Sakura girl loves underwear brand peach john special sale of 88 yuan year to start with a new bra


▲ PEACH JOHN is 4 % off under the discount of seasonal changes. (Photo / brand provided, the official website of the photography)

樱花妹最爱内衣牌PEACH JOHN年度特卖 88元入手新胸罩

Zhang Yan / Taipei Report

樱花妹最爱内衣牌PEACH JOHN年度特卖 88元入手新胸罩

Japanese super -popular underwear brand Peach John is a collective memory of cherry blossom girls. Even actress Aisha has revealed that we have wearing Peach John for 20 years, and every time I return to Tokyo, I will scan the goods in a special time. quantity. When the card had previously appeared on the stage, it also detonated the wave of queue. As the season changed, the annual discount season was held from now on, and NT $ 396 (about RMB 88) could start with new underwear.

樱花妹最爱内衣牌PEACH JOHN年度特卖 88元入手新胸罩

▲ Aisha revealed that wearing PEACH JOHN underwear for 20 years. (Photo / Data Photo / Zhang Yizhong)

PEACH JOHN currently has two stores in Taipei and Taichung, plus online stores, which can be easily started for women across Taiwan. The discount date is from now to 7/25. It can be bought with NT $ 396 (about RMB 88), and the lowest underwear can be bought with a minimum of 156 yuan (about 34 yuan), and the physical store limited 50 % off for limited products over 5 pieces, which is very favorable.

▲ Charming Angel’s eyelashes lace lined with bra, the original price is NT $ 990 (about 220 yuan), and special price NT $ 396 (about 88 yuan). (Photo / brand provided)

▲ Flower embroidery lace set of panties, the original price of NT $ 390 (about 86 yuan), special price NT $ 156 (about 34 yuan). (Photo / brand provided)

樱花妹最爱内衣牌PEACH JOHN年度特卖 88元入手新胸罩

Summer -necessary detachable shoulder strap underwear, Bra Top little cute underwear, sports underwear, pajamas, swimwear, etc., all have a discount of 40 % off. For example, the original price of 1,290 yuan, a dismantling T -shirt bra, a special price of 645 yuan (about RMB 143), saving half on the spot; the original price of 1,090 yuan (about RMB 243), a special price of 545 yuan (about RMB 121 It is also half saved; pajamas with a pajamas of 1,990 yuan (about RMB 443), special price of 796 yuan (about 171 yuan), saving 1,194 yuan (about RMB 266).

樱花妹最爱内衣牌PEACH JOHN年度特卖 88元入手新胸罩

▲ Low -key luxury lace shoulder strap, demolition T -shirt bra, original price NT $ 1,290 (about 287 yuan), special price NT $ 645 (about 143 yuan). (Photo / brand provided)

▲ Sweet®by PJ Cherry Deep V bra, the original price NT $ 1,090 (about RMB 243), special price NT $ 545 (about 121 yuan). (Photo / brand provided)

樱花妹最爱内衣牌PEACH JOHN年度特卖 88元入手新胸罩

▲ PJ DAYS British embroidered chips, the original price of NT $ 990 (about RMB 220), special price NT $ 693 (about 154 yuan). (Photo / Copycover official website)

▲ Short vest of sexy web embroidery, the original price NT $ 1,690 (about RMB 376), and special price NT $ 1,014 (about RMB 226). (Photo / brand provided)