What is the difference between Chinese and foreign men’s underwear?


Thank you for the fashion circle Gene-Bending (aimed at destroying the rigid gender character, ignoring the gender character of the gender character), and male makeup is not enough to make people a fuss. One day in the future, maybe your boyfriend’s underwear is more expensive and more expensive than you. Type.

Victoria’s secret? No, it is Victor’s secret

“Women can find any kind of underwear they want from countless shops or online stores, but underwear made for men is a cheap, tacky, and nothing unique thing.”

54 -year -old British Jules Parker issued the same complaints. The British “Independence” introduced that the car worker founded Moot Lingerie, a male underwear brand, combined the shape of the traditional male underwear with the patterns and fabrics of non -traditional underwear.

On the official website of Moot Lingerie, the muscular male model is wearing a Parisian (pleated p -duty skirt) and Stardust.

We have selected the only picture of less R -class on the brand’s official website

Parker acknowledged that the concept of “men’s underwear” is controversial. “Men have no such choice before, decorating themselves with special materials are considered unacceptable. This is absolute taboo. You can perforation on the skin, you can tattoo Shaver, but you must not mess with men’s underwear. “But the pursuit of” lace design, luxurious and beautiful men’s underwear “prompt him to learn clothing design from scratch. Parker spent four years in design. He ran to London for professional guidance, bargaining with Paris underwear exports, repeatedly changed the lingerie material and adjusting the size, and finally a “free and powerful” MOOT was born.


Even with the banner of “please yourself”, MOOT’s style is difficult to accept for most ordinary people, but today’s men’s requirements for underwear are no longer “10 pieces and two, sweat absorption and breathability” are so boring.

Ruishi interviewed the purchase habits of the underwear of young men between the aged 23-34 years in April last year. It was unexpected by the author. On average, everyone would buy new underwear every 4 months. In terms of underwear requirements, although comfortable is the mainstream, 14 respondents also mentioned external keywords such as “style”, “good -looking”, “sexy”. 13 respondents even said that they did not exclude to try more bolder panties.

The replacement frequency of men’s underwear no longer depends on the washing machine


Parker told the “Independence”, “The significance of MOOT’s existence lies in more choices. If some people feel better because they wear them, why not?”


Through pants may not be possible, how is plastic and hip lifting?

Men’s thongs may be limited, but which man will refuse to make himself more fit?


According to the research company Persistence, the global men’s underwear market will rush to $ 11 billion in 2020.

Due to the infiltration of sports and leisure style and technology to the entire clothing industry, more men hope that underwear can also bring a little black technology.

Of course not this kind of black technology

For example, the US men’s underwear brand Mack Weldon, which has received tens of millions of financing, is priced at $ 24-28 in his underwear. Although the price is slightly higher, the airline materials make the underwear in personal, deodorant, comfort and wearing durability It is better than Volkswagen’s brand. It has won many consumers. In the third year of the brand founding, the sales volume exceeded one million.

You can even wear it to practice pieces


On the other hand, men are increasingly described as their desire to the beautiful shape and projected them into the plastic demand for underwear.

The WWD report shows that in 2024, the global bodybuilding market will reach a scale of $ 6.4 billion. Although the current market main body is female shaping clothes, the market potential of male body shape clothes is huge. In an interview, the reality star Kim Kardashian hinted that his body -shaping brand SKIMS will launch a male bodybuilding product line. SPANX, a well -known American figure -shaping brand, launched the men’s product line in 2010, which has basically reached the level of women and men. SPANX’s men’s body -shaping products are all available from high waist, integrated, waist, and hip -lifting, and meet the needs of men on various occasions. Actor and host James Gorden rarely acknowledged that he was wearing Spanx all year round.

Model Demonstration SPANX’s hip lifting effect

The domestic bodybuilding market starts late, but it does not mean that men’s body -shaping clothes are not as promoted. What is worth buying on the website of the “Straight Male Edition” Xiaohong Book? There is an evaluation article of Haitao’s body clothes. The author purchased five sets of body clothes in different origin. More than 400 enthusiastic comments were received. The author said that he fancy the supporting effect of the shaping clothes on the waist, but the size of the body is important. The size of foreign brands is generally large, which is not suitable for Chinese men.


Source: What is worth buying @来 来 6362903999


So, what is the development of the local bodybuilding market? Open Taobao input male body shape clothes, four -digit monthly sales of products abound. The main product design is mainly vest, supplemented by waist style, and there are fewer in -one. In terms of product function, although there are “caffeine slimming” and “negative ion fabrics”, such as unpredictable elements, most of them are the routes of the macho model Before -after, and the comment area is also the dry text of the comments.

During the epidemic period, not only fitness equipment, but also bodybuilding clothes

From the perspective of price distribution, most consumers are still biased towards products of less than 100 yuan. This is still a certain gap with the pricing range of overseas brands. It shows that there is still a lot of room for upgrading the domestic bodybuilding market.

The women’s underwear market has begun to make articles in comfort, large size and functionality. Maybe more Chinese men can also find their own sexy underwear, whether it is flat angle or lace.

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