Twenty -two years ago, she opened the zipper of the President of the United States; after 22 years, is she a victim or a profitable person?


22 years ago, she became synonymous with the category of people most hated women around the world.

In January 1998, Monica Lewinsky became an actress who swept the global scandal “zipper door” from an unknown intern.

Her story creates a lot of global first:

The “zipper door” incident is the first online report to report to the super news reported before the paper media;


The “zipper door” incident made Clinton the first elected president in American history.

Monica Lelinsky and Clinton

In January 1998, Clinton, then President of the United States, was not a relationship with the White House intern Leinuski.


For a while, Volkswagen Media was caught in unprecedented collective carnival, and the addition of online media made this limelight. Lwinsky and his friends mentioned the recording of the matter, a mysterious clothes contaminated with semen, the sound of Clinton’s voice in the Lyginsky telephone, the secret operation of Lepinuski to the White House, and all Incurrence, guessing and invention of the relationship between the two people. Continuously fermented and spread in the media.

At the same time, everyone is talking to the incident to express their respective views and attitudes. Clinton’s political partner scolded her as a pose of the president, and what the political enemy said was even more unpleasant.

The media invaded her private living space. Her past, her family, and her privacy were exposed; the host of the talk show used her name to play low -level fun jokes. “This name has become synonymous with indulgence moral standards.

But paper media report on “zipper door”

Looking back at the past, is she deceived white rabbit or the controller of the relationship?

It is necessary to understand the love story between Leinuski and Clinton, and to understand the life experience and love experience of Lepinuski.

1. Adolescents that are sensitive, inferior, and desire to be saved by Prince White Horse

Lwinsky was born in a Jewish family in the United States. His father was a doctor. He had a younger brother and a mother who loved himself. It should be said that it is a happy family.

But Lewinsky said:

Our family life is not happy. My father has a lot of work and a lot of pressure. Because my parents’ marriage has also had a big problem, it is not easy for him to go home for him. Parents often quarrel, and they do not love or even care about each other at all. The family of four of our family also tried to improve this situation, but we did not belong to the kind of happy and harmonious family. Among the family, I am particularly difficult to accept this status quo, and I particularly value the family.

The busy work of his father also made Lwinski always feel cold. She was too sensitive. Her father said to her a little, or criticized her, and she would keep remembering in her heart.

Because of family contradictions, and Levinki’s sensitive character, she began to relieve huge pressure by eating, so that she faced overweight problems from elementary school, and she did not have sports cells. Since then, she has been excluded in her classmate relationship. A classmate’s birthday party invited all the classmates to settle her alone.

After her parents divorced, Lwinski went to high school, her body formed her greatest trouble, and profoundly changed her views on boys, schools and her own. She often lacks confidence in her appearance. She always feels that she has no other girls, so she can’t attract the attention and interest of boys like other girls.


At that time, what she did most often was the daydream. She often dreamed that a white knight rushed to her, vowed to protect her, and kissed her toes admirable.


2. The first time I involved in other people’s families

Although I had previously talked about a few boyfriends, it was not until 19 years old that Lepinuski had a relationship with a man for the first time.

At that time, Lwinsky was going to college. Unfortunately, the man was a married man. Moreover, when they had a relationship, the opponent’s wife happened to be pregnant.

She knew that the other party was married and the list of the other family’s family, but she was still difficult to resist him and felt that he could restore herself to confidence. She explained:

This feeling is really good, because finally a man thinks I am sexy. I mean, as a fat girl, a man can feel that I am also attractive, which is really significant.

This relationship brought great pain to Lewinsky, one reason is because the other party has a family, and the other reason is that the other party is not only her girlfriend.

Later, in order to escape the relationship, Lwinsky decided to go to other cities to continue his studies, but he still did not get rid of the distress of this relationship.

Although she broke up, the other party loved her, she was caught again. She often brought the children for the other party, and sometimes she would make a nanny for the other party’s uncle. Various other issues.

Even when she wrote a letter to the other party, in order to avoid impact on the other party, she took all her responsibilities on herself and described the extramarital affairs of the two as her own love for each other.

