The difference between the self -attack screw and the head of the header


Self -attack screws that are not tightened after tightening, the head of the head will not be higher than the planes that have been scored, and can keep the surface flat and beautiful.

The screw has different grooves such as single -character grooves, cross grooves, plum blossoms, etc., and the slot port extends to the center of the screw, which can effectively avoid crumbs and block the slot.

Cross -head self -attack screw


1. Different appearance

The side of the embarrassing self -attack screw is flat on one side, and the other side is a cone; the hat of the flat -headed self -attack screw is flat

2. Different contact surface

The contact screw of the sediment is the cone surface with the workpiece, and the flat -headed self -attack screw is indeed located on the plane.

3. Different partners

Self -attack screws can only be used with pads with a certain taper, while the platform self -attack screw can be used with flat pads

4. Different effects of use

The sediment self -attack screw will not be higher than the plane after use, and keep it flat; the flat -head self -attack screw can sink into the plane or exposed

5. Different force

The stress of the sediment self -attack screw is less than the flat -head self -attack screw

Materials, types, types of self -attack screws

As one of the extensive screws of self -attack screws, understanding the material and knowledge of self -attack screws can make us more handy when buying, and more effort.

1. Self -attack screw material

Self -attack screws are usually made of carbon steel and stainless steel. We should know the difference between the two.

Generally speaking, carbon steel self -attack screws do not specially add alloy elements, and stainless steel self -attack screws contain high alloy content. The difference is that carbon steel is easier to rust than stainless steel, but its price is far low. In stainless steel; the strength of carbon steel is higher than stainless steel, but the corrosion resistance is not as good as stainless steel. Therefore, it is said that there are advantages and disadvantages compared to the two.

2. Classification of self -attack screws

In addition to the classification of the above materials, self -attack screws can be divided into carbon steel self -attack screws and stainless steel self -attack screws. Self -attack screws can also be divided into shape and use function.

It can usually be divided into: cross header self -attack screws, plate head self -attack screws, cross -headed self -attack screws, drill tail self -attack screws, flat tail self -attack screws, sharp tail self -attack screws, triangular lock -type self -attack screws, etc. Essence

The following self -attack screws are mainly made of stainless steel:


1. Stainless steel diamond tail screw: stainless steel diamond tail screws, also known as self -attack and self -drill screws, can be divided into cross -headed stainless steel diamond tail screws, cross -shaped stainless steel diamond tail screws, etc.

2. Stainless steel cross -headed self -attack screws: The materials include SUS304 and SUS316, which are used to connect various profiles.

3. Self -attack screws of stainless steel cross head: No bottoming holes and attacking internal teeth are required when used, and it can be locked directly with tools. The cross -headed screws made of stainless steel materials. The thread is different from the general, and the tip of the head tip is large. After drilling into the substrate, there will be no dental dandruff.

Cross -headed self -attack screw

3. Buy self -attack screw material purchase

As described above, carbon steel self -attack screws and stainless steel self -attack screws have their own advantages and need to be purchased according to the situation.

If the budget is not large and there is no special requirements for the use time, you can choose a carbon steel self -attack screw; if you look at corrosion resistance, it is not easy to rust, etc., you can use stainless steel self -attack screws.

Different functions of self -attack screws are naturally different.

For example, the above -mentioned drilling tail self -attack screws are mostly used in the connection and fastening of color steel plates. The cross -headed self -attack screws can be used for metal and plastic connections. Cross -headed self -attack screws are often used for connections of various profiles.

The difference between the self -attack screw and the head of the header