Inventory of watches worth buying in 2021, more than 10 brands of more than 40 classic watches recommendation


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It is nearly the end of 2021. I believe that when many valuable friends are welcoming the new year, they hope to work from time to time, so no one is more suitable than buying a watch to reward themselves ~


In this article, 10 more well -known watch brands have been invested, and some of the most popular and cost -effective model recommendations are given by various brands. You can just choose a watch with your personal temperament based on the budget.

▼ Let’s first come to a list of world -famous watch levels.

The bezel has always had a saying, “Beauty is beautiful, can not be beautiful, can be European, once and for all,” refers to the brands of beauty, Tissot, Longines, Omega, Rolex, which are considered from entry to advanced to advanced. Priority.


Of course, Rolex is not the top echelon. There are also giants such as Breguet, Lange, Jiang Shicon, and Patek Philippe.

▼ Here is another mainstream national watch brand ranking, of which seagulls, Feiya, Shanghai, and Beijing have homemade movement capabilities.

The styles of Shanghai and Beijing are relatively old -fashioned, not suitable for young people, and seagulls and Feiya are more popular.

Heaven, Rosini, and Ibo can be called the second echelon. They mainly use Japanese Miyota and Swiss Rona movements. They mainly design with table models. There are many choices in styles.

· Seagull

Seagull is a brand that I like very much. The big brother of domestic watches has entered the international market as early as seven years. It is the pride of the Chinese people.

Watchmates who are familiar with seagulls know that the seagull movement has always been very good and is the most exported movement factory in the world. At present, the three major mechanical watches of Tusso Flying Wheel, Sanwen movement, and perpetual calendar movement have been conquered. It can be said that the world’s high -end mechanical watch should be standard, and the seagull watch is also available!

Earlier, the seagulls also had OTA and West Rail City movement. The technical strength was quite strong. There is another thing. When I heard that many high imitation world -famous watches were faked, they used the seagull movement to get reliable walking.



The movement of the seagull table can be divided into::

Ultra -low -end movement series: ST6, ST16

High -end movement series: ST25, ST17, ST21


Mid -end movement series: ST40, ST18, ST19


Top -level movement: ST80

Recommended models worth starting:

① Seagull national series mechanical men’s watch 819.12.6075


ST17 mechanical movement | Power 37 hours | Diameter 40mm | Sapphire glass table lens | 50 meters waterproof


The seagull national series is relatively cost -effective. The movement of this watch is ST17, which belongs to the low -end grade, which is suitable for students and newcomers to enter the workplace.

Simple and refreshing dial, texture leather strap, and a steel strap. Usually equipped with formal clothes and casual clothes, it is a versatile model, just need to enter.

② Seagull national series mechanical men’s watch 816.362

ST2130 mechanical movement | Power 42 hours | Diameter 40mm | Sapphire glass spectrum | 50 meters waterproof+single calendar window


The hottest one sold in the Seagull National Series can be used as a couple. The movement is better than the above, and the power is longer and more stable. In addition, this dial has more calendar windows, which is more practical. It is also a versatile model, which is suitable for commuting to work.

▼ There is also a D519.405L in the Seagull Couple, which is also worth starting. The movement is also ST2130, and the brown leather strap is more retro and fashionable.

③ Seagull giant series Monthly Moon Men’s Watch 819.11.6092

ST2153 mechanical movement | 30 hours of power | Diameter 41mm | sapphire glass spectrum | 50 meters waterproof+single calendar window

Three -shot moon phase is the one I personally think of the most worthwhile seagulls. The design is very international. It looks like Breguet from a distance. It has a fan of more than 10,000 yuan!


Moon phase is one of the techniques of high -level watchmaking.

The first formal mechanical watch of young people


Boys and girls look good.


In addition, this matching monthly gift box, in addition to watches, also has a series of space cultural and creative products. It is said that it is quite meaningful to commemorate the success of the monthly inspection of the spacecraft in my country. It is a good choice to be a new year gift.


④ Seagull tribute series retro chronograph 819.17.1963

ST1901 manual mechanical movement | 30 hours of power | Diameter 38mm | organic glass spectrum | 30 meters waterproof

Finally, I recommend a seagull tribute series. This is the first chronograph that commemorates the aviation flight chronograph and is also the first time code watch independently developed by China. The red star, gold and “Tianjin Watch Factory” logo on the dial, with a strong sense of the times and Chinese marks, is a good choice whether it comes with its own or collection.

· Feiya

Feiya, currently the only listed company in China.

