Give up your boots! In 2022, this “3” shoes are popular in spring, and there are Fan’er


The end of 2021 has ushered in the end of the year, and it is coming in 2022. It is said that it is deep winter, but the area of ​​Guangdong and Fujian seems to have not yet entered the winter.

I believe many southerners are thinking about what should be worn in spring? Should I be tired after wearing a few months of boots? Today, I will recommend the shoes that can be worn in 3 pairs of spring.

Friends in the north should not rush to walk. To understand the trend in advance, you can make you more accurate and fashionable. Interested babies follow the steps of Xiaobian, let’s watch it together ~

First pair: Lefu Shoes


Lefu’s shoes are a pair of light leather shoes, and a pair of high -style items with British -style style. It is suitable for girls’ style and commute style. It is strong.


【Leafa Shoes Popular Trends】

1. Fashionable and thick bottom

From the popular trend of loafers, the thick-bottomed models are the top of the list, but they must pay attention to a “degree” in any century. Even if it is a thick-bottomed style, it must be controlled at 3-5cm. It will not make the pieces of Lefu’s shoes too big.

2. Classic solid color


: Black is obviously the most classic color of Lefu’s shoes. Black as colorless color, versatile is no doubt. The current loafers are still popular in the shoe body design metal mouth, and it is matched with black. It is expensive.


In fact, Lefu’s shoes have also been popular for nearly a century. It is also a fashion item of “grandma level”. Brown just conforms to the retro feeling of Lefu’s shoes.


3. Switching model

Generally, the basic colors are spliced ​​between the basic colors to form the color of the shoe body. Compared with pure colors, the color matching does have a more eye -catching effect. The high -level sense of the shoe body.


[Socks make Love shoes more outstanding]

<1> Pay attention to the choice and matching of socks

① Choose the basic color socks


Although socks are small -area items, it is particularly coordinated for matching. It is obvious that the coordination of basic color is better. White socks and black socks can restore the high -level sense of Lefu shoes and more fashionable.

② The color of the socks can echo the single product on the body

When loafers with socks, you can use the color scheme to echo the color to echo the socks and other items on the body, which can create a more orderly dressing effect.

<2> Different socks created Lefu Shoes Different style

① The calf socks are more age -reducing, girls

Different socks also have different styles with Lefu shoes. Calf socks+loafers create campus style, and the overall shows the characteristics of age reduction.

② Sexy and women in stockings

Stockings with high heels are tacky, but with black silk, it shows a high -level and sexy atmosphere. It also makes the black silk dress more daily. I feel that the black silk is not warm enough. It can be replaced with solid pantyhose. Retro.

③ Basic stockings capable


Laifu shoes with basic sports long socks are suitable for wearing nine -point pants. The applicable scenario can be daily commuting and looks capable.

Second double: French grandma shoes

French -style items are often labeled with feminine, lazy, and expensive. This is the case for French grandma shoes. Its design is more retro, and it is also paired with feminine items.

[Guide to select French Grandma Shoes]

(1) How to choose a small man?


① sharp mouth, V head

The design of the V -shaped design in the dressing has a unified feature, that is, it has a sense of stretching and extension. This design characteristics have obvious effects on the small man.


② nude color


Nude colors fit the skin color. Using the design of low -heeled heels can also lengthen the leg lines. The nude color is characterized by mature and elegant, which can make the young people with young people wear more temperament.

③ medium and low heel


Is there any more direct direct design than the “Belt” design? If the small man wants to wear French grandma shoes, choose the low and medium heel style of the foundation, which is more natural and more suitable for daily walking.


(2) How to choose fat?


1. Black thin

If you have the characteristics of your feet with wide feet and feet, and you feel that wearing “single shoes” is too exposed to shortcomings, black feet with visual contraction effect can help “lose weight” quickly.

2. Little Ping head is tolerant

For more comfortable feet, you want to wear a more comfortable single shoes to wear experience. You can choose square head styles, better tolerance, and the retro feeling of flat heads is perfectly fitted with French grandma shoes, 1+1> 2.

[French grandma shoes heel workplace style single products]


1. French grandma shoes+shirt

Mature and elegant French grandma shoes are very suitable for workplace wear. Shirts+jeans+French grandma shoes.

2. French grandma shoes+suit


How can I wear a suit in the workplace? The combination of grandma’s shoes and suit items is a process of combining the mother MAN. The style is expensive and eye -catching.

Third double: canvas shoes

The age of like to wear canvas shoes is under 23 years old. Because canvas shoes are young and full of students, they are full of age reduction items, but some people think that it is not fashionable and evaluates polarization.


[Two pairs of canvas shoes]


1. Low foundation

The low -gang style is very basic. Converse’s low -top canvas shoes are very famous. Generally, it is a glue -sensitive toe -stitching canvas shoe body and strap design.


2. Neutral high gang

The high -gang canvas shoes extend the length of the shoe mouth on the basis of the low help. The difference between these two items is that high -gang canvas shoes are more neutral.

[The high guide for wearing canvas shoes]

1. Low -help canvas shoes should be matched with mopped pants


In fact, to be a editor, canvas shoes are still a very difficult items, especially low -top styles. It is easy to wear the feeling of unearthed gas. Try not to high -light legs or exposed ankles to wear low -help canvas shoes.

It is the right choice to choose mopped trousers with low -top canvas shoes. Use trousers to cover the shoe body, leaving only a rounded toe, and the effect of wear will be better.

But also pay attention to the length of the pants should not be too long, and the body can be covered, otherwise it will look sloppy and the view is not good.

2. High -gang exposed legs, nine -point pants


The high -gang canvas shoes are different. It does not want to “separate” with the legs as low as the low. Gang Gao makes it more fusion with the legs, so it is not embarrassing to expose the ankle.

With nine -point or exposed shorts, they have good legs, neat and casual wear effects.


The article is over here. I wonder if you finish reading this article and find your “first pair of shoes in spring”? Or do you still have better recommendations? Welcome to speak in the comment area.