Which one is strong? Four heating water cup depth horizontal evaluation comparison


With the quietness of winter, it is a happy thing to drink a cup of warm white boiled water anytime, anywhere. Especially for girls, they are more sensitive to decreased temperature. Although the ordinary thermal insulation cup can also heat up for a while, if it takes a long time, one is that the water will slowly cool down, and the other is that it is gone after drinking. Therefore, there are also products such as burning water cups on the market. No matter where they go, users can use it to burn water, and drink hot water to drink anytime, anywhere according to the set temperature, and it is more convenient to carry. Replace the presence of the thermal insulation cup.


So he was commissioned by the wife of the family at home to buy a portable water cup that can be portable. In a rigorous and responsible attitude (in fact, he was afraid of not being united with his wife’s intentions), I bought the four burn cups with high sales on the market for In contrast, this article will share my experience and comparison results with everyone.

As a rigorous science and engineering boy, logic and rules cannot be chaotic. So I organized the comparison aspects into the following thinking map, analyzing and evaluating the four products.

Face value

After all, it is for your wife, and the face value and texture are first of time. As a cup, the method of body material and opening and closing determines its face value and texture. So in this section, let’s compare these two aspects respectively.

Cup body material


From the perspective of the appearance of the Mo Fei Boiling Cup, whether it is the shape or the volume, it is the closest to the traditional thermal insulation cup. Although there is a little personality, the dark blue piano paint with 304 stainless steel cup material, the texture and touch texture are still good, and the dark appearance is more high -end.

Mo Fei’s cup lid design is also a little careful. The full mirror design can be used as a mirror for girls. This was well received by his wife.

Dong Ling and Mo Fei are the opposite, using the thin baseball stick design. The advantage is that the lady with a small hand is easier to hold, but the disadvantage is that the height of the cup is extended a lot. The cup body also uses 304 stainless steel, but the matte coating looks not as high -end as Mo Fei. Moreover, the decorative ring of the cup lid is made of plastic material, which is slightly cheap.


Fager is the most adorable of the four cups. The shape of the capsule should be liked by some girls. But boys may not be able to control. The cup body also uses the material of 304 stainless steel and piano paint, and the sense of grade is also very obvious. The golden cup lid became the finishing touch, and it looked full of retro.


The reason why Daewoo was put in the end is because its face value really made me like it. The capacity of 450ml is indeed the highest of four, but the square design makes it look more like a small home appliance at home, not a burn cup that can be carried with you. And it is the only cup of the four of them using plastic materials. However, this hidden handle is relatively novel, but after use, it feels that Daewoo is making a kettle instead of a water cup.


In summary, the highest value and texture of the four cups are Mo Fei and Fage. 304 stainless steel with piano paint, the grade is still good. Due to the use of scrub paint technology, Dong Ling was slightly cheap, and Daewoo was the most simple one of the four of them.

Opening and closing method

Among the four heating heating cups, Mo Fei, Dong Ling, and Fager have all used the traditional rotary opening and closing, which can ensure that the sealing is easy to operate. It is a relatively mature solution. Daewoo uses a buckle -type opening and closing method. As long as it rotates a certain position against the timing, the cup lid can be separated directly. It is true that Daewoo’s switching method is more convenient, but it also increases the risk of accidentally touching in the bag. In contrast, the traditional rotation is more secure.


Configuration parameter

This section of configuration parameters is mainly compared to the most important elements of a water -burning cup: temperature gear, inner orchid material, volume capacity, and rated voltage.


Temperature gear


The temperature gear of the Motori Cup uses a concave form and placed above the touch switch. There are four gears: 40 ° C, 55 ° C, 80 ° C and 100 ° C, respectively. It is clear that friends who have babies in the home must be clear. 40 ° C is suitable for the temperature for babies to soak milk. The other three gears can be used for coffee, tea and so on.


Dongling is equipped with three temperature gears, which are 45 ° C, 55 ° C, and 100 ° C, which lacks 80 ° C, which is often used to make tea. And the temperature logo uses a hidden design, and I can’t see it without looking carefully, which makes me a little anxious.

