Cool summer | Who said that the skiing suit is overwhelming the last straw of the beauties, don’t be so earthy!


Fashion has never had a boundary. So, skiing full of adventure spirit and professional skills is also fashionable! But it is regrettable that the appearance of the professional skiwear is simply a fashion killer. The uniform style and monotonous fluorescent color always make you change the passenger in one second.

“First Fashion” takes you to Dimito, the most tide outdoor sports shop in South Korea to see the most designed skiwear in South Korea.

Li Zhouhui is the youngest fashion cross -border designer in South Korea and a fashionable celebrity in the Korean singles skiing circle. The reason for this super popularity is because every skateboard he used during skiing was made by him, and the ski clothes hearing every time he skied would never be heavy.

Personalized skateboarding and skiing clothes can increase skiing. However, a fashion ski suit function is not just a little bit.

In South Korea, skiing is the most romantic national movement. Many men and women in love are the first time here.

It is not easy to wear skiing to leave the best first impression on the male god. For girls, how to choose skiing clothes to turn back and explode, we let the designer call for supermodels to match a set of shapes!

清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

The designer chose a bright red and blue -blue ski suit. The simple and sharp tailoring and fashionable stitching can be worn everyday.

清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

The biggest feature of the Dimito ski clothing is its lightness, because the ski clothing here uses the latest developed technology fabric, that is, heating and breathability, and it does not look bloated. The lines of the waist are just right, and the bright color of the large area can make the skin tone more fair. Wearing such a thin and fashionable ski clothing to the ski resort can definitely grasp the male god’s eyes firmly.

With this call, our program team has a new problem to designer Ziu Hui, which is to match a set of couples for the call of the call. However, this time, it is necessary to add enough!

We have prepared three items with Chinese elements. They are the red dance fans of the aunt of the square dance, the eight -corner Pa Pa of the national dance props, and the must -have items for the hometown of fish and rice. What the designer wants to do is to pick out one of these three items, and dress up for the call for ski clothing.

Since it is a boyfriend’s dress, the designer really chose the most masculine character.

清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

As a boy in a couple, it is naturally echoing with girls. The same sense of light stitching makes the two clothes more common, and the khaki and dark green complement the Chinese style. Girls dress up the rainbow -colored goggles, while boys dress is simple blue. Is it satisfactory to such a cold and stylish boyfriend dress?

清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

Whether the girls have a boyfriend, if you are still wearing bloated ski clothes, it is destined to be single for a lifetime. If you want to summarize the trick of selecting fashion ski clothing in this issue, then the thin, contrasting color and simplicity of the three keywords, do not forget. Girls, quickly put down the remote control, take advantage of the wave of summer and anti -season promotion, add the coolest skiing suit hello New Me!

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清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

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清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

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清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

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清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

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清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!


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清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

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清凉一夏 | 谁说滑雪服是压倒美女最后一根稻草 别那么土啦!

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