I have blocked the knife for you, my life is dying, I cut half of the uterus, and there are, and the children are flowing off


He Qinghuan looked at the information sent by the detective expressionlessly. Jiang Tunan and Qiao Manzhi went in and out of the same hotel.

She sneered involuntarily, and the last flame in her heart went out. When she was painful, Jiang Tunan didn’t know where to be happy.

This is the truth of all things. In the eyes of Jiang Tunan, she really didn’t have a little weight!

She calmly called Jiang Tunan’s last phone call: “Now come to the yacht to come to me, I promise, this is the last time, and I will roll out your life thoroughly in the future, and I only hope that the landscape will not meet each other.”

Jiang Tunan narrowed her eyes slightly. Although the woman disappeared for a few days, he knew she would take the initiative to come to the door.

He grabbed his coat and went out. Although the yacht was his name, he actually bought it for He Qinghuan. They often went out to sea together and did some mosaic things.


He stepped on the yacht and no one was.

The soft arm was wrapped behind behind, and the woman’s face was deeply buried in his back, and the sound of empty sound was farewell: “You are here.”

Without talking, there is enough tacit understanding.

He dragged her in front of him and pressed it directly on the railing, kissed together like a tiger, and took off his clothes skillfully.

In the darkness, the stars are a little bit cool, and the sea breeze is slightly cool, as if not tired of being tired, and it is not enough to each other.

The two bumped into the cabin, He Qinghuan rode on Jiang Tunan, suddenly tied him up with a rope and tied to the armrest.

He earned and wanted to say something, but was blocked by her kiss: “In the last time, let’s play some fresh.”

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and always felt that there was something wrong. The woman was very enthusiastic, and it could even be said to bring tenderness, making it the same as the last time.

The woman squeezed his energy unknowingly, as if he had to use all his passion on his body, and finally lay softly on his body, spraying his breath on his throat knot.

He pulled the rope. This feeling of being unable to control the overall situation was really bad. He roared: “Loose me.” If he was empty, he had to make this arrogant woman a group of water.

She shook her head in accordance with the ground, reached out and dragged the air conditioner and covered two people, as if she was coquettish: “No, no, people are tired and don’t want to move at all.”

Soon, a woman’s smooth breathing came from her chest.

He simply closed his eyes, softened his stiff body, and gradually fell into a sleep.

He Qinghuan opened his eyes slowly, and there were fierce flames inside. Come on, let’s go with her.

She came down from Jiang Tunan lightly and took out his mobile phone. She wanted to come here in the name of Jiang Tunan.

She wore underwear, picked up a man’s loose white shirt on her body, stared silently at the endless night, and slowly clenched the dagger in her hand. This was the brother’s favorite cold weapon.

Qiao Manzhi soon arrived, and she came in jumping in: “Tu Nan, where are you?”

He Qinghuan’s body was trembling excitedly. The death of her brother and mother appeared in front of her eyes. Hate hated fermented in her body. She rushed over -Qiao Manzhi and accompanied me to hell.

Between light and shadow, the warm and sticky feeling covered her pale hands.

Time seems to be static, unlimited stretching.

The moonlight came out of the clouds, and the cold moonlight fell on the pale face of Jiangtu Nan Cang. The dagger was held in his hand. Qiao Manzhi was protected by him. Do you know what you are doing! “

He should be tied! He Qinghuan’s blood began to solidify, loosened the dagger, and his feet were soft, and he fell into Jiang Tunan’s arms. The despair spread from the bottom of his heart.

Jiang Tunan was relieved, reaching out and holding the woman’s body, his wrist turned, and the dagger held in his hand. He saw He Qinghuan’s strangeness, but it was to accompany her to play a show to see what she wanted to do!

Unexpectedly, this woman was so crazy!

He Qinghuan leaned in Jiang Tunan’s arms, staring at Qiao Manzhi, and suddenly pulled out another dagger from a wide shirt. Sorry, she also liked cold weapons, so she also had the collection-

She seemed to kill her eyes. When her brother was killed alive, she was only eighteen years old. Her mother jumped off the building with a huge guilt to her daughter! Qiao Manzhi, you damn it!

