The housewives of Japanese housewives are not bad, tie non -broken, and high -temperature resistance.


No one wants to have double old hands

But laundry/dishes/cooking/cleaning …


It’s a reality that we can’t escape in the life

Washing clothes/dishes/brushing the pan with hands white and peeling

There is also the effort to brush the toilet and wipe the ground

The palm of the palm was rubbed out of yellow cocoons, and the nails became more and more bald

Various cleaning agents are corroded and burned with both hands


Sleepler hands become rough, old, short and thick


We all have the consciousness of doing housework and wearing gloves

But all kinds of inferior gloves are either holding hands and leking

Either wearing it like a prosthetic limb to work


Some can also touch white chemical powder on the surface

There is also a pungent smell! Throw them away!

It’s not that there are no good gloves, it is you haven’t encountered it yet!


Xiaobian will be recommended to you now



Sanity housework gloves in Japan

Not bad

As well as


High temperature resistance

Food -level certification

Japanese housewife cooking and laundry wearing it

No wonder they are familiar with their families every day, and their hands are so delicate

In addition to being able to hold hands, the face value is also super high

Top quality violence test

Ordinary gloves were accidentally leaked as soon as they were accidentally tied

To test Sanity gloves

Anti -violence

Xiaobian is going to

“Violent Test”

Don’t imitate it


When you take pineapple hands with bare hands, you are jumping up

Put on

Sanity glove

Papa a few times

No burrs at all



Is the pineapple thorns not sharp enough? Tie

It looked painful, but I didn’t miss it at all!

It is impossible to happen by the gloves by accident

Are you afraid of cutting your hands when cutting vegetables? Put on Sanity armor

Put the cucumber and put it hard with a big kitchen knife!

Gloves! send! none! hurt! Intersection


There are big watermelons around

Come and cut

It’s so stable ~ It’s not bad!

Violence index upgrade

The radish is here too!

The radish is too hard, and the knife can’t be pulled down anymore

The gloves are not damaged at all!

Editor begging for a male colleague to contribute his own hand

Press the kitchen knife and chop apple on hand

“Human Meat Test”

Bill! Harmful! It’s! My Sanity glove

△ Dangerous action, do not imitate △

Test a lap of Sanity gloves in a cut and Zha

Full water

Later it actually

Not leak at all

You said qi (li) people (hai) no ~

The bear children later


Broken glass

Wear Sanity gloves

Pick up glass

Don’t be afraid of scratching your hands

, Full sense of security



Strong toughness, super durable

It’s not bad for a lifetime, you don’t leave it!


Show at will

, Instant recovery,

Non -deformation

Sanity gloves resistant

High temperature is 120 ℃

Low temperature -20 ℃

Put in boiling water and cook no problem

Don’t be afraid of hotness, not afraid of being collapsed by oil!


Tinto material is extremely anti -acid and alkali



Xiaobian’s Cleaning Auntie also changed it to it

Daily contact with various cleaning agents and disinfection agents

These are the comparison of two gloves after 3 months

Green Healthy Food Certification


Each gloves go through strict scientific production processes


Degradable environmental protection Ding Ying material material

Non -toxic

Non -harmful add

, Can directly contact the food





It’s not bulky at all

It’s not like traditional rubber gloves at all, don’t be bored

Transparent, you can see the movement in the hand inside

Perfectly fit the hand, does not affect the hand activity at all

After multinational quality inspection institutions

FDA food grade certification


Rest assured of noodles, Taomi, and washing vegetables

Do not stick to your hands, save water, water, and trouble!

Do you eat crayfish and wear disposable gloves, or are you full of oil?

Because plastic gloves are all levels of macromolecules

Can’t stop the oil of small molecules at all!

And when the high temperature produces benzene, it hurts to the body

Wear Sanity gloves to eat crayfish clean and healthy!

With Sanity gloves

It seems that the rags are saved

Worried about it to clean it?



Flush with water

No dirty stains



Add cleaning agent, cleaner as new!


Never get yellow

There is no fading to talk about


Anti -slip design, stable grip

Ordinary gloves are slipped as soon as the detergent foam

And we Dai Sanity gloves take anything


The slippery live fish can’t escape our gloves!

It turned out to be full palm and fingers



Full of defense

Sliding particles

The quality is really touching ~


Put it on the plate

Plate is honest


Never slip


Xiao Bian also found a new skill

Wear Sanity gloves


Can still play mobile phones

Suddenly when washing dishes



Intersection Connected ~

Don’t delay playing games!

Sanity gloves are not only in

Best -selling in Japan

Everyone who has used it


Xiaobian sent to relatives, they all stomped their feet!

With the good -looking Sanity glove

Do not touch the water without touching your hands

Do not hurt your hands, do not exhaust your housework,

It turns out that you are not lazy, just because you don’t have it


large size

Oh, my husband can’t escape

Business Cooperation


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