Crazy fried shoes business: 1499 yuan Li Ning turned to sell 80,000, net profit 60 times


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Business Guide: Stir -fried troops moved to domestic goods.

A pair of reference prices of 1499 yuan Li Ning’s shoes were fired to 50,000 yuan, or even higher. Some netizens commented that “shoes do not stir -fry” appealed this time to finally use the domestic goods field.

In the past, the limited editions of Nike and Adidas were fired at a high price. Some domestic brands such as Li Ning and Anta had a premium space, but the price was difficult to reach 10,000. In recent years, with the rise of the national tide, the field of beauty, clothing, sports shoes and other fields has appeared in the field of “self -improvement of domestic goods”.

Especially in March of this year, brand events such as H & M and Nike were fermented. Many young people began to take the initiative to wear “China Li Ning” and other domestic products brands. The wiring circle also smelled the wind, the speculators made the waves, and the circle was inquiring with who the domestic trend of Li Ning and other domestic products.

Among them, Li Ning’s “Wade Way 4” All -Star Silver White model price was rushed to 49999 yuan, creating a new high price of domestic products. Although many people think that there is no market in priceless, but some people with fried shoes told Tech Planet that they sold more than 50,000 prices, soaring 33 times, far exceeding the official price itself, even more, so that, in order to use it, so that, so that, in order to, so that, in order to use At 1499 yuan, the price started, sold to 80,000 yuan, and made more than 60 times net.

Regarding Li Ning’s shoes, on April 6, the official post of the obedient app responded that the price of such commodities was affected by the intention of the buyer and seller, and the platform did not participate in the pricing. At present, more than 20 sneakers have been removed from the shelves suspected of maliciously affecting the fluctuations in the price of commodities.

1 Stock 2 million yuan Li Ning shoes,

Sell ​​3 dual -limited edition net profit 130,000


Pour shoe trafficker, boss Wang

“Wade’s Way 4 All -Star Silver White”, fired on the Internet to 4,999 yuan, Li Ning’s limited edition shoes, I was fortunate to get 8 pairs, and the price was sold for more than 50,000 yuan.

Started more than 5,000 yuan, sold more than 50,000 yuan, and moved down, 10 times the net profit.

But I am not standing at the top of the shoe chain. As far as I know, some players started at 1499 yuan, sold to 80,000 yuan, and net profit of more than 60 times.

Many people are curious, why can a pair of domestic shoes beyond the value of the product itself be fired tens of thousands of yuan? Is there a real buyer? High -priced Li Ning shoes may be just priceless, is it just a collective behavior art performance of the shoe ring?

Frankly speaking, this limited -edition high -priced shoes will only buy shoe -controlled collection enthusiasts. The purpose of their purchases is not to be sold, but they just choose to buy high prices because of the collection value of shoes. The fun of rich people may scoff, but this world is a kind of spiritual belief: not selling nor wear, just put on the wall of the shoes.

We are not raising prices, but the goods itself belongs to a limited edition and has collection value. Our precise anchoring object is shoe control enthusiasts.

In fact, before the H & M incident, that is, two months ago, I stocked a batch of Li Ning series of Li Ning series worth more than 2 million yuan, which included 8 pairs of “Wade Ways 4 All -Star Silver White” that was fired to outrageous. Essence As of now, I have sold a total of 3 pairs for a total price of more than 50,000 yuan. Calculate, more than 130,000 small earnings.

If 2 million hoarding can be cleared, the final profit is about thirty or four00,000. But the rangers are the easiest to experience a ride -like mood.

On April 6, because of crazy fried shoes, the media was exposed, and some Li Ning shoes had been removed on the shelves. It is estimated that the shoe ring was strictly controlled.


Therefore, my current idea is that if anyone is willing to bid, even if anyone is willing to bid, even if anyone is willing to bid, I sell it.

Suddenly, people are sad, there is no 10,000 in a day. To make less is a loss, and less 10,000 yuan means a loss of 10,000. There are 5 pairs in my hand, which means losing 50,000, which is also common on my road of fried shoes.