Fager also provides three temperature gears, which are 40 ° C, 55 ° C, and 100 ° C, but one thing I don’t understand is that since the design of the touch is the key to touch, why should you protrude a piece and the edge of the gap is still processed. It is very sloppy, making people think that it is a physical button, but the result can not be pressed, uncomfortable, and want to cry.


Daewoo recovered a city in the temperature gear. Use the LCD screen to display the temperature, intuitive and efficient, and the use range of 40 to 100 ° C in 13 sections is also wide.

Among the comparison of temperature gear, Daewoo wins in multiple sections of temperature adjustment, catering to the consumer psychology of “although you can’t use it, but you can’t”, and Mo Fei provides four practical temperature adjustment. Dongling and Fager have only three regulations, which are not provided for 80 degrees commonly used for tea.

Inner tendon material

Almost all the portable water cups on the market are made of stainless steel, which is a well -known thing. But if you look at it in depth, you will find that even if it is a consumption -grade stainless steel, there are many differences between different labels.

Dongling and Fager both use 304 stainless steel, which is also the most common configuration. There is nothing to say.

However, Mo Fei and Daewoo are more sincere in the ingredients of the biliary, using 316 food -grade stainless steel. As a medical -grade stainless steel 316, in order to ensure higher corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, compared with ordinary 304 stainless steel, the content of nickel and molybdenum is higher and it is safer to use. So in terms of the inner biliary material, Mo Fei and Daewoo wins.



Finally came to the most sensitive and intuitive topic of users: volume capacity. The volume determines how strong the user is willing to carry with them, and the capacity represents the practicality of a water -burning cup. However, everything cannot be perfected, and the volume and capacity will always stand on the opposite side. They can only urge each other to achieve the extreme, but they cannot compromise.

Mo Fei, Dong Ling and Fage all use the gold capacity of the water cup industry: 300ml. The so -called gold capacity is a balanced state in terms of volume and capacity. It can ensure that the volume is slender, does not take up space, and masters it in one hand, but also meets the user’s drinking water needs.


Daewoo may have different positioning, and it is self -reluctant whether the volume or weight. Of course, such a capacity brings a capacity to 450ml, and the price paid is difficult to master one hand, and it is inconvenient to carry and carry. Once again, it confirmed that Daewoo wanted to make a heating insulation pot instead of burning a cup.


Rated voltage


The rated voltage parameter becomes more and more important. Why do you say that? Because people’s living standards are constantly progressing, there will be more and more people who have money and travel abroad, not to mention the business trips of those foreign companies. Once you involve going abroad, you must pay attention to the rated voltage. We use 220V voltage in China, but the voltage of 110V is used in the United States and Japan. This has caused countries with a voltage of 110V to be unable to use 220V electrical appliances normally.


Mo Fei and Dong Ling both designed a multi-country general voltage of 100-240V. The resistance can be automatically adjusted according to the actual actual voltage of the local area to achieve the best working state.


Fage and Daewoo use the domestic standard 220V voltage. Therefore, Fage and Daewoo can only give up for users who have carried out their needs. You will never prepare another booster in order to use these two cups!

In terms of the four parameters of the comprehensive temperature gear, the inner orbinal material, volume capacity, and rated voltage, although the gear settings of Mofei are not as many as Daewoo, it is widening in level 316 stainless steel and 100 ~ 240V width voltage; and although Dongling, although Dongling It is also wide -voltage, but the 304 -level stainless steel has lowered the score. Fagge and Daewoo cannot be used in countries with a voltage of 110V, and Daewoo’s volume is really difficult to link with portable. So in this game, Mo Fei wins.

Actual experience


Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Now it’s time for the daily use of simulation life. This section also focuses on the four aspects that users often encounter daily: water -burning methods, sealing performance, thermal insulation duration, and multifunctionality.


There are generally two ways to burn the water in the electric cup. One is to directly burn water directly under the control method, because the cup body is designed with a pressure leakage structure, and the other must open the lid to burn water , But the boiling water itself is a very unsafe thing. Since the four cups evaluated today are explosive models, naturally they choose a more secure way to close the cover, but the specific effects are different.


On the basis of the boiling water, Mo Fei added a triple pressure design, and 70 petal -like ventilation holes were equipped on the cup lid. In this way, even if it is boiled, the cup lid will not have the problem of splashing.