3. The so -called “love” entanglement with President Clinton

In Lewinsky’s autobiography “My Love”, Lepinuski recorded the process with how to come with Clinton;

The first time I saw Clinton, the president stood on the stage:

I remember that I was stunned all of a sudden. My heart stopped beating, breathing was short, and my head buzzed. There seemed to be a magnetic field on his body, and his whole body exudes a sexy atmosphere. I said to myself, “Now, I finally understand why those girls are fascinated by him.”

The second meeting is face -to -face:

He only glanced at me, but had made me know a real Bill Clinton … His eyes were his eyes when he flirted with a woman. When he came over to shake hands with me, a polite smile disappeared, and the crowd disappeared. At a short time, we exchanged desire for each other. He took off my clothes with his eyes.

Then at Clinton’s birthday party, Lepinuski wished him a happy birthday. She felt that Clinton was full of interest in her:

“He looked at my eyes deeply, and I was completely attracted by him immediately.” When he turned away, his arm seemed to be inadvertent, passing her chest. He continued to move forward, but still looked back at her.

Leinuski and Clinton


Later, after her internship, she went to work in the White House. She was full of interest in Clinton and felt that Clinton looked at her with another eye.


Finally, in the morning she went to work on the first day, she decided to take the initiative to attack.

She stood at the door of the office and faced the door. When the president walked out of the inner room, she put her hands on her hips, and then aroused the corner of the top of the top with her fingers. In this way, he would see the sexy thongs she wore Essence The reason for doing this is just because she is childlike and wants to tease the president again.


Obviously her initiative has worked, and they have the first intimate contact before they have the following.

Yes, there is no time for the long -term love of our imagination, nor the romantic love that everyone is looking forward to. It is a young intern who is full of worship of the mature and handsome man, and then sends the initiative. In this relationship, Lwinsky staged the same drama as the previous relationship.

Everyone knows the latter story. She denies that the two people have a relationship. Through the way of lying, she helps Clinton to hide, but all this is not helpful.

The error of Leinusky is that she always stirred with a man who could not belong to her, including her emotions with the president. Her loyalty to Qinglang shows that after she consciously falls in love with others, she will ignore her own interests and protect the other person with one heart. Including fakes for those who stole love, even after incident with the president, she still tried to protect the other party.

Leinuski and Clinton

Become a world -famous third party, what did she bring to her?

1. The destruction of illusions of love

Because I firmly believed in the power of love, when Lwinsky insisted on denied the relationship with Clinton at the beginning, she encountered the first severe blow:

The officer around President Clinton was tied to the president’s tie for the first time. Let her believe that the president didn’t care about her at all, and gave her gifts to others casually.

Then, when Clinton first admitted his relationship with Leinuski, he used “inappropriate relationships”.

Lewinski felt that his speech hurt himself and was angry. She said, “I feel like garbage.” She said:

The unwavering love to the US President has forced me to the edge of suicide. I think my life is over, and I can’t feel what I am left. What is the significance of survival? Nothing at all.


Clinton and Hillary

2. The attitude of the other two parties

In 2003, Hillary’s autobiography “Personal History” was published, and Hillary explained the impact of this matter on himself from a original perspective. At this time, Lygoski’s weight exploded to more than two hundred pounds;

Soon, Clinton’s memoir “My Life” was also published. In the book, Clinton described the past with Leinuski as “inappropriate contact”, and he no longer needs to hide any secret: “From a certain way From an angle, this makes me relieved. “

Clinton’s book has been sold to a record of 2 million copies, because “the most interesting content, including how he looks back at sex scandals with intern Leinusky”, which is also the huge selling point of this book. The comments of “New Yorker” believe that “Clinton’s book can be sold for a lot is not that he is a great president, but because he is a great man with shortcomings. Obviously, Lygoski’s story still has Use value. “

Clinton’s “My Life” was published, and it was a fatal blow to Lepinuski. When the past lovers denied their feelings between them in the book, Lepinuski couldn’t believe her eyes. She said, ” Clinton completely ruined me. “


She said: “He could tell the truth in the book, but he didn’t do it. He was a person who tampered with history and a lie home.”

Clinton Memoirs

3. The impact on life is all -round

Although Lewinsky has always wanted to return life to the right track, it was a comprehensive and difficult to let go of her.