Since 2003, a professional aerospace watch has been designed for China’s manned space plan, and since then, one of the three major aerospace watches in the world has been designed. Including this year’s Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft, the three astronauts still wore Feiya Aerospace to express space.

It is worth mentioning that many automatic movements such as Shenxing, Moon, and Feiyi developed by Feiya are only used on its high -end models. Most of the ordinary models use the Swiss EAT movement or Japanese West Rail City movement, which is relatively cheap.


① Feiya Hunter series mechanical men’s watch DGA20000

Miyota mechanical movement | Power 42 hours | Diameter 40mm | Sapphire glass table lens | 50 meters waterproof+single calendar window


A robotic watch with a very high cost performance of Feiya, this configuration is less than 1,000 yuan, just need to rush! The dial is clean and refreshing. When the classic big three stitches go, there are two colors of black and white. Among them, the white plate steel belt can be used as a couple, and there are special gift boxes.

② Feiya Fancy series mechanical women’s watch DLA30001

Miyota mechanical movement | Diameter 31mm | Sapphire glass spectrum | 30 meters waterproof

The hottest red women’s watch sold by Feiya is the four leaf grass, but I personally don’t like it very much, it feels too fancy. On the contrary, this is more intellectual and elegant in the picture. Mother’s plate surface is particularly agile in the sun. A fish -type hollow is also designed to embellish, surrounded by BulingBuling crystals. It belongs to the versatile model, entertainment and leisure or workplace commuting can be controlled.

▼ Some of the high -end red women’s watches, you can also see this heartstrings series, red agate plate rose gold steel belt, with diamond inlaid, more exquisite and high -level.


③ Feiya Aerospace Series Mars-500 Memorial Edition Meteorite Dial Mechanical Men’s Watch


Miyota mechanical movement | Call diameter 42mm | meteorite dial, sapphire glass table lens | 50 meters waterproof+single calendar window

The unique meteorite mechanical watch, watching the buyer show, is better than the promotional map. The tough case with meteorite table is very textured. This is the 10th anniversary watch of the “Mars-500” released by Feiya in 2021. It is limited to 500 yuan. Interested local tyrant watches enter!




Tissot is the best choice I think I like Swiss watches and the budget is not high. There are many people wearing Tissot watches around me. Tissot and Langqin, Mido, and Omega belong to Swatch Swomi Group, but the brand is positioned in the low -end market, so the cost performance is very high, whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch.

There are two main types of Tissot watches, one is the ETA movement. After all, the ETA movement factory is owned by Swomiqi Group. The other is the Tissot P80 movement developed by Tissot and ETA. The power is 80 hours and is also the main movement of Tissot.

It is worth mentioning that the P80 movement also segmented the basic model and the Observatory COSC certification model. The movement of the movement of the Observatory was more accurate and more expensive.

① Tissot Licke series mechanical men’s watches

P80 mechanical movement | Power 80 hours | Call diameter 39.3mm | Sapphire glass table lens | 30 meters waterproof+single calendar window

The most classic of Tissot is the “Lickek” watch series, which was launched to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birthday of Tissot. Absolutely explosive,’s sales of 10W+are a formal form that can be closed.

The classic white plate with steel is simple and durable. The central area has a carved design, and there are exquisite carvings on the back. Personally, I think this is the first watch king within 5,000 yuan! Can be used as a couple, there are many colors.


② Tissot charm series mechanical men’s watch

C15.111 Mechanical movement | 72 hours of power | Diameter 40mm | sapphire glass table lens | 30 meters waterproof+single calendar window


The Tissota -time series takes the cost -effective route. The style is extremely simple and atmospheric. It is a bit of a bauble. I personally like it. It is suitable for work and commute to wear.


▼ This one of the same series is that the difference is that there is no calendar window, and the movement becomes a quartz movement. But the price is half cheaper, suitable for those who are not budget and do not consider mechanical watches.

③ Tissot Trum Series Observatory Certification Mechanical Men’s Watch


P80 Observatory certified movement | Power 80 hours | Diameter 42mm | Anti -glare sapphire glass table lens | 50 meters waterproof+single calendar window

I think the best one I think is in the Tissot Trum series, and we wear very high -end atmosphere. The movement uses the same P80 as Licke, but this upgrade is upgraded to the Observatory COSC certification.

The Observatory’s movements are generally high -end models in various brands, which are expensive, but Tissot is less than 10,000 yuan, and the cost performance is very high. In addition, the mirror increases the anti -glare coating material. It is not easy to reflect when the strong light is shined. The diameter of 42mm is also greater.

