“Knitwear” first don’t be busy putting it away, put on the shoulders fashionable and windy, leading the new trend of spring and summer


Knitwear, delicate fabric, warm thermal insulation. In spring and autumn, it is particularly suitable for wearing items. Even in the cold winter, it can be worn as a base, keeping warm but not bloated. But in the summer, knitwear seemed to be really not worn. When the girls clean up the closet, they will also put away the knitwear.


Here I remind everyone that “knitwear” should not be busy put away first, and put on the shoulders fashionable and windy. It has already become the most trendy dressed template in spring and summer, colorful knitwear, decorating a beautiful mood, and leading a new trend.

New use of sweater -put on the shoulder


The satisfactory way of dressing has long been out. If you do n’t want to have merit, but you do n’t want to have a family, then you can wear clothes every day in a regular way. But if you are pursuing new and new humans in fashion and leading the trend, then don’t miss this way of dressing on your shoulders.

Fashion, gorgeous, colorful, publicity, personality, lively, these bright words are always so desirable. And how to create this gorgeous and fashionable dress is unpredictable for people to rack their brains. And putting sweaters on your shoulders, becoming the most direct way to fashion and gorgeous shapes.

Covered sweater color matching


Bright collision, gorgeous and lively


Knit sweater is not just a way, but also a combination. What we have to do is not just a movement, but the overall shape. The collision of the bright color system is more gorgeous and lively, blooming the summer breath, and special fashion.


Wearing a dark green sweater and putting bright yellow knitwear on the shoulders, bright, warm, lively, enthusiastic, wanton, and publicity, is the tone of this group of wearing. The collision of bright colors to create a more gorgeous and lively dress is really eye -catching.

Bright color embellishment, bright and elegant

The pure white system, although relatively high brightness, white system has no color color. With a green sweater, it is naturally bright and elegant. If you want to be refreshing, fashionable, easy -going, and gently, this color matching is not to be missed.

The color of the knitted sweater can be a warm bright color, but the overall clothing color is mainly minimalist white, which sets out a bright and elegant temperament. There is no rustic, no exaggeration, with peace in the low -key, but still fashionable.

Bright color complementary, high -level fashion

The combination of complementary colors is more likely to highlight the texture of the clothing. The so -called complementarity refers to the two color systems with a relatively long distance of the color version. Cement ash and Qingshui Blue are also relatively common complementary colors. These two colors are relatively high -level, so it is full of matching. Fashion and high -level sense.


The cement gray suit suit is handsome and advanced. Putting the clear water -blue sweater on the shoulders naturally form a three -dimensional sense, the visuality is higher, and the overall dressing is more fashionable and eye -catching.

The style of knit sweater


Lazy and comfortable, easy -going and gentle

Lazy comfort is a kind of life attitude, and it is also easy -going and gentle in dressing. Just like a loose suit, there is no sense of restraint on the body, but the only shortcoming is that the fashion is insufficient. At this time, it may be possible to put on a sweater on the shoulder, using the same color system, embellish the classic black stripes, with a easy -to -match, gentle, high -level and elegant atmosphere.

Exquisite and handsome, leisure and wind

Who can dislike exquisitely and handsome wear? The casual white T -shirt, the classic versatile small black pants, and the thin long trench coat are naturally a delicate and handsome match.


However, such a combination is a bit of a hard dead board, and the sweater is gently and soft on the shoulders. The beauty of leisure and wind has also been performed. A bit like a mix, but fashionable and elegant.


Advanced elegance, mild and well

Senior and elegant ways of dressing are naturally combined with black and white. The slim black top combines simple straight white pants, refreshing and advanced, showing an elegant and generous temperament.

The only shortcoming of this black and white color matching is that it is too stiff visually. The knitted sweater is embellished, putting on the shoulders to make the overall dress mild and more gentle, and it becomes particularly warm and generous.

High -level handsome, restrained and low -key

High -level and handsome wear is particularly common in the workplace style. The shirt of the work style, with a slim high -waist skirt, the color of the rice white and khaki color, is particularly high -level and handsome. Even the green pointed high -heeled shoes have become an embellishment.

Put the knitwear on the shoulders naturally, so that the high -end and handsome dress is more restrained and low -key. This beauty of convergence is more likely to exude tenderness in women’s hearts.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to choose a sweater in the summer? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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