What are the men’s leather shoes?


As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and saddles. A pair of fashionable and smooth leather shoes can make men’s charm to the extreme. From the birth of men’s leather shoes to the present, it has undergone the needs of consumers and changes in the environment. Men’s leather shoes have expanded from mainstream formal dressing leather shoes to multiple styles.


This article will introduce you to all kinds of men’s leather shoes, as well as good leather shoes branded by the corresponding style. I hope to give you a reference when you can buy leather shoes in the future


The first is the formal leather shoes suitable for official business occasions:

Oxford shoes

: Classic formal leather shoes, originated from the end of the 17th century. There is a saying that it has evolved from the boys’s uniform shoes popular in Oxford University. Oxford shoes have carved wing -like design on the head and sides of the shoe body. There are more than three holes of the upper, and fixing the rope with a strap. The overall shape is low -key and elegant, highlighting the classical British atmosphere.

Truffaut bright leather Oxford shoes

A very classic Oxford shoe design. Except for the soles, the rest are made of cowhide. The leather is soft and soft, showing a high -end shiny feeling. The overall version is retro with texture.

Derby shoes

: Compared to Oxford shoes, the tongue of Derby shoes will not be covered by lace, the tongue will be exposed, and the tongue and the upper use a leather. Derby shoes are highly flexible. First, open shoe plackets can adapt to most foot types. Second, it is not possible to use business leisure and travel.

VOLO Rhino Forms Derby Shoes


The 600 budget can start with men’s leather shoes brands, business formal clothes and leisure sports styles. The recommended Derby shoes are made of head layer cowhide. The leather is soft and comfortable, comfortable to wear, classic style, suitable for multiple formal business occasions , Office workers are worth starting


Mengke shoes

: At first, it was worn by monks, so it was also called monk shoes. There is no shoelaces on Mengke’s shoes. There is a large horizontal band and tower buckle on the upper on the upper. Generally, there are single tower buckles and double tower buckles. Daily matching jeans or formal dressing.


Thomwills handmade leather Pi Mengk shoes

High -end leather shoes brands, these pair of Mengke shoes are made of all -leather, and are fixed with inner stitching. The quality and craftsmanship are easy to see. The overall style design is retro fashion, which meets the needs of business men. The recent activity price is less than 1,000, you can consider starting.

Speaking of this, I have to mention Brock. Brock is not a kind of shoe type, but a semi -official -style upper carved decoration. Brock carved has four styles, which are all Bolock, half of Brock, and half of them. A quarter of Brock and long -wing Brock. General Oxford shoes and Derby shoes can be used as Brock carved.

ECCO Ai Brock Derby shoes

The upper is made of ECCO’s own craft cowhide, plus cushioning technology, which greatly improves the comfort of this pair of Derby shoes. The British -style Brock carved flower shows the charm of gentlemen, suitable for formal dressing such as marriage and business.

Daily leisure and small part can also cope with casual leather shoes on business occasions:


Lefu Shoes

: Most of them are flat or low -top shoes without shoelaces. In the spring and summer seasons, the design of no lining will make it very cool when wearing. The design without lacers is also convenient to wear and take off. It is even more versatile in dress. Wearing it, I still recommend Oxford shoes or Derby shoes.

Jinli Lai Laofu Shoes


Jinli Lai is a high -end leather shoes brand that has been in China for many years. The pupae of this Lefu shoe fit the foot type of Asians. It is made with the head layer of cowhide upper. It is comfortable and breathable, which is suitable for driving.


Moksin shoes

: Moksin shoes are the predecessor of Lefu’s shoes. It is a shoe that combines the upper and soles through hand -stitching. The flat shoes are comfortable to wear. Shoes are more fashionable and more suitable for fashion.

UGG casual Moksin shoes

A Moksin shoe with relatively good cost performance, the inner heels of the shoe use the silk feeling wool, the feet are very comfortable, the autumn and winter are not afraid of cold, the overall tailoring is very good, the shape is fashionable, and it looks good to match.

Chelsea boots


: The boots that began in the Victorian Equestrian Movement in the UK are a kind of boots without shoelaces. The round head is low heel. The side of the shoe is tight and tightened. It has its own rock. fire.

Shachi Chelsea boots

The classic style design, the black models look fashionable, the high -top and the inner fluff, the cold and warm, suitable for autumn and winter. The price of Shachi is still available in the mid -to -high -end brand, and the quality is OK.

Whether it is a style or a brand, we need to choose suitable leather shoes on different occasions. I hope my sharing can help you choose the leather shoes you want.