Winter’s hair -warm style wear, fleece coat, how to match it can play by yourself


In winter, there are a lot of warm wear style, which is also very beautiful. The fleece coat is a good choice. The brown style, a little teddy bear style, thick and warm, it looks a little bloated, it looks a little bloated, it looks a little bloated. However, it is favored by many beautiful women. This beauty chooses a brown fleece coat, which looks very thick. It is paired with a dark gray tight jeans, a hairy nine -point pants leg, looks and personality, with a brown cotton slippers, It is not afraid of cold feet, and the beauties will match themselves, and they are full of casual style.


There are many different colors and styles of fleece coats, so you can match it yourself. If you like what style you like, you can try it. This can also make herself more interesting. The velvet and fluffy design will look warmer. The clothes are mainly on the calf belly. With a black flat leather boots, this simple match is also very beautiful and easy to imitate. Of course, more young girls like it. Such style, simple match, also set off the figure and wear a unique and stylish feeling.

There are also thin velvet coats. The choice of this beauty is a very thin style. Light pink is relatively rare. Winter is paired with light pink, which looks good. In winter, you can try it, and there will be different effects. It is paired with a pair of slim jeans, a pair of thick denim boots under the feet, a beige style, and a brown sole. , Winter matching can keep warm or show your body.


Fashion wearing, do not necessarily take the sexy route. According to the season, my own mood, and the style of trying to try, I can match it freely. This beauty wears a pink fleece coat, which looks thick and a bit fat. The effect, but the color is very beautiful. Wearing colors in winter will look more public. It is paired with light pink shirts, blue high -waisted denim trousers, pants feet, and a pair of black sneakers. There is no choice for leather boots or high heels. A jeans are more loose, and it will be better with sneakers.


We are always looking at how others match. Do you want to think about what style you are suitable? Do n’t think that winter is too cold, not suitable for matching, mainly because you do n’t choose the right clothing. Fashion is also very special. Many people are wearing now. A pair of blue tight jeans, paired with a pair of beige sneakers, is very simple to match. When shopping, it can also be very casual, but it is more exquisite with wearing. Not big.

时尚穿搭,需要培养,不同人对于时尚的理解不一样,有些人喜欢性感风格,有些人喜欢简约大气的风格,冬季搭配,最好还是以保暖为主,简约风格搭配,也不错,这位The beauty wears a pink fleece coat. Although the fleece style will look thicker and bloated, the warmth effect is very good. It is also the reason for many people. With a black boot Okay, it is very textured, and the overall matching looks simpler.