Bai Baihe wears a large broadcast, the pink top looks good for age reduction


Bai Baihe is wearing a large broadcast, and the basic elements can also wear very high -level beauty, very good. Bai Baihe, the basic look, is very delicate. Mom can still maintain aesthetics


Girls will change greatly after marriage before marriage, just like the mother played in Bai Baihe’s drama. After pregnancy, we will be promoted to mum without preparing to form a great one on our dreams and children. Turning


If you like or dislike, you have to accept your own sting, accept your unwillingness and the hard work of bringing children. In fact, we can also write the character settings in Bai Baihe’s drama. In a certain time, find the value of yourself

From the new step into the society, we know from the temperament and the new knowledge and ability to know yourself. From changing the more things in the middle school, the setting in Bai Baihe’s drama is like seeing the original self, and I am also one step at a time. , Go alone


Girls should maintain their own temperament whether they are before or after marriage. They start to work hard. Even the mother -in -law’s mother must maintain her figure and temperament. temperament

And unique charm, pink with basic denim, plus some exquisite hairstyles, you can feel a very strong temperament, it looks really good, from the workplace to full -time mothers, or full -time mothers to the full -time mother to the time The change of mother in the workplace, which state do you prefer you

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