④ Tissot 2021 Tengzhi Unbounded Series Solar Smart Quartz Men’s Watch

ETA E32.001 quartz movement | Call diameter 47.5mm | sapphire glass table lens | 100m waterproof+silicone strap

Tissot invented the first touch-screen watch in 1999. One of the many watches has a T-Touch touch screen solar series, which focuses on touch screen solar timing watches. And this is a solar smart watch just released this year. It has a cool appearance and full of technology and strength. Girls who like large dials can also wear it.

The touch screen, seeing the light storage, not only the sun, any form of light sources, there is no need to worry about charging. In addition, this watch can also download exclusive apps, intelligent interconnection, realization

Message call reminder/alarm clock/weather/chronograph/compass/record sports data


Waiting for functions. Daily business office and out -of -fitness are super practical.



Mido’s brand positioning is higher than that of Tissot, lower than Longines, and belongs to Swatch Swomi Group. It is also a century -old brand. It has always been known for its accurate walking. Among all watch brands, Mido has passed the number of movements certified by the Swiss Observatory COSC certification, ranking among the top 5.

Observatory COSC certification can be understood as “ISO certification in the watch industry”, which is extremely strict. There will be signs on the back of the certified movement, and the daily error is smaller. If you feel that there are too many people wearing a Tissot watch and it is easy to collide with money, then Mido is a very good choice, and the niche has taste.


The movement of the Mido Watch is also divided into two types, one is the ETA movement under its group, and the other is the joint development of Meidu and ETA, which is dedicated to the Mido use of the Caliber 80 series movements. If the budget is sufficient, the model is preferred by the Observatory certification.

① Meidu Bellen Cyri Series Silicon Silk Silk Observatory movement mechanical men’s watch


Caliber80 Observatory Silicon Travel Mortality | Power 80 hours | Diameter 40mm | Sapphire glass spectrum | 30 meters waterproof

Mido’s Bellen Cyri series is the first choice for the purchase of the formal table. This movement obsessed with the permanent station. The 80 -hour long kinetic energy, but the price is within 10,000 yuan, closed eyes!


The watch is simple and low -key. The surface of the surface is designed with a natural shale texture. With rose gold pointers, it is gorgeous and textured. It is a fashionable and versatile.

② Mido leader series “Rainbow Circle” limited model mechanical men’s watch

Caliber80 mechanical movement | Power 80 hours | Diameter 40mm | sapphire glass spectrum | 200 meters waterproof

If you look tired of the diving tables of the major brands, you will definitely like the “Rainbow Circle” of Meidu’s engraved version of the “Rainbow Circle”. There are 1961 global quantities.


It is very recognizable to wear on the hand. It has the functions of diving timing and decompression timing. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to buy. There are only 120 domestic in China.

③ Mido Commander Series Centennial Men’s Men’s Watch


Caliber80 calendar mechanical movement | Power 80 hours | Diameter 42mm | sapphire glass spectrum | 50 meters waterproof


Wearing on the workplace, wearing both new ideas, but not too exaggerated, the centennial commemorative model of this commander series is more suitable. This series focuses on the big calendar men’s watch, clean and sharp simple dial, with a groove design, inspirational source Eiffel Tower, with a very atmospheric appearance.

This my colleague is wearing, and the real thing is much better than the picture! The 42mm meter diameter, the appearance is very atmospheric, the dial shakes the dial and has a shiny change, it is very recommended!

▼ There is also an Observatory certification movement, which is 3,000 yuan. The crowns and cases are upgraded to high -end gold.


· Hamilton

The Hamilton brand is relatively niche, but it is also a more tasteful choice. American brand, Swiss movement, unique design and high cost -effective. The same level is the same level as the Swate, Mido, Langqin, and Omega, which is the same level as Mido, but the accuracy of the movement is still worse than Mido.

The main forms include the Khaki series, the American classic series and the jazz series. To say that this brand is most well known, it should be frequently appeared in various Hollywood blockbusters, especially in tough guys, and there are already more than 500 units. I found some popular styles, everyone can refer to it.

Recommended models worth starting:

Recommended models worth starting:

Recommended models worth starting:

Recommended models worth starting:


① Sir Hamilton Series Happy Men’s Watch

H-1 10 movement | Power 80 hours | Call diameter 40mm | Sapphire glass spectrum | 50 meters waterproof

This is a jazz’s happy series. I made a hollow design directly on the front. It can see the movement of the movement in real time. It is in line with the current aesthetics. The selling is relatively hot. It is also very brand recognition.

