Peak “Menghu” flash 3 has just been launched! Handsome and cute


Recently, CNY sneakers have appeared in succession, especially domestic brands. These new year color matching brings pure Chinese charm, which is worthy of attention.

Peick Flash 3

Recently launched the theme of the Year of the Tiger

“Menghu” color scheme

, Now on the shelves for sale.

The shoe is presented with the iconic black and yellow color of the tiger, and the upper pattern also restores the tiger’s pattern.

The hot -melt part of the upper has black and yellow folding lines, as well as detailed design such as tiger eye.

匹克「萌虎」闪现 3 刚刚上架!又帅又可爱

Let this shoe look like a cartoon style, handsome and cute.

匹克「萌虎」闪现 3 刚刚上架!又帅又可爱

In terms of details, the upper fabric section uses a different three -dimensional pattern from the past to show a stronger texture.

The tongue also has the “Year of the Tiger” font, and there is also the “Yin” printing, and the theme of the year of the tiger.

In terms of shoes technology, the midsole is the dual density of lightweight pole technology + super magic bombs technology, which brings a moderate foot feeling.

匹克「萌虎」闪现 3 刚刚上架!又帅又可爱

With the carbon plate + TPU and the stable configuration, it brings sufficient stability.

匹克「萌虎」闪现 3 刚刚上架!又帅又可爱

The attitude flashes 3 are also adjusted in the shoe 楦, bringing a firmer package more than ever before.

It has now been released in the Porkon’s official flagship store, and the offer price is 699 yuan.

¥ 599 yuan

, Friends who like it can start.

Pyk flash 3 cute tiger

匹克「萌虎」闪现 3 刚刚上架!又帅又可爱

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匹克「萌虎」闪现 3 刚刚上架!又帅又可爱

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匹克「萌虎」闪现 3 刚刚上架!又帅又可爱

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