“Legal and Order” actress voice: was partner Chris Nos


“Legal and Order” actor Zo I Lister Jones accuses her partner Chris Nos has inappropriate sexual behavior during shooting.

Jones on thinking in her instagram on Thursday: “Nos has a close to me, smelling my neck, whispered, ‘You smell it. Drunk, “Between shooting, he will drink 650 ml of beer under the table.”


Jones mentioned in social media: “Last week, my friend asked me what I thought about Nos, I am honest, I am shameful. I asked me why, I told friends that this man is sexual invaders. I My friend is shocked by my words, telling the truth, I am also. “

According to “Hollywood News”, Nos was accused of being invaded in two women in 2004 and 2015 on Thursday and 2015. Zozzi, 40-year-old, 22 years old in 2004, met Nos in a media company. Her front boss confirmed her statement, I was 49, Nos gave her voicemail. Zoy claims that there is one day Nos invited her to go to the swimming pool of the West Hollywood apartment. She went with a friend. Zoy claimed that Nos kissed her, then pulled her to himself, and took off her shorts and bikini hips, but also laughed at least to buy a set.

Lily of Lily, 31, said that in 2015, she met Nos in a NET in New York, when Nos was 60 years old, and she was 25 years old. She claimed that he was teasing her and invited her to go to a restaurant called Cantinori. When she came, the kitchen was critical, but they had a drink. Lily claims that Nos will invite her to go to his apartment. Later, Nos closed his trousers, forced her to carry out XX.

On Thursday, Nos issued a statement through his team to deny these allegations. “I have been absolutely mistaken for those who have encountered more than a few decades ago. These stories may happen 30 years or 30 – this is the bottom line I have not passed. These encounters are both sides Voluntary. We can’t even question the timing of these stories. I don’t know why they have turned out the water now, but I know that I didn’t infringe these women, “Nos wrote in the statement.