Actual combat!ANTA Anta Men’s Basketball Snepers 11431131 Amazon 192 yuan free shipping


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实战款!ANTA 安踏 男式 篮球鞋 11431131 亚马逊192元包邮

Anta is one of the most well -known professional sports brands in China. He is the official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee and creates professional sports equipment and prize uniforms for the Chinese Olympic athletes.Olympic athletes provide prizes and related sports equipment, and never stop is the spiritual goal of Anta and all sports athletes.Anta Anta men’s basketball shoes 11431131, the whole shoe body PP film fusion process, the shoe helper uses synthetic leather and breathable mesh melting splicing., The wild classic black and white and green color, there are also black and red color schemes.It is very suitable for professional basketball to wear.Currently Amazon 192 yuan free shipping, with a record low in history, the same Tmall merchant 210+

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