Dong Xuan is getting more and more foreign, wearing double -breasted coats, and Martin boots are outstanding


Dong Xuan is the goddess in the minds of many people. Her looks belong to a very standard oriental beauty. The exquisite goose egg face is matched with a eye -catching facial features, which makes her through a kind of intellectual and generous charming temperament. In addition, the clothes she is wearing is also the object of many people. The double -breasted coat is matched with Martin boots to go out on the street, which is full of coolness.

Dong Xuan’s styling analysis:

Double -breasted design -Increases handsomeness

Dong Xuan is getting more and more foreign, wearing double -breasted coats, and Martin boots are outstanding. The design of this coat on Dong Xuan has a very cool design effect, especially the double -breasted buckle of the placket part. The bright color design method is used to wear a clear contrast effect. At the same time The way of designing is more handsome than the design method of a single buckle, and it feels like a British style.

Basic color matching -simple and practical

Many girls are too sexy and fashionable in matching, so they often use those very dazzling colors when choosing colors, but in fact, the lower the low -key and simple color matching method for young ladies and sisters who really understand fashion matching Often the better it is.

Mid -short coat -reduce the sense of restrictions on height

For Oriental women, when wearing coats or long down jackets, the most worrying thing is because their figure is not tall enough to show the effect of unable to support. Dong Xuan tried the short and medium coats to reduce the sense of restrictions on the height of clothes with the design method of shortening clothes.



Small foot pants

Dong Xuan is paired with a slim -fitting black foot pants in the lower body. Basically, black is the best color of the thin effect. It is low -key and conventional, but the slim style is a bit high in designing the leg shape. If your leg type belongs to a slightly fat type, it is not suitable for wearing such slim -style pants.


Short Martin boots


Dong Xuan is paired with a pair of basic white short Martin boots on his feet. It is very low -key on the color of the body. The boots of the models show sufficient sense of sharpness, and it will not affect the comfort of wearing.

Other styling analysis of Dong Xuan:

Black and white skiper

The classic black and white match will not be outdated no matter when it is, and the adaptability to the occasion is very strong. Whether it is in daily leisure, in the workplace commuting, or during outdoor activities, there is no problem at all. Dong Xuan used a black -and -white skiing suit to wear a warm and comfortable matching effect. It looks like a girl with a gray knitted hat.

Black inside+light color coat

In the color matching of the body, you can wear different color matching effects through different shades of color. Basic black inside will be visually stable and low -key, practical and thinner effects They are very strong. The outside is paired with a light -colored coat. The color design of the inside and outside shallow color is used to wear the classic color matching effect.


Hooding sweater+light gray trench coat


The windbreaker or coat is a very common type of out -of -street matching items in autumn and winter matching. It can be comfortable and comfortable, and can wear enough comfort. Inspired, Dong Xuan was paired with a white hooded sweater in the trench coat. In color matching, she was both harmonious and lack of layering. At the same time, the sweater used a hooded style design method to design a few more comfort and age -reducing effect.

After the divorce of Dong Xuan, it became more and more foreign. You can’t see some exaggerated or personalized style on her body, but each set of foundations look chic and charming on her body.


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