Is it possible to judge with a bag?


“Exquisite people, accessories are its extra points.


When I first saw a person, his bag, shoes, and even the belt around the waist were my observation object.

Fashionable girls are always picky. They can glance at it from up and down, and see the taste of this person and fashion smell. “


TV series “Thirty”

Recently, a drama has occupied the hot search, starring Tong Yao, Jiang Shuying, and Mao Xiaotong, “Only Thirty”.


Expressing three women with real life, Gu Jia, a rich wife with a very high Shang Shang, Wang Manni, a luxury gold medal Sales, and the workplace convenient for girl Zhong Xiaoqin.

The first wife circle party, the photo was cut in the photo

At the beginning of the story, Gu Jia was gathered with the rich wife with CHANEL. Because she did not have a Hermes bag, she was cut off when she took a photo. Platinum bag.

The second wife circle party, there is a place in the photo


In the second party, the wives discussed and tried the platinum bags she brought by her. In her subsequent photos, she began to have a place.

She compared this bag as a weapon, and was the knock on the door of the new world.


The first encounter between Wang Manni and Liang Zhengxian

And another Wang Manni, who managed to get the opportunity of the European European trip, spent a lot of money to buy a pair of discounted Roger Vivier high -heeled shoes, thus having a unmarried Liang Zhengxian.

We do not agree with the price far beyond our ability to exchange for a business card that does not match ourselves, but these two scenes express a certain side of real life:

People will improve their status and identity by using a bag, a pair of shoes, and even a humble accessory.

This is the case for women and men. On various occasions, how to choose to choose to make mistakes and win respect, it depends on whether your dress is suitable.

Before, we recommended Emporio Armani’s series of T -shirts “Boys with good -looking T -shirts, how can you be single this summer? “, I will recommend accessories to you today.


No matter you are

Business elite, street tide, or leisure sports model


… Various men’s shoes and men’s bags are the finishing touch of each male match.


Classbaged Bag+Love Shoes

In business communication, your dress is your second business card.

The package represents a person’s position in the workplace, and taking a good bag is a way to allow you to win respect as soon as possible.


The highest outbound in the workplace is the briefcase package. The combination of a suit suit and a briefcase is the standard for men in the workplace.

Suitable for attending business negotiations or various activities, giving people mature and stable style.

The briefcases often have a large capacity, and can be installed with various materials, as well as office computers.


The current briefcase is no longer the appearance of a rigid box in the past. It has a softer shape line, which can not only show your identity, but also bring a little male fashion while creating a business gentleman.



Armani crossbody briefcase

PVC leather material, lightweight, delicate and soft feel.

The low -key design reflects a sense of stability, but it is not dull. Each detail is very delicate. There are zipper bags inside and outside, which is especially suitable for business men to store important items.

It is also equipped with detachable shoulder straps, simple and atmospheric.

And in the summer to create a cool business man style, you can choose Lefu Shoes.

When attending business occasions, I went to the opportunity to play in Love.

Traditional leather shoes are too depressed and not fashionable enough. A pair of low -key loafers can wear a fresh summer freshness.

A generous and simple POLO or shirt, with a pair of loafers, is modern and fashionable, comfortable and simple.


Emporio Armani


Leather casual shoes

The design of one pedal makes you easy to wear and take off, and you will not be tired after wearing it for a long time.

The smooth lines, the selected high -quality cowhide material is very durable.


There are beam band design and brand logo on the slope, luxurious and exquisite, showing the charm of gentlemen.

Tide on the street

Shoulder mesengers+daddy shoes

Looking at the current fashion circle, the finishing touch of fashionable men’s wearing is the shoulder crossbody bag. More and more bloggers like to use cross -body bags to match the overall shape.


The size of the shoulder mesengers is moderate and can be installed, and the shape can be very varied, which fully meets all the requirements of the tide men.

Moreover, the messenger bag can make a particular sense of design. Whether it is retro, or a large logo model, or a PVC material, you can wear a messenger casually and casually. The whole person is trendy and handsome.

Cross -body bag

The large area of ​​Monography is fashionable and eye -catching. A bag is out of the street. The overall matching is simple and handsome, and a lot of points. Such boys walk on the street and walk on the road.


And to say that the most fashionable shoes today, what I think of is the daddy shoes. From a few years ago, it was still loved by all kinds of tide people.

Sports casual shoes


The characteristics of these “ugly, ugly and ugly” shoes are that it looks very bulky, the design is more complicated, and there are many sense of layering.


There are three types of black and white gray stitching design in color. Later, there is an increased effect, and the black part is also equipped with breathable mesh.

Although looking at “ugly”, it has become particularly fashionable and has a high effect.

Leisure sports

Backpack+small white shoes


Sports boys are generally wearing T -shirts and sweaters, giving people a simple and clean feeling.


It is free and free, full of sports vitality, it is convenient to install, and the shoulder bag is the most suitable.

It represents youth and freedom and has the effect of age reduction. With a sweater or T -shirt, it will be very stylish.

Backpacks are the most often photographed items in boys’ wardrobes. They can often see it in the gym, at the airport, and even in the office.



There are not many decorations in this backpack, and only a simple relief logo is embellished.

There are zipper bags in the inside and outside, which is convenient for storage.

It is also very suitable for traveling. It is super capable of large -capacity space, which is very suitable for taking short -distance travel. At the same time, it also maintains high value.

Backpacks can liberate your hands, and easily recessed the simple and casual fan in the summer, so that you can be so simple.

How can a boy who loves sports get a pair of small white shoes, and many people still love it so far.

As a basic model of every boy, it is very versatile. No matter what you are, no matter what you wear, you can control it well.

Emporio Armani fashion casual shoes


This little white shoes have a sense of casualness and fashion. The simple design, refreshing and clean, with a youthful atmosphere, comfortable and stylish on the top.

There are small holes in the toe, and it will not be stuffy in summer, comfortable and refreshing.


The above recommended items come from the famous Italian brand

Emporio Armani (Apelio Armani)


It is a sub -line brand specially designed for young people by Giorgio Armani.


In 1981, Emporio Armani was born, continuing the style of the main line brand. Tailoring, fabrics and workmanship are very particular. At the same time, it integrates the young style, synchronizes with fashion, and leads the trend.

Mr. Giorgio Armani said: “Emporio Armani allows me to have more opportunities to pursue interesting, modern and free designs, while still maintaining my own style.


Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani