residues, long-term use, will have a bad impact on the human body. Therefore, don’t choose three products because of greed,


[Cassess use precautions]

When using a casserole, you can not open a fire, otherwise the casserole is likely to rise due to the sudden rise, and there is a blink of the pot. The correct way is to first fire, turn the fire, and finally turn the fire slowly, the process of warming must be gradually entered. In addition, casseroles cannot be bleed.


5, aluminum pot – not recommended

Aluminum pot should belong to a comparative antique pot. The greatest advantage of aluminum pot is inexpensive and light, and is durable, fast heating, uniform thermal conductivity, no rust. On the surface, it seems to be perfect, in fact,

When cooking with aluminum pot,

There will be hidden dangers of “aluminum migration”

Aluminum elements in the aluminum pot are migrated into the food. If the human body is ingestion of excessive aluminum, it will be unfavorable to health. Therefore, it is not recommended to use an aluminum pot for a long time to cook.

[Lazy heart]

The 5 kinds of pots, iron pots, non-stick, stainless steel pots, casseroles, aluminum pots are all frequent pots in our home kitchen. The materials they use are different, and the features are also different. When buying a pot, the instructions will indicate which pot.


According to my practical experience, and the summary of the people, I can share the following 3 points for everyone.

1, rarely kitou or kitchen, choose to be light, easy to operate non-stick;

2, if you have a cook, there is a certain kitchen basis, you can choose the ripe iron pot; on this basis, if you are too lazy for daily maintenance and maintenance, you can choose a stainless steel pan;

3, if you really like to kitchen, you can make a good taste for the dishes, you can match a casserole, as a cook with a pan.

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