The road of my shoes starts from college. I first entered the shoe ring. My “entrepreneurial” started the funds of tens of thousands of yuan. Entering the society really started entrepreneurship, less than tens of thousands, as many as millions of yuan, and then sold to dealers at the wholesale price. The business model can be understood as the difference in commodity. I have sold the most expensive pair of shoes. It is a Kobe signature AJ. I started with more than 30,000 and finally sold to 890,000 yuan.

In the shoe circle, I played the role of upstream suppliers and directly from the Li Ning factory. If the number of commodity circulation is the first -hand, I belong to the first -hand, and the merchants who purchase from me are second -hand and three -hand dealers.

Unless explosive shoes, normal Li Ning shoes, my profit space is one -third of the price of the shoe market. For example, I can earn one -third of the shoes priced at 478 yuan.


Except for a few limited edition shoes, I will sell the price directly to consumers. Generally, I will not sell shoes directly on the Internet, because it will destroy market rules and cannot destroy the brand’s dealer system. Two or three years ago, I entered the shoe ring, and the popular hot shoes on the market were AJ. The proportion of sales is 2/3, 1/3, respectively.

There are risks of hoarded shoes. The business model we live in can bring high premiums, but sometimes we need to bear the corresponding high risk. For example, Nike shoes are sold at the end, and I lose about 400,000.

Recently, Nike Adi, a stir -fried shoe ring, was unpopular, causing the relevant products to have a backlog, and Li Ning’s shoes ushered in explosive growth. The most intuitive manifestation is that the price of shoe prices has risen, and the number of people who take the initiative to buy me.

Before the H & M incident, my average monthly sales of Li Ning’s shoes were about 1,000 pairs. After the H & M incident, in less than a month, the sales of shoes have been doubled, and more than 2,000 pairs were sold. The price of shoes is naturally rising. Generally, shoes increased by 5%-10%, and Li Ning’s explosive women’s shoes with the best sales volume were sold for 300 yuan a year ago. Now it has been sold to 980 yuan. The purchase price has also been raised. The cost price of 260 yuan before, and now the purchase price has risen to 600 yuan.

How long will the wind pass? No one knows. But in the short term, the price of Li Ning’s shoes will rise.

2 From fans to shoe fans,

Making money is like “hitting the big luck”

Shoes investor, Wang Qiang

“Don’t ask, asking is love, love is rushing, rushing is over.” This is what we are popular in the shoe circle.

I watched “Slam Dunk” from an early age. I was a basketball fan and began to contact the sneakers since junior high school. Unlike the current online purchase, at that time, AJs were bought by offline stores. Generally, they were sold at the original price. There is no increase in price increases.

“Buy too much, it’s a expert”, I also changed from sneaker enthusiasts to sneakers investors.

A few years ago, the sneaker business is still a niche hobby. The main groups are basketball fans. Like our students, they usually conduct one -on -one transactions in post bar and QQ groups. At that time, the sneakers would be “monopolized” by the relatively large fried shoes group, and they could basically support the market. To put it simply, it is the low price to take away the shoes from the “small households”, and then the market will rise after a month, everyone can make money together.

Later, with a professional sneaker trading platform, shoes were like stocks and houses. They were used as trendy fashion to “fry”, and more and more people joined the fried shoes.

Coinciding with college and more time, I called a few friends in the class to stir up shoes together.

We mainly buy shoes in the store or online based on our judgments, and then sell them on the platform. Compared with the professional “dealer”, I am only a junior player. I just judge based on my only cognitive judgment. To put it bluntly, there is an ingredient of “hitting the big luck”, so I will inevitably encounter a loss business.

For example, last year’s joint models of OW and AJ4, according to the shoe circles, these shoes were only sold for 50,000 pairs worldwide. I noticed that it was sold offline and started at a price of 1599 yuan. At that time, I felt that it would be big. It was sold until 4,800 yuan, and it was already very satisfied at that time, and made more than 3,000 yuan.