Qiao Manzhi looked at the dagger and kept approaching. She knew that she came to her, reaching out and holding He Qinghuan’s arm: “Tu Nan, be careful!”

At the same time, the dagger in Jiang Tunan’s hand did not hesitate to enter He Qinghuan’s body -this woman, she wanted to stab him!

He Qinghuan covered the wound and retreated. She just wanted to escape this ridiculous scene. Although her dagger pierced Qiao Manzhi’s body, she was not deep, not at all —

However, her lover, for her enemies, penetrated her skin with a cold dagger and drilled into her flesh.

Jiang Tunan, you know, in this position, I have blocked the knife for you, inflamed and infected, and my life is dying.

Now, in the same position, a dagger runs through her butterfly tattoos, which is like a sin.

She couldn’t feel pain, she just felt funny, tears seemed to be a broken bead, her life was like a tragedy plus joke!

Jiang Tu Nanzheng looked at Qiao Manzhi nervously and didn’t look at her.

She imagined that the ghost wandered like, and stepped on the air suddenly, fell into the sea from the yacht, the cold liquid came from all directions, and the blood color redd the surrounding colors.

For Qiao Manzhi, Jiang Tunan asked her to die.

This sea water is really cold.

Breathing was plundered, the brain gradually blurred, and many treasured memories flashed.

Jiang Tunan, have you remembered that you said that when you grow up, come and marry me.

The last starlight was broken from her eyes.

Jiang Tunan, I am fortunate to have met you.

He Qinghuan did not expect that Jiang Tunan even refused to die.

She was rescued, and she opened her eyes to see the arrest warrant. The Qiao family sued her for intentional injury, and finally sentenced to three years in prison.

The cold lawyer of Tongcheng was silent in his eyes. He never justified half of the sentence, like a walking dead.

He Qinghuan thought that she would die.

But she was pregnant.

It is Jiang Tunan’s child.

Her dead heart slowly woke up like a dead wood. Her life was empty, and she needed something too much to support it. She decided to give birth to the child.


If he was asked, what was the strongest wish for He Qinghuan in prison in prison, that is, with the child, living a stable life, he died as Jiang Tunan.

However, when she was really released from prison, the first thing she did was to investigate Jiang Tunan, and the second thing was to go to Jiang Tunan’s home.

In the three years when she squatted, Jiang Tunan and Qiao Manzhi had been engaged, but I didn’t know why, the wedding was dragged to her release one month after her release.

It’s really time she came out.

She heard that Jiang Tunanzhong had created a wedding dress worth even a city for Qiao Manzhi. She wanted to wear a wedding dress since she was a child. Now she has a chance. Of course, she has to try it.

On the upper body of the wedding dress, He Qinghuan stared at himself in the dressing mirror. If God had any preference for her, it was probably this face. In three years, she didn’t seem to leave any traces on it.

Just when she could see it, a anger came from behind her. “He Qinghuan!”

She was stiff, and the goosebumps rushed out. Through the dressing mirror, she could see the man’s suppressing anger, and she could tear her in half in minutes.

Her voice choked on her throat -long time no see, how are you?

Jiang Tunan held He Qinghuan’s arm and threw her in front of the dressing mirror: “What are you doing!”


He Qinghuan’s face was white and fled almost, but a tender face flashed in front of her eyes, and her eyes were firm, smiling like a smoke: “You.”

you. I come to do it · you.

Jiang Tu Nan suddenly held the woman’s fragile neck, and his eyes were all embarrassed: “Guess, I hate you how much in the past three years.”

This damn woman dares to come to his house when she is released from prison and wear a wedding dress he prepared for other women!

He Qinghuan did not doubt that Jiang Tunan really wanted to strangle her. She was still heartless, and her eyebrows were style: “Jiang Shao, I am here to help you, recently Tongcheng has made a wind and fire. It is said that you have been retributed too much, and the intercourse does not do it. You also know that I have just been released from prison. The bottom of the case is in trouble. Sleep with a man, or do you hire me to be your physical therapist? “

Jiang Tu Nan’s hands tightened and slowly lifted He Qinghuan. This woman really provoked him. Look at this seductive ability and did not retreat at all. Life is good.