After work, after the “zipper door” incident, Lepinuski faded out of the US public vision and lived in London, Los Angeles, New York and Portland for a while, but because of a messy reputation, it was difficult to find a job with his professional counterpart. Essence

In her life, even if she faces the sky and has a ponytail, passers -by will still point her pointers.

In terms of love, all the men who were with her were also unable to forget her past. Lywinski said, “Some men, when they are with me, they seem to be greater than me. I kept asking me what he was; there were some men who knew about this, but never mentioned it positively with me. Both men also made me confused. “

It was not until 2014 that she raised her head from the past and paid high -profile. Leinuski wants to experience public experience to help other people who are difficult to face the past. Leinuski said he would not escape the past anymore and regretted the scandal. Although she also said that her boss was “cheap”, her relationship with Clinton was “you love.” She said that after the incident was exposed, she became the object of public humiliation and became the “sin lamb” of Clinton. She described that she might be the first person to be humiliated in the Internet era.

Although Lepinuski later hosted a TV show through his own fame, he had his own design brand, and the business was good. Many people believe that this is the benefit that this zipper door incident has brought her, but I think it is compared to her loss. Not worth mentioning.

Lessinky’s handbag brand


Life that cannot be controlled: it is accidental and inevitable

Let me evaluate Lewinski, and I will be more willing to see her as a woman who cannot control her life.

1. Unable to control your desire for emotions

In her life, pursuing feelings, occupying too much in her life.

Because of her weight problem, because of the problems brought by the native family, she has been in a state of inferiority and longing for love. She changes her desire to live, hoping that Prince White Horse will leave with herself.

She is more hoping to prove that she has female charm from a man and proves that she loves it.

Indeed, under such an inner movement, the president is the best candidate. If you are in love with the president, you can maximize your wishes. It was the most powerful man in the world, and there was such a charming man.


Perhaps, another cause is to seduce the president, which also means to defeat the President’s wife Hillary. Hillary is so popular that it is the representative of the girls who used to squeeze her outside. Through this behavior, she can get two birds with one stone.

This is not only the motivation to seduce a woman’s husband, but also the motivation of many women as a third party.

Men get women by conquering the world, and women get the world by conquering men.

The relationship between Clinton and Lepinuski just interpreted this.

Lyphinski, who has gained weight under pressure

2. The wrong view of love makes her a victim is also promoting

Let us know the family of Leinuski, let us know that her behavior can be understood, but it cannot be forgiven. In her relationship with Clinton, she was not deceived or promised. In many cases, even herself, it promoted the process of the relationship.

Then, although Clinton’s denial of the relationship between them deeply hurt her feelings, maybe this is reality.

Through Lessonki’s emotional life, we can see that Lepinusky’s attitude towards love:

For love, regardless of the real level of reality, regardless of the influence of morality;

I want to be loved, especially the love of mature men;


Can’t refuse mature men to show good to themselves;

In order to show their loyalty to the other party, there can be no bottom line, including lying and fraud;

Lwinsky hopes to exchange for love through the bottomless line, but it turns out that whether it is the first lover or Clinton, it is not moved by her efforts, nor does it give her the return she wants at a critical moment.

Of course, in Lewinsky’s story, if she did not talk about her good friends, she might not be discovered so quickly with Clinton’s personal relationship, but if she is not such an impulsive person, she cannot control herself, she can not control herself. She Maybe it won’t come together with Clinton.


To some extent, she is a victim of cyber violence, but from another perspective, she pushes herself to a embarrassing situation.

Lewinsky’s speech “The price of humiliation”

3. All gifts for fate, the price has been marked in the dark

Lessinky’s personality and growth path make everything inevitable.

Even without Clinton, there must be another man who disturbs each other’s lives.

However, she encountered the president who was stared at by many political enemies, so her price looked particularly expensive.

When I met Clinton, Lepinuski was only 22 years old. Although she has gradually walked out of her shadow and opened a normal life after a long psychological counseling and self -construction. However, it is undeniable that every time Clinton and Hillary wind blow, people will think of her.

At the age of 22, she was still repaid today.

Perhaps her life will pay for it.

As Iwig said: At that time, she was too young and didn’t know all the gifts presented by fate.

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