2.3T with a car tent, a new Bronco camping car, the appearance is better than the Wrangler hardcore


The Ford Bronco has been galloping in the hardcore SUV market for thirty years. With its hard -core shape and super off -road performance, it once became the most popular car in the United States. However, because Ford SUV is biased towards urbanization, Ford Bronco officially discontinued production in 1996. Now Ford has once again launched a new Ford Bronco. The car has a tough appearance comparable to Wrangler, and its excellent off -road ability has also attracted the attention of many consumers. But what we want to talk about today is not the ordinary version of Ford Bronco, but a concept car based on the Bronco model -a new Bronco Camping car.


In appearance, because the new Bronco camping car is built based on the four -door model of the Bronco off -road version, it still continues the design of the Bronco off -road version in the overall appearance. The round headlights and Bronco fonts are very retro. The tough body contour is somewhat similar to the familiar Jeep Wrangler. The overall is simple and tough. However, as a camping car, the new car has made certain changes in details and configurations, such as more capable all -terrain tires, black steel pre -production insurance, twisted tents, etc. Also hard assignment.


It is worth mentioning that this roof tent is also equipped with an exclusive telescopic boarding ladder, and the space is enough for two to rest. In addition, the refrigerator, cooking utensils, folding chairs, etc. are not absent, which can meet daily camping needs.

In the power section, the new Bronco camping car continues to be equipped with 2.3T ECOBOOST four -cylinder turbocharged engine with a maximum output of 270 hp and a peak torque of 420 N · m. The transmission system matches the 10 -speed automatic transmission and is equipped with a time -sharing four -wheel drive system. However, Bronco has two four -wheel drive systems. This new Bronco camping car will not be announced for the time being. As a reference, the basic version uses a dual -speed electrical control box; the high -end version adds the automatic mode on the basis of the basic version, which is a bit similar to the timely four -wheel drive, plus the DANA 44 Advantek overall rear bridge and the Dana Advantek differential device The front and rear electrical control differential locks are not underestimated.

In general, the new Bronco camping car increases more functionality and playability compared to ordinary models, and also provides Bronco’s users with a reference direction. The only regret is that the new car is temporarily missed by domestic consumers. What do you think about this?