However, it was unexpected that, within a few days after selling, Jay Chou and Kun Ling wore couples, and their shoes rose to more than 7,000. The most expensive shoe number is 47.5, and the price is nearly 20,000.

Later, I concluded that the wind direction of the market became fast, and I couldn’t figure out my own strength. The existing law is that this limited -edition joint model, plus star on the star, will become more and more popular, and the price will become higher and higher. If this situation is pre -judged, it will take a while, and sell it when the price rises to the highest point.

Recently, Li Ning’s shoes have become more and more popular. In my opinion, a large part of the reason is that Li Ning impacted the high -end sneaker market and sold some star limited models. At the same time, the brand signed a traffic star Xiao Zhan and brought the brand because the purchasing power of fans exceeded most people expected.

This is the case, and I didn’t follow the trend Li Ning.

First, it belongs to the off -season of the shoe circle in March and April, and the business will return in May and June. How far the national tide can go, it takes time to verify.

3 Faced with price -free domestic shoes,

Still choose to hoard Adi, Nike


Stocking participants, Zhang Li

“Don’t challenge your career with your hobbies.”

I have also played in the shoe circle for more than 3 years. I have met a lot of people. It is not surprising that Li Ning’s shoes have increased the price. Although many people now say that they want to resist Nike and Adi, the price has fallen 100-200 yuan , But now it has risen steadily, and sales are also rising. Instead, Li Ning and Anta, who are representatives of domestic goods, have not seen the rise, and the price is still virtual.

For example, open the “acquisition” app, you can see Li Ning and Adi’s Yeezy of the same price. Adi’s sales are higher than Li Ning. 2126 people purchased. In such an environment, Li Ning should be more popular. However, there is no situation of Li Ning’s sales rising. It is estimated that Li Ning’s price is not accepted by more consumers.

There are two types of people buying and speculating shoes in the secondary market. One is the person who wears it directly when you buy it. The other is to find a favorable chart and want to earn the difference, that is, the shoe dealer. This time, the price increase of Li Ning’s shoes is that the people with Li Ning shoes in the group pull the price at a high price. Basically, they are bought by people who speculate. , Prove that there is no market.

The people around me did not go to pick up these Li Ning’s shoes, and thought it was the rhythm of cutting leeks. Because domestic goods have not been able to reach the level of Adi and Nike in the short term, whether in marketing or brand. We have previously stocked Li Ning’s Koi series shoes, but the price has been broken and lost more than 30,000. I didn’t touch it. Instead, while Adi and Nike’s price cut off, we made a bottom -up, hoarding a large number of best -selling shoes such as Adi and Nike.

The Adi shoes I have recently stood up are still easy to shoot, indicating that the market is still inclined to these brands of shoes.

A friend around me also paid attention to Adi and Nike in Sanlitun. There are still many people who go in. Now the people who speculate on the shoes are waiting for the wind to increase the price. Now the price of Adi and Nike’s shoes will not fluctuate too much. big.

To be honest, because Li Ning’s distribution is not large, there will be priceless high -priced sneakers, which will make the buyers who are discouraged.

In addition, in the circle, Li Ning’s explosion is likely to be that the big guys in the industry are stir -frying. There are few shoes and clothes that have increased prices, and there are many rising ones. The goods in my hand basically rose 40 or 50 yuan, and those who had risen very powerful goods could not be grabbed at all. What was exploring the fire, SKR and other monitoring of the source of the sources of shoes were used.

There were some high profits before, but ordinary people could not grab it, and the big guys would not send this good thing. Some shoe -grabbing information issued in the group could not get on the car, because the circulation rate was too low, basically the circulation rate was too low, basically, basically, basically, basically, basically, basically, basically, basically, basically the circulation rate was too low. Basically, it was basically. It is good to make a small or two thousand for a month or two, plus damage.