▼ The same series of “Hidden Sky: Beauty: Beauty” movie, the design of the dual calendar simple dial design, when the big three needles are left, the business model is partially installed.

② Hamilton’s khaki field series “Star Cross” Murphy Watch

H-1 10 movement | Power 80 hours | Call diameter 42mm | Sapphire glass spectrum | 100 meters waterproof

The khaki field series should be regarded as the best sales in the Hamilton series. This is the same watch of the “Star Crossing” movie with a style. 100 meters of waterproof praise, 42 dial with original calf leather strap, high value and grade.

▼ In addition, this brand also has a very popular American classic series, a re -engraved panda plate, full of personality! The boss in the station is the same model, with high recognition, especially beautiful with a suit!

· Langqin


Langqin is definitely a leader in the entry -level Swiss watch brand. It is more than 180 years of history and craftsmanship. I personally feel

Budget below 10,000 yuan, about 1-2W, must be Longines, the best choice.

Basically, Langqin’s existence of luxury brand goalkeepers in the watch circle. It has only been a luxurious watch from the beginning of Langqin, which is stable and low -key. Langqin movement mainly includes L619 and L888, all based on ETA2892 movement transformation and upgrading. Among them, the L619 movement belongs to the basic model, and the power reserve is only 42 hours. The advanced L888 movement reduced the amplitude, and the duration of kinetic energy reserves increased to 64 hours.

① Classic of Langqin famous craftsman series

L888 movement | Power 64 hours | Call diameter 36-40mm | sapphire glass table lens | 30 meters waterproof+single calendar window

Famous craftsmen are the hottest series of Langqin. The status has been standing, and the recovery rate is high. Elegant and concise style, business leisure can be worn.

The picture is the most classic master of craftsmanship. The silver -white dial has decorations. The Arabic numerals are clearly marked. The smart blue steel pointer is a highlight. The stainless steel chain table+the bottom of the back surface is very durable.

▼ Another famous craftsman series has launched a four -shot moon phase watch, which adds moon phase display to the basic model, and it feels instantly tall. The moon will change according to the different astrology of the day, which is very interesting. The stainless steel straps and belt styles are available, which can be used as a couple.

② Langqin famous craftsman series eight -shining moon phase


L687 movement | Power 64 hours | Call diameter 36-40mm | sapphire glass table lens | 30 meters waterproof

The eight -shot moon phase is the most complicated structure, the most parts, and the most functions of the entire master of Langqin, the most complicated structure, and the ceiling of the Langqin watch. There are various functions such as the full calendar, timing, and date display. The price is 20,000, and the cost performance is very high. Dai can be stared up for a long time, and I don’t tire.

③ Langqin Kangcas Series

L888 movement | Power 64 hours | Call diameter 41/43mm | Anti -glare sapphire glass spectrum | 300 meters waterproof


In the past few years, the diving watch is hot. If you like sports watches, you will choose the Consecas series.

The best choice for the 10,000 yuan budget


Essence Many of its configurations are only available on more expensive models, and the counter was sold out of stock.


300 meters of waterproof, all steel, ceramic ring, has four colors on the surface of the plate. I personally recommend gray. Boys are very atmospheric and versatile daily.

▼ In addition, the Consecas series also issued rubber band models this year. The movement attributes are stronger, suitable for young people, and high value.

· Omega

Omega’s brand history can be traced back to 1848, which can be called a luxurious all -around high -end watch. Product quality and popularity are not lower than Rolex.

The reason why it can woke with Rolex is mainly relied on the 8800-9900 series of self-producing movements. Even the entry -level 2500D movement has been certified by the Swiss Observatory, and the accuracy and stability of the time are very good.

The Omega watches have four classic watch series, namely: constellation, hippocampus, Superba, butterfly flying. The constellation series is suitable for girls. The hippocampus series focuses on professional diving watches. The Super Fighter series is partial business. Diefei series is the most cost -effective and most popular because of the entry -level 2500D movement used.

① Omega disc flying series mechanical men’s watches

2500D movement | Power 48 hours | Call diameter 39.5mm | Crystal spectrum | 30 meters waterproof+single calendar window

Simple and classic, steady Omega disc series, this is the highest sales, which can be said to be the preferred style of the disc series. The style is very versatile, and the configuration is not pulled. The case of the stainless steel 361L is equipped with a 2500D movement. The price of Jingdong is less than 20,000. There is no too much budget, but those who want to feel the luxury table can be considered.

A variety of dials are optional, I think bright blue is the best!

② Omega Horse Horse Series Diving Watch

8800 movement | Table diameter 42mm | Sapphire glass spectrum | 300 meters waterproof+single calendar window

The most cost -effective diving meter in the Omega Hippot series. The dial of the deep sea blue is very eye -catching and engraved with wave patterns. The case is made of ceramics, with white diving enamel scale, plus the high -antimagnetic movement certified by the Observatory, and the accuracy and stability have also been verified by time.


IWC is a watch brand that I personally likes very much. It belongs to Panerai and Lange, which belongs to Richemo Group. It has a strong historical heritage and high face value and strong performance. I think that the watches of the country give people a high -end but luxurious just right feeling. It is a bit elegant in the low -key stability and is very elegant.

There are many series, including the Bo Tao Feino series, pilot series, marine timeometer series, Portuguese series, etc. Each series is more classic. The price of the popular series is basically between 30,000 and 50,000 yuan, and I think that the most worthwhile purchase is the little prince and Portugal.

① IWC Portuguese Time Temple IW371446 Watch

69355 movement | Power 46 hours | Table 41mm | 30 meters waterproof

This representative work that can be called Portugal Portugal, the classic invincible appearance, well -known and recognition. The pointer and the timely label are all based on the blue steel design, with first -class visual effects.

② Wan Guo Pilot Series IW377701 watch

CAL.30110 movement | Power 42 hours | Diameter 43mm | Sapphire glass spectrum | 60 meters waterproof

The little prince is a classic pilot Mark Eighteen watch special model. I once wanted to start with my heart. The design was so beautiful, and the classic practical. The image of the little prince carved on the back is also the biggest highlight of this watch.


The transparent sapphire glass bottom+classic three major needle design, the face value makes people unbroken! The large dial is 43 mm in diameter and is equipped with a self -made movement and a brown calf leather strap, which looks very pilot’s temperament.

· Panerai

Panerai is a brand with a very unique position. It was born in 1860. He focused on military production earlier. The movement used the technology of Rolex. Now there are self -produced movements. Not comparable.

Its watches have a diameter of more than 42 millimeters. The large half -moon -shaped crown bridge is very eye -catching. The masculine tough temperament is really unable to copy it by other brands.

As a special watch for the Royal Navy, night vision and waterproof ability are Panerai’s strengths. In addition, the detachable device structure of the strap is Panerai unique patents. Many Pei fans like to change the straps by themselves, and they are full of fun.


Panerai Luminor series PAM01312

P.9010 movement | Power 72 hours | Table 44mm | 300 meters of waterproof+luminous

Self -use models, originally went to buy the little prince, but were fell in love at first sight! The strong and tough case, the eye -catching hollow luminous scale, and the classic bridge logo are the three exclusive logos of Panerai. This PAM01312 blends all the classic elements of Panerai and is a very good entry paragraph.

Jingdong’s self -operated store price is almost the same as I bought at the counter, you can rest assured.

· Lange

Finally, share a top -level first -line brand: Lange. There is a saying in the watch: the German clock, the Swiss watch. As a German mechanical clock brand, Lange has very profound skills and high -level handmade on clocks. Whether in Germany or Ruizhou, it is the top level of low -key business success.

Recommended on the popular form:

Lange Saxon Two Shin Watch

Saxon’s two -shot gold watch should be the cheapest Lange watch. The entry model is 100,000, the size is 37 mm, and the dial is only a punch and a minute needle. It is a typical formal form. It is very atmospheric.

The L093.1 manual -chain movement is only 2.9 mm thick, but the power storage is as long as 72 hours, and the technology is outstanding. Although the surface is simple, the iconic characteristics of the Lange movement are all: 3/4 splints, classic goose -necked micro -tuning, and polishing golden sleeves. Each traditional process shows the brand’s meticulous watchmaking attitude.

With a mainstream brand of high -end steel watches, you can buy a golden watch of Lange’s entry. How do you choose?


It is worth mentioning that the boss Sui Guodong, the boss that we are worth buying, is the most daily watches from Lange, which is really delicious. Regarding more President Sui’s understanding of the Lange watch, you can review this article:

▼ Friends who are interested in the watch watch can also pay attention to


“Core She” applet

It is all related to watches. Including interpretation of watches and first -hand information of various models and various models, it is very much increased. You can also search for models and parameters directly. Related grass notes are also displayed. I used to go to browse before going to bed at night. It is really convenient to use.

The above, I like to remember to like+collection, how much ~

Recommended models worth starting:

Recommended models worth starting:

Recommended models worth starting:

Recommended models worth starting: