What brand of PUMA Hummer brand is detailed


What brand is a leopard? I often see someone in dress or shoes is a leopard’s clothes. Many people don’t know what brand is this. In fact, it is a horse, English name PUMA, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction ~

What brand is a leopard?

Puma Horse.

PUMA is a famous sports brand. The shoes and apparel of PUMA are extremely welcomed by young people from all over the world in hip-hop doodle culture. At the same time, PUMA and Adidas are representatives of 1970 and Hip-hop culture in the 1980s.

For those who are unfamiliar with Hummer, it may be unclear, in general, we can go to Hummer official website to view, general Hummer sports shoes offer is 500, 600, and there are also 1000. The price range is around 500-1000.

But we can go to some well-known websites to buy, such as the famous shoe library, because all from the manufacturer directly, but it is online operation, so the cost is low, then the price will be affordable, and there are more discounts in the festival. At present, the price of the horses sneakers in the famous laminate is generally 149-1199. The price range is still relatively large. You can meet the needs of the people, people who like Hummer sports shoes can go to see.

PUMA Hummer Brand Introduction

Puma is a sports brand in Hummer, Germany. The founder of Puma and Adidas is a brother, and later, it will be brought together. Puma seems to be a brother. Puma’s style is a bit like Italy Kappa, compared to Adidas and Nike, the styles are traditional. PuMA is mainly selling clothes pants, and there is less shoes. But the price is not less than adidas and nike.

PUMA has the first line of appeal and influence worldwide. PUMA, accompanied by Wang Bibili into the Football Championship, accompanied tennis good hand Baker called the grass in Wenbun. Cooperate with the top athletes and constantly pursue the best sports equipments with the latest technology.

In 1948, the PUMA was founded by the founder Rudolf Dassler in the Herzogenaurach of Germany. In 1986, PUMA added to Munich and Frankfurt’s stock exchange.

一头豹子是什么牌子 puma彪马品牌详解

Nowadays, PUMA has 3,200 employees, with more than 80 countries export, 2003 company assets reached 1.2 billion euros. In decades, PUMA has been in the intersection of the sports community. In recent years, it has been more successful in combination of popular / sports, and jumps to one of young people’s favorite brands.