Glass door handle


It is also a big trouble for selling well.

I am my own small workshop, specializing in the production of glass door handles, mainly solid wood products.

Solid wood can be carved and put on the glass door is higher than the ordinary handle, sucking to the eye, making people look at the eyes.Many milk tea shops preferred solid wood handles, menica stores, hotels, schools, many stores preferred.The solid wood is also adapted to the cold weather in the north, and there is no freezing in winter.

Now many people have purchased a lot of people.We also connect several sellers who open online shops. I actually want to open the store, but every day is a pro-person to produce workmanship.There is no time to make promotion, I have been imagined … I didn’t do it.

For example, we batch to the store, 600 long 6 cm carved, one pay 90 yuan, they have a normal 160 yuan to 200 yuan to pay in the online store, the promotion is estimated to spend more money, the products are not common goods, there is a certain customerGroup, there is really a search to search.

I often read the headline, I want to try if there is a customer to come to me to buy [呲 呲] [呲 呲]