The personality of the “Tide Girl”, the khaki band+denim cropped pants, easily wear European and American style


The trend is not non -mainstream. It is necessary to make yourself more valuable to reflect your charm.


Fashionable wearing skills, not blindly follow the trend, but not to do it,

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Want to be a personality tide girl?

Fashion matching cannot be less.

Today I want to introduce a trendy and personalized match,

You can definitely make you stand out from many girls,

Be a shiny star.

If the clothing is just good -looking, it is enough to have a personality.

Khaki is very popular this year,

In our impression, khaki is often used in autumn and winter items, like a khaki trench coat.


In fact, Khaki summer single products are also fashionable,

Khaki camisole with a pair of nine -point jeans,

Then wear girls with only thin legs to look good, blue velvet pointed shoes,


Such a personality dress will definitely make you satisfied,

It is a word “tide”.

Khaki is a color between light yellow -brown and medium yellow brown. It belongs to one member of the earth color system. The color is very natural and comfortable. It is easy to set off the elegant side of women and improve the texture of the single product materials.

The khaki sling adopts a wide shoulder strap design, which is particularly age -reducing.

To coordinate the gentleness with the basic blue, it can set off a woman’s temperament, and can be controlled by commuting home.


Today’s trend is introduced here. I hope Xiaobian’s dressing skills can make everyone like it!

Those who like Xiaobian must remember to pay attention to Xiaobian. Only by learning more knowledge can we double the charm. As long as you learn to match each girl, you can be the most beautiful one!

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