Dong Ling also supports the boiling water, but the six ventilation holes on the top of the cup lid are a bit shabby compared to.

Fager’s design still gives people a feeling of “more than this”. When burning water, you need to press the button on the top of the cup to leak the ventilation holes to be pressed. After burning Cover the water. This is easy to make people forget to press the button to generate the risk of leakage.


Daewoo’s design is consistent with Mo Fei and Dong Ling. It also supports Guanlong boil water, providing 16 air -sized ventilation holes.

Judging from the comparison of water burning, Mo Fei must be better in terms of function to design.


Sealing performance

Needless to say the importance of sealing performance, you often go out in the bag and put it with computers and various other items. In case of water leakage loss, it will be large. And the sealing performance is also very intuitive. We pour 80%of the water for each cup to actually test their sealing performance.

First of all, look at Mo Fei and Dong Ling. From the above moving pictures, you can see that two cups will not cause water leakage anyway, and the sealing properties are very good.

Let’s look at the grid and Daewoo. The performance of Fager is not so satisfactory, and a small amount of water leakage will appear in the tilt state, which is a bit surprising. Daewoo’s sealing performance is good, but as mentioned just now, Daewoo uses a buckle design and placed in the bag under the collision of other items. It may occur by mistake. By then, it is not leakage, but floods.


From the perspective of sealing, Mo Fei and Dong Ling won. Faber leaks, and Daewoo has the risk of accidental opening, which is more suitable for use as a fixed -position kettle.

Preservation time


As a burn cup, the length of thermal insulation is also one of the basic functions of such products. Because there is no temperature measurement instrument that can measure high -temperature objects in the home, you can feel the insulation effect of the four cups from daily use habits. The four burn cups were permeated at 80 degrees of hot water when I went to work at 9 am, and then drank after get off work at 5:30 in the afternoon.

According to the official introduction of the four products, Mo Fei and Fager can provide 6 hours of insulation. When they go home, they are slightly warm when they drink, and Dongling can provide 8 hours of insulation, which is compared to the temperature of the two cups. It is slightly higher. Daewoo can only heat up to heat up, so the water in the cup is completely cold. It is not appropriate to carry Daewoo to carry, and it also proves that it is a kettle that can only be fixed.


Although the biggest function of the boiling water cup is to provide hot water anytime, anywhere, it is naturally good to expand its use scenario if it can be expanded. Let’s take a look at the features of the four burn cups.

First of all, when you look at Mo Fei, because the cup mouth is relatively large, you can achieve more stingy functions, such as cooking rice porridge, cooking eggs, sauce hot spring eggs, etc., which can be easily put in. And the large -scale direct benefit of the cup mouth is that when cleaning, you can put your hands directly into cleaning, which is fast and convenient.

The advantage of the big cup is easy to clean, and you can do some rice porridge and oats. It is very comfortable to drink a cup of strong rice porridge in the cold winter. It can be said to be a must -have item at the desk.

For me, the dark blue appearance is more in line with the aesthetics. I work a cup of green tea every day, which will also make me feel that the sense of life ritual has improved a lot.

The mouth of Dongling and Fager is a bit small. Even if a egg can not put in a egg, naturally it cannot achieve the function of cooking eggs, and it is not convenient to clean it. You can only use a brush to encounter stubborn stains. It will be laborious.


Daewoo’s large capacity and large cup mouth are finally exerting their own advantages. It also supports multi -functional operations such as rice porridge and eggs, and it is more convenient to clean. However, there is a gap between the control area panel and the cup body, which makes people worry about whether there will be water penetration in when they are cleaned.


After a detailed evaluation of the four roasting cups, I believe that everyone has a very clear understanding of them. In summary: Mo Fei’s face value is in place, the gear setting is reasonable, and the volume is convenient for supporting the general -purpose voltage of multiple countries. Trilateral leakage The use of pressure design and 316 medical -grade stainless steel has become the most balanced product of the four roasted cups;

Dong Ling’s unsatisfactory low -end is that the cup mouth is too narrow, and 304 stainless steel is used. The advantage is that it is longer in thermal insulation time;


Fagge tilted will leak water, so I will be excluded directly by me;


As I have always emphasized, it is a qualified insulation pot, which is more suitable for fixed positions, not a burn cup suitable for carrying with you.