He came to see her once, and saw her hooking up with other men.

He thought that if you closed it for two or three years, you could let this woman learn to be polite and honest. As a result, people who are shameless, you really can’t expect her to have a face!

He Qinghuan immediately couldn’t breathe, and desperately scratched the dressing mirror behind him. Her nails were broken. Her neck was so thin. Does Jiang Tu Nan really want to break?

At the moment she was about to die, he threw her away disgusted: “Take it off!”

She was lying on the ground and kept coughing, and the feeling of fear permeated her heart. If she really stayed with Jiang Tunan, she couldn’t live for a few days.

However, she couldn’t shrink back, she was so relieved that she was lying on the side: “Do you help me take off?”

Jiang Tunan hummed and turned straight to: “I took her!”

The bodyguard rushed up immediately, holding her hand, and when she took off her wedding dress, she was also furious.

Jiang Tunan stood on the second floor and clenched the railing calmly. It was so shy to take off his clothes in front of a group of men. He fell asleep for three years. He has always felt that he and He Qinghuan were just a matter of money to maintain money. If you love it, he must not afford his feelings for such a dirty and superficial woman.

“Throw it out!” He said calmly and closed the door of the study.

He Qinghuan came to the purpose of seduce Jiang Tunan. Her personal clothes were naturally sexy. She stood in front of Jiang Tunan’s door like this, and she was ashamed to find a hole in a hole. Unwilling to leave her.

To be continued

The title “Hao Jitong Kiss Love Yuan”


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Everyone was immediately cicada, watching the burning willow tree burned, which was much shocking than bending the spoon with brain power.

“Very good. Everyone is a smart person. Don’t ask, don’t say what you should say, obey the command and listen to the command, and now everyone will board the leader.” Cao Shuang instructed.

This is the first time Li Xiaokeng has taken a plane. The otaku usually does not go out very much. Where can he take any plane?

Unexpectedly, I made fighter jets on a plane for the first time, and it was not an ordinary fighter.

The steady take -off and the incredible speed made Li Xiaokei’s envy. He once again shocked the rich and powerful, and he was determined to engage in such an aircraft. At least, he walked from such an aircraft. When you come down, you don’t need to ask the value! Must be full!

More than an hour later, four such planes landed between a quiet and mysterious mountain, and there were more than a dozen similar aircraft on the valley platform.

Obviously, it is not the Magic Kitchen God School who participated in this mysterious task. Looking at this posture, I am afraid that all the students with a brain value of Huaxia will come to participate.

Listening to Professor Xu Bowen said that it is the tomb of the kitchen god, will a kitchen holy god tomb attract so many masters?

In fact, Li Xiaokeng has a lot of questions, but unfortunately he couldn’t ask. After all, Cao Shuang had already banned the order, and he didn’t want to be burned.

Cao Shuang issued a ban. Other schools or organization leaders have not had such a perverted ban, so compared to forty students from the Kitchen God School, other participants are like a collection.

As messy, like the wild boar down the mountain, they ran around like a happy, and there were also catching and chatting. They were very loud and unscrupulous.

Li Xiaofang listened with a smile, because some things were no longer secret. Only Cao Shuang also had a mysterious pretending to be a dead face.

This Cao Shuang is simply inconsistent, and he should call Cao unhappy.

“I heard? This time the tomb of the kitchen god has the true trace of the kitchen sanctuary recipe!”

“Kitchen Shengyi Yin has only been born many years earlier than us. On the cooking skills, he may not have the greatness of our Jiangnan Food School.”

“Huh! The tomb of the kitchen Saint God is just a guise. You are still serious. The masters with hidden doors have confirmed that the aura is leaking here.

Li Xiaokeng listened to it. Although the news was messy, he didn’t listen to it before, making it like Xiu Xian’s novels to enter the small world.

Thinking of snatching diners, Li Xiaokei’s heart was fired. This guy not only used imitating dