The pens, lipstick -like rubber, and glowing neutral pens exuding chocolate … These stationery is good, but it may be “poisonous apples”




There are many stationery in the stationery store:


Some shapes are unique, some are powerful,

Some taste sweet …

Facing the child’s desire,

Parents do not affect learning,

Almost request.

But do you know that some of these stationery wearing “flower coats” are “poisonous” and may affect the health of children. On July 8th, a reporter from Shanxi Evening News visited a number of large stationery stores in Taiyuan City, and also visited some parents and children’s standards for choosing stationery. “What are the hazards.

Novelty stationery is easy to catch students’ attention

In the early morning of July 8, a reporter from Shanxi Evening News came to a large stationery store. In front of a row of counters, the unique and exquisite strokes made people look back. Some pens, a cartoon doll on the pen hat, not only cute, but when writing, the small light bulbs on the doll’s eyes are automatically lit, flashes and flashes.

The salesperson of the stationery store told the Shanxi Evening News reporter that now, only special things can attract children’s attention, so merchants are increasingly pursuing novelty. The speed of the product update makes this staff member feel unimaginable. Some products make many young parents also love it. Although these stationery is expensive, sales are much higher than the sales of ordinary stationery.

“Is the fragrance of this pen toxic?” The reporter of Shanxi Evening News picked up a fluorescent pen with a strong chocolate flavor and asked the salesperson. The salesperson seemed to be very determined to the question of reporters, and replied firmly: “No, just tell the child not to eat.” The reporter then picked up a bottle, which was a solution of a cartoon doll shape. As long as you don’t eat it, you will not be toxic.

A parent who chooses the product next to reminds Shanxi Evening News reporter: “Too small children should not buy it, they will eat it by mistake. The bigger child should not have a problem with it.”

Most children buy goods are used for collection

During the interview, a citizen said distressedly that the children’s drawer, all kinds of strange strokes, had already bought a drawer full of drawers. Can’t help buying.

A primary school student said that his favorite is a bookmark with a storyline. She said that this kind of bookmark is not only the original model of the cartoon, but more importantly, there is also a serialization of animation stories. Because of this, she has purchased this kind of bookmarks with a storyline. Alas, she will continue to collect new storytelling bookmarks in the future.

Another student told the Shanxi Evening News reporter that the stationery store was a must -have place every day. “There are rubber like lipsticks here, and new appearances will be found every day. You can find new stationery every day. You don’t have much pocket money. You can only come to the eyes every day. Come and buy enough money, or ask my mother to buy it. “” Do you want so many strokes to use it? “A reporter from Shanxi Evening News asked. The child said, “These pens are not bought, but they are bought for collecting or serving as gifts.”


Some parents are also distressed about their children’s uncontrollable behavior. A parent who couldn’t stand the soft and hard bubbles of the child still agreed to buy a glowing pen, and then told the child that he was not allowed to bring it to the school. Many children also said that in fact, most of the stationery they purchased are not allowed to be taken to the school, and the teacher will confiscate when they see it.

The stationery is better to choose “simple”

So, what are the poisons of these new stationery and what impact will it have on children? Dr. Li Deng, the inspection department of Taiyuan Central Hospital, reminded the family that the children’s stationery is still “simple”. First of all, when the merchant designs the stationery as a toy, it will let the children play in their hearts and delay the children’s homework. For example, the password book, to open the book, crack the password first; and the Rubik’s cube stationery box, if you want to take out the stationery to crack the Rubik’s Cube. Under such circumstances, the child still has a thoughtful class, patronizing the stationery in his hands, and affecting learning is conceivable. There are some toys that itself is poison. The child is used for a long time and does not know when poisoning.

Lee Deng said that in terms of his many years of clinical experience, many stationery is not recommended to use it. The first thing that is the switching liquid is a chemical synthesis, which contains dichlorobial methane methane and two. Toluene, auxiliary materials are titanium pink and flavors. These substances are very easy to volatilize. Toxicity is absorbed by the human body through the respiratory tract. Light can cause headaches, nausea, and inflammation of the eye nasopharyngeal system. In severe cases, it can also cause the nervous system disease. The most serious ones can cause leukemia. It is recommended that parents should not let their children use. If you must use it, pay attention to observing the product’s production date shelf life when choosing a modified solution, as well as manufacturers, factories and trademarks. Cause danger.


There are also some neutral pens with fragrance. The fragrance is because of the spices added to the core. Most of these spices are artificially synthesized. Fragrance is not natural. Although it is allowed to add spices in stationery, many companies are in the production process in the production process. In order to save costs and improve efficiency, inferior spices are adopted. These inferior spices are added with excess formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. Children’s nasal and throat inflammation causes headaches and nausea. Over time, it may cause chronic poisoning of children, causing diseases of the nervous system and blood system.

Li Deng also said that parents choose the homework book for their children, and they always choose the paper with a very white paper. The more whiter the paper is, the better the quality. The toxicity of this whitening agent can be carcinogenic by the human body.

There are also some stationery glowing, which is indeed very popular with students, but in fact, this glowing stationery can easily affect the child’s vision development, and the light source is unstable and flickering, which is not good for healthy eyes.

“Faced with a variety of stationery, parents may also pick their eyes, but the stationery is used to learn, so the use of stationery should still choose simple and practical.” Lee Deng said.

Source: Shanxi Evening News