Li Ning’s shoes rose so high. It is estimated that the big guy should be wool and let us fry together. I said a pit. Every time I have activities, those shoes have a sales volume in the first few days on the “gain”, and I can sell ten or eight a day. You feel that the sales volume is good. When you get it, you can’t sell it at all. , I can only sell the price, and I am busy. I guess someone has gained the repurchase and asked everyone to get in the car intentionally.

In short, for the current fiery situation, I think it is necessary to maintain rationality, and the turnover rate can be used. Do n’t stock up. How long can Li Ning ’s shoes be maintained? of.

I hope to take advantage of this opportunity, Li Ning, Anta and other Chinese goods can pay attention to the quality of brand propaganda and limited sneakers. From the perspective of long -term, whether it is fried shoes or shoes to buy shoes, some of them will transfer from Adi and Nike camps. come over.

4 A pair of shoes is about 20%premium,


Someone rely on “fried shoes” to income 100,000 a month

Sneeper trading platform staff, Zhao Cheng

Shoes did not imagine huge profits.

The sneakers themselves are circulating products. The higher the price, the worse the liquidity. In fact, the business needs to quickly return the funds. Many limited models, the average premium is around 20%. The limited -edition style of the brand’s annual sale will actually account for more than 5%of all new models. A large number of general models are actually the source of the brand’s profit.

More than 90%of the people participating in the sneakers are boys, and the post -90s and even post -95s are mostly from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Many boys who love to play are fascinated by high school, because they need to wear school uniforms at school. Only sneakers can show their personality, which can be called “social currency”.

Many people buy shoes purely because of their hobbies. Of course, more and more young people are keen to make pocket money through “moving bricks”. For example, someone went to the local Outlet to purchase, selling on the sneaker resale platform, and earning a difference.


Some people will treat trends and sneakers as a serious business and career. They need to have sufficient judgment on the trend, have precise insight into the market taste, and of course have business minds.

However, there are also mistakes when judging mistakes, such as the recent “death kiss” of Edison Chen’s name. The upper is made of transparent PVC. It is ugly and difficult to control. People who purchase high prices before sale are now lost. The risks are still very very risks. big.


Of course, many people may not pursue the trend at all, but they will also be interested in participating in the lottery of various limited -edition shoes, and they will turn their hands and sell them. They will also go to and other e -commerce platforms to register with Moutai.

The trend of sneakers is also one by one. For example, Dunk, which is very hot in the past two years, is actually a pair of skates, which has been on fire in a few years. Later, the extreme sports boom faded, and this skateboard shoes disappeared for more than ten years, and almost no one asked. However, the brand has seized the retro trend of recent years. Through various re -engraving, cooperation models, and limited editions, in China, through the star effects of Wang Yibo, this one has disappeared for more than ten years. Essence

Unlike the traditional e -commerce platform, the sneaker resale platform will open each transaction record to users to provide a decision reference. The fourth generation of Li Ning Wade, who has become the topic in the past two days, claims to have been fired to a pair of 450,000 yuan. In fact, it is priceless and no transaction records. The platform has a risk control system to identify and crack down on false transactions. If the price of a pair of sneakers fluctuates violently in a short period of time, the platform will also prompt users to consume rationally and place their orders with caution.

At present, the sales volume on the sneaker resale platform is still dominated by international brands. However, in recent years, local brands have indeed risen. For example, Vans and New Blanace have frequently cooperated with domestic brands and trendy stores in the past two years. The original design and quality of domestic goods are becoming more and more online, which really makes more and more young people proud.

Four or five hundred pairs of Li Ning shoes in 55 years,

As a specimen, rarely sells

Sneakers collection enthusiasts, Andy

In 2000, when I was in the middle of the exam, I bought a pair of Li Ning’s running shoes. At that time, Li Ning was a famous brand, which was not cheap. Since then, I have been paying attention to Li Ning, and I have also collected some publicity pages and gadgets around.

In 2006, Li Ning was released for the first time of the release of limited shoes. I spent more than 600 yuan in college and bought a pair of “Li Ning 001”. At that time, each pair of this shoe was numbered. I happened to buy 888 and was interviewed once. I bought the shoes according to the size of my feet 43 yards, and I found that Li Ning’s size was a small size at that time. If I couldn’t put it on, I would collect it.

In 15 years, I have collected four or five hundred pairs of Li Ning’s sneakers before and after, and there are clothing that can be traced back to the clothing that can be traced back to the Beijing Asian Games in the 1990s, including other peripheral toys, accessories, models, etc. Some time ago, I also received a few pairs of Li Ning sports socks in the 1990s. At that time, Li Ning’s outer packaging would also have the signature of Li Ning himself.

I should be the earliest fans who started collecting and focusing on Li Ning brand. In 2006, I made a Sina blog, and I wrote Li Ning if nothing happened. At that time, a group of friends who liked Li Ning all over the country gathered. At that time, I had a fan who was studying in high school, liked to draw Li Ning’s shoes with a pencil, and then sent it to me. I will post his hand -painted design on the blog. Now he is already a designer of Li Ning.


In 2007, Li Ning also established a official interactive community BBS. I am the first total moderator. Now Li Ning fans may have something to do with the seeds we were broadcasting that year. Slowly have brand cultural effects. After the community opened for two years, there were more than 50,000 users. In order to celebrate, Li Ning also designed a Li Ning 001 shoes belonging to the community.

In 2007, Li Ning designed a pair of Lei Feng models of Li Ning 001. This pair of shoes is very interesting, but because of Lei Feng’s portrait problem, he only made samples inside. After these shoes were exposed later, I was followed by the public, and I was always tracking. Later, they began to make the Lei Feng series. I used it for more than ten years and became the only person who collected all 5 versions.

I regard my collection as a specimen, and I feel that I can keep it, and I rarely sell it.

Recently, I saw Li Ning’s shoes soaring on the “gains” app. This incident is not unusual, nor has it appeared in the past two years. All brands have this situation. In essence, the supply and demand results of the buyers and sellers. The pair of “Wade 4” mentioned in the news is the all -star model. The number is not large. It is normal for a premium. Given things and NICE give young people who can chase both trends and make money. The financial attributes of sneakers are getting stronger and stronger.

Li Ning’s price increase is just an example, and it is just a psychological price that the seller thinks, hanging casually. If it is true love, you want to have a limited -edition item, don’t say 50,000, 100,000, this is the market, but this is a very small phenomenon after all.

For example, I have a pair of original Li Ning 001, which was originally the original, which was the first pair of sneakers of Li Ning, because the quality problems were destroyed. But I was very surprised to get a pair. These shoes had only one of the not comprehensive promotional photos. This time I found that it was the first time that everyone saw it. For me, the pricing is priceless.

For the old fans who have been buying a collection habit in a small 20 -year collection habit, Li Ning is angry. I am both happy and unhappy. It turns out that I bought Li Ning. The limited edition of 97 doubles can be placed on the shelf for more than a week. It is said that it will be available at 10 o’clock. I will definitely be able to buy it at 10 o’clock. For a collection person, this is a very happy thing. Essence But now it is different. Special styles are often difficult to find. However, although it affects my purchase, to some extent, the domestic brand that I like and recognize has been recognized by more people.

I like to buy year -round shoes, which is relatively rare or rare. I won’t buy a lot of tens of thousands of tens of thousands, or if you can’t buy it. If you ca n’t buy it, you ca n’t buy it. It ’s a pair of shoes. What can you buy?

(Remarks: The interviewees in the article are all pseudonyms.)

Author: Zhai Yuanyuan, Wang Huiying, Chen Qiaohui, Wang Lin, Li Xiaolei, Yang Xiaohe

Source: Tech Planet (ID: Tech618)

The article is an independent point of view of the author, owned by the original author and the original platform. Without authorization, it is not allowed to reprint.


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