Women who know how to wear! The “small shirt” in autumn is enough, which is much better than wearing a dress


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Hi, I’m Xiaoju, continue our beautiful journey ~

Although the autumn season is dull from time to time, it is beautiful, and the temperature of not cold or hot is very comfortable. Even if you go out to play in this season, it will not be sweaty.

The color of the wearing of our travel can be a bit eye -catching, adding a touch of glory to the dull autumn, which also makes the whole person brilliant and pleasant. It is important to pay attention to the autumn style. You can wear a sense of advancement when you match.

The highest mirror item in autumn, it must be a small shirt, and the small shirt contains knitted sweaters, shirts, T -shirts …, if you want to use these items to match the style you want, you have to Take a little effort in style and matching skills.

The small shirts shared today are wearing simple and concise atmosphere, which is especially suitable for girls who like light cooked winds. It is easy to wear temperament and show femininity.

Printed shirt+pleated skirt:

In the autumn season, our wear should be thin, warm, warm, and temperament. Those too thick items should be taken out in early winter, otherwise it will look bloated.

The wide and loose version of the multi -color stitching small shirt is not limited to the body shape. It is suitable for all girls. This kind of small shirt is very good -looking, plus a solid color knitted cardigan to keep it warm and layered. In the bottom, we choose a pleated Tibetan blue skirt to match the elegance.


Shirt+half skirt:

Although it is autumn, the temperature is not so low. This kind of weather is most suitable to wear short sleeves. It is not too comfortable to blow through a breeze.


Pure white shirts make a five -point sleeve design. This season will not be cold on the body. The placket single buckle is easy to wear and increases the sense of fashion. Transfer, even a fat girl is very suitable. It is very elegant and age -reducing with a black skirt casually.


T -shirt+straight pants:

T -shirts, such as the season, are very high in the season. In autumn, we can use it to stack or base. In short, we can play a lot of tricks.

The pure white T -shirt version is simple and there is no extra decoration, which also determines its versatility. We can use a silk scarf to tie a small knot and wear it on the T -shirt. It is also very chic. Choose a khaki casual pants with the bottom, which gives people a sense of simple and luxurious high -level sense.

Bottom shirt+printed skirt:


In the autumn season, we can also prepare some autumn items in advance, so that it is not busy when it is cool.

The long -sleeved base shirt is the first choice for autumn and winter. Not only is wearing a good look, but also the bottom can also have a warmth effect. Even if it is in winter, we can wear down jackets. In the current season Fortunately.

Card sweater+bottom shirt:

It is also necessary to prepare a knitted cardigan in autumn. If you need to ride a bike to work every day like me, then the cardigan can play a role. It is very good to wear in the morning and evening.

The shallow khaki knitted cardigan clothes are simple and atmospheric, and the pure knitted material gives the cardigan a high -level sense. The light is very atmospheric visually. The bottom shirt is fashionable and thin, especially suitable for small and light sisters.


In autumn, we can also prepare a small suit. Many sisters like it very much, not only because it is versatile, but also because it can give us too much formula.


Small suit+suspender, small suit+T -shirt, small suit+shirt, small suit+dress … no matter how we match the solid small suit, it is not easy to make mistakes.


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