The quality of Livez men’s jeans is not qualified, and the illegal income is 660,000 yuan


Surging News senior reporter Zou Juan

The Guangzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau was unqualified during the spot inspection. Levi ’s men’s jeans eat a ticket in Shanghai.

According to the national corporate credit information publicity system, on June 24, Levi ’s (Levis) affiliated company Lihui Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. added an administrative penalty. The reason for the punishment is to pretend to be qualified products for unqualified products in production and sales. The distributing men’s jeans were inspected by qualified inspection and testing agencies related to qualified inspection and inspection institutions.

Administrative penalty decision shows that men’s jeans with a batch number of 04511-3244 are distributed by Lihui Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Inspection, judgment is unqualified. The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Shanghai Jing’an District was investigated on the parties in accordance with the law on April 16, 2020.

The decision shows that the actual purchase amount of this “Levi’ s Levis “men’s jeans with 04511-3244 is judged to be unqualified. By the incident, the total sales amount was 1097265.17 yuan (including tax), and the sales profit was 664178.80 yuan. The parties confirm the above facts.

Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau said that the parties’ unqualified models (styles) of the “Levi’s Levis” men’s jeans with 04511-3244 violated Article 39 of the “Product Quality Law of the People’s Republic of China”. Sales products must not be mixed or adulterated, and they must not be charged with the truth, and they must be charged by the secondary. They must not be impersonated by unqualified products. “

The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Shanghai Jing’an District decided to order the unqualified products involved in the sales of Lihui Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the confiscation of illegal income of 664178.80 yuan.

According to the information of Tianyan Checai, Lihui Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established on March 28, 2005. The legal representative is yang jin with a registered capital of $ 30.4 million. The business scope is clothing, shoes, glasses (except for removal of contact lenses and care liquids), retail (operating in the restricted branch institution), import and export and commission agent (except auction), etc.

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