At the time of birth, only two pounds. After 80 days of treatment, the Baby Baby ushered in Special Children’s Day


Source: News Morning News

June 1st, the Freshmen Department of Fudan University Affiliated Pediatric Hospital received photos from a 90 -year young couple from Wu Shan County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, and a simple text expressed the gratitude of “life and death”.

The baby “Tongtong” in the photo is a “super baby” in the premature infant industry. He has received 80 days of careful treatment and care at NICU in the pediatric hospital. For the “Tongtong” family, this is the first Children’s Day to experience the “body temperature” after the separation of the mother and baby.

The latest data from pediatric hospitals show that in recent years, the number of births/ultra -low birth weight (1500g) and pole/superpatient (32 weeks) of birth weight (birth weight <1500g) and pole/superpowered babies (32 weeks) 418 cases rose to 444 cases, of which the super premature babies within 24 to 28 weeks rose from 68 to 126 cases.

Cao Yun, director of the Freshman Department of the Pediatric Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, told reporters: “Parents who approach ‘Super Babies’, you will find that they are poor but they are not ordinary. Bringing the baby home after Liuyi is their common wish. “

Nicu outside: Parents are difficult, and they will not leave without giving up

In July last year, the “Tongtong” mother had to give birth due to the launch of the output of the motion for 28 weeks. When the baby is born, weighs only 1130g.

When they first arrived in Shanghai, their lives were very difficult. The child’s father is engaged in auto repair, his mother is in his own job, and is a precise poverty alleviation household in his hometown. The cost of rescue made the young couple at a loss.

Pocket Zhen’s “Tongtong” was actively rescued in NICU in Fudan Pediatric Hospital; besides NICU, listening to the professional advice of medical staff, the father of “Tongtong” accompanied the mother who ended up and night, there was only one belief every day, so that the baby could eat breast milk Essence

The “Tongtong” mother is responsible for pumping milk and rest at home every 2-3 hours every day. Dad is responsible for labeling the pumping milk, writing information, stored in the refrigerator, and helping the mother to record the pump milk log. In the early morning of the next day, put fresh breast milk in the breast milk ice bag and sent it to the hospital. After disinfecting it carefully, the breast milk was taken out to the nurse.

After 80 days of persistence, all this was seen by the medical staff at the Fudan Pediatric Hospital’s Freshman Hospital, which was deeply moved.

After 16 days of continuous mechanical breathing support, the breathing of “Tongtong” improved and stopped high -level mechanical ventilation. In order to allow the baby to slowly transition completely, the medical staff gives some nasal pipe oxygen to make the baby’s breathing less laborious, but they can also have the opportunity to exercise, and finally help the baby to successfully break through the first level of breathing within 45 days.

The “Tongtong” digestive system is not complete, and it is easy to feed not tolerance. Because the baby needs to breathe support, and the normal baby has the ability to suck from 32 weeks of pregnancy, at first, “Tongtong” accepts all acceptance Gastric tube feeding. At the beginning of the treatment, the nurse entered 0.5 ml of milk every 2 hours. After experiencing retention and feeding tolerance, the digestive system gradually improved. At this time, the “Tongtong” milk volume can reach 30 ml, which can achieve autonomous sucking.

After 80 days of careful treatment and care, “Tongtong” weighed 2.34kg when he was discharged. During the growth of growth, the latest weight reached 10.5kg.

Today, “Tongtong” can already sit steadily at the bedside at home, with a slightly cute face with baby fat, a healthy and pure smile.

Calling: Inject more love to the treatment of the crisis

Each year, about 5,000 newborn children from all over the country are treated, of which 5,000 children from all over the country are treated, of which 50%-60%.

Cao Yun, director of the Freshman Department of the Pediatric Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that among the premature infants, many “super babies” come from families with very difficult conditions across the country. Behind each baby, their parents have experienced a compassionate encounter. Some mothers are twins, some are older, and some can be pregnant because they have overcome difficulties because of their own diseases. It is really not easy for them to have a child, and “super babies” are even more precious. Therefore, these parents’ desire for treatment are strong, and they also inspire medical staff to inject more love and confidence into the process of treatment.

With the continuous improvement of the medical security system, the treatment of re -born again has been strongly supported by the government. With the support of the Shanghai Child Health Foundation, the public welfare investment of caring companies and caring people ensure clinical treatment. Among them, since the establishment of the Pigeon Premature Parents Medical Assistance Fund since the second half of last year, as of now, 16 premature babies have been cured at the neonatal department of Fudan University Pediatric Hospital. Among them, the youngest is only 24+6 weeks, and the lowest weight at the time of birth is only 720g. At present, the fastest -growing discharge of discharge is 2100g.

Medical staff suggested that from hospitalization to home care, it is a big turning process for babies and families. In order to allow babies to adapt to parents and mother’s care, let parents and mothers understand the baby’s care, learn to observe the baby, and please ask for the baby. The precautions for the family to learn how to take care of the baby and home parenting are also for the safety of each discharged baby.