Explosion is coming! Prada triangle bag is recently hot


In the past two years, Prada

It is really real red with a triangular design item


From bags, shoes, to various small accessories! Intersection

Almost every category, as long as there are triangular elements, there will be an explosion ~

Even the world

The most fashionable star

We are also so fascinated by this design!

In their daily wear, the shadow of the PRADA triangle can always be seen.

Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Yang Mi, Liu Wen, Kim Kardashian

This is not enough. Prada has recently brought Spider -Man Dutch brother Tom Holland to shoot a new season of advertising blockbusters.

The image of the young man, fashionable and unattractive, and the feeling of Prada now can be said to be perfect ~

I saw it when I saw it before, and I felt that I was shining!

But if you want to say, which triangle element is the most grouped itself recently.

That must count on the men’s clothing show in the spring and summer of 2022, this

Green oversized canvas triangle bag



It’s really cool and beautiful! I like it myself!

But as mentioned earlier, the single products designed by Prada are all hot!


This green big triangle bag, I asked a lot of places for a long time, and I couldn’t buy it in advance. If you want to buy it now, you can only enter the Waiting List.


Taking advantage of it recently, today I will take you to learn about this in all aspects

Prada Triangle Bag triangle bag


The appearance of the Prada triangle is the same as its name Triangle.

S three -dimensional triangle design

It looks a bit like a small sandwich ~

It looks simple and neat, and it is very avant -garde. At first glance, people feel impressive!

Cai Xukun

In the middle of the bodies, the design of the same color label is used.

Not only gave a bag


, Full -dimensional LOGO also makes this bag look more modern and attitude!

I go out with such a three -dimensional packet with this daily back, which is enough to get eye -catching.


But it will not be too high -profile, so in fact, daily life

Very easy to control!


It belongs to the style of the shape, the upper body is very fashionable, and it will not be too exaggerated. This is just right.

And not only the bodies and positive logo are triangles. If you turn the bag to the side, you will find it.

Metal triangle label


This standard!

Such a small detail can be said to perfectly echo the design of the Prada triangle bag, giving a feeling of a triangle element running through the entire bag, which is very clever ~


Seeing this, I guess a lot of bags also found that this bag seems to have two different designs.

That’s right,

Prada has launched men and women very intimately this time

Two triangle bags

The size of the men’s models is slightly larger than the women’s models, and the details are a bit different.


However, they are actually quite close in terms of styling and concepts, so the bag itself is nothing


, Boys and girls are all right!


You can choose the one that is more suitable for you according to your daily needs and wear style ~

Overall, after I have been carrying a few days recently, I think the Prada triangle bag is very potential to become a bag in the cabinet that can highlight the personality, and at the same time, the use rate is also very high.

Daily bag

Let’s talk about





The bag is made of smooth leather. It feels very soft and smooth, but it will not be as delicate as the lambskin material, and it feels quite solid.

The overall seems to have angular and corner and attitude, but it will not be too strong.


He Chaolian


Its shoulder strap is a bit like Prada triple, and it also has the same

Small pocket


The decoration will make the whole bag look full of functional style and superb design!

Of course, this small pocket is not just decoration, in fact

Can put down a lip balm+a lipstick

I have to say that this detail is really the heart of a lot of girls, so that it will not appear in the bag to turn around and find the embarrassment of lipstick.

And small pockets can be taken down from the shoulder strap, and hang it alone on other bags as accessories!

I know that many people may usually be a bit rejected, because they are afraid of not pretending.


But I found that this bag has no such problem at all!


Its capacity is really much greater than expected. Except for the big iPhone, it is not a problem to put down 330ml of water!


Reference price: 18,500 cny

The shoulder straps of this bag are the same as many PRADA bags, which are also adjusted.

You can easily follow your preferences, easy

Switch different back methods

A total of 4 colors were launched in PRADA triangle bags

There are both classic black and white tones and dazzling colors.

But overall looks, there are now Prada’s trendy and cool temperament!

The four colors are equipped with a cool black shoulder strap!

Among them, what I recommend most, of course, still


In addition to because it is a color that has not been wrong for thousands of years, the black body, shoulder strap, and silver metal parts are well restored to the most classic Prada triangle standard color, which is especially cool!

Take a look at it everyday, you can show yourself inadvertently

Casual and chic

Personality, super fan!

If you have a lot of light clothes, you can actually consider the versatile and your own fairy.


This color bag is used with light -colored jackets or denim, which is particularly effective!

It looks full of handsome vitality, and it also has a trace of softness, which makes people look particularly good.

After watching the women’s model, let’s take a look again



In ~ ~

Not the same as the women’s model, the men’s bag body is adopted

Saffiano Cuir leather

In fact, everyone is very familiar, and it is also an upgraded version of Prada’s super famous material Saffiano leather!

Therefore, the men’s models will be more stiff than the women’s models, and the overall sense of movement will be full of young models.


The most important point is that Saffiano’s cortex is particularly durable, so you don’t need to take care of your daily backs. It is very worry -free!


Reference price: 19,600 CNY

Its shoulder straps also removed the decoration of small pockets and changed to canvas design.


Part of the backbone background color will change with the color of the body. Re -use

Contrasting woven

The technique of incorporating the large Prada Logo into the shoulder strap, it looks like a kind of collage, the unity is very good!

To be honest, men’s messenger bags usually have more square bags.

So the small shoulder bag of the triangle design looks particularly different.


Not only is it tough enough, the boy’s back is particularly reasonable, but one upper body will make people feel that the bag owner


The bag!

Li Zhongshuo


And men’s models are larger than women’s models, so


The capacity is also greater

It is okay to install 550ml of water ~ mobile phones, card bags, sunglasses, etc. that are used daily can be easily installed.

Men’s Prada triangle bag

Color selection is also very rich, like



I like this very much!

In particular, boys may usually have more black bags. If you want to order different, you can try the yellow of this bag!

It is really better than expected, and the upper body is very fashionable and dazzling, full of youth.

in addition


It is also a pretty good choice.

It is not the same as other green, this green is more rich, giving people a very strong impression.

Like the upcoming spring and summer, it is especially suitable.

Alright, the new Prada triangle bag, I will introduce it here today!

Women’s models, which one do you prefer?

Which one do you like best in the Prada triangle bag? What do you have started with PRADA items with triangular elements?

Tell me in the message below!