The real Kuomintang female soldiers in the Liaoshen Campaign: Most of them only wear cloth shoes, and the female soldier female soldiers have boots to wear


Recently, some photos of the Kuomintang women’s soldiers during the Liaoning and Shenli campaign appeared on the Internet, and some also called “high value.” So in the real Liaoshe Battle in history, did the Kuomintang army serve in the Kuomintang army?


In the 1991 Classic of the Changying Factory, there is a shot in the Liaoshe Campaign of the Battle of the Battle: Our Army Swords Entering the Jinzhou Kuomintang Army Headquarters, a group of female soldiers are issuing reports. At this time, a national army The officer rushed in and murmured: “Paying a gun without a woman”, holding a submachine gun to the female reporters for a while, the female soldiers immediately fell down. This is the first time in the serious historical film that has appeared in the Liaoning and Shen Battle of the Chinese Army soldiers.

According to the 1946 American “LIFE” magazine, the U.S. Navy stationed in Qingdao received an order at the time demanding that a batch of women’s military leather boots to the Northeast battlefield to support the national army’s battle in the Northeast. It can be seen that at that time, the Kuomintang army did serve in the Kuomintang army at that time.


From the film, the Kuomintang female soldiers wore leather shoes without leather boots. Some of the “high -value” national women soldiers were wearing cotton shoes in the photo. Where did the high leather boots assisted by Americans went?

Zhao Anqi, who once served in the Northeast, has such a record in her memoir “The Diary of a Kuomintang Female Soldier”:


I heard that the leather boots assisted by Americans have arrived, and several of our female soldiers are very happy. After all, how extravagant it is to wear in the northeast of this ice and snow. But within a few days, the chief told us that the leather boots were not enough to support the front line troops. The next day I went to the cafeteria to dinner. I met a female soldier in the main room of the chief machine. They were very beautiful. The rank was not as high as me, but I wore a pair of new long leather boots on my feet- “I just posted it! You’ll you! Still wearing cotton shoes? “She smiled at me.

It can be seen that on the Northeast battlefield, there are indeed some Kuomintang female soldiers wearing high leather boots, but most of them are engaged in machines to work next to the chiefs, and most of the female soldiers on the front line are wearing cotton shoes. The origin of net red photos.


In November 1948, the Northeast Field Army won the victory of the Liaoning and Shen battle, and the Kuomintang Army’s elite was all wiped out. The Ministry of Defense of Nanjing is still having noisy for “who has lost the Northeast”, and it is destined to be defeated in the circulation of a pair of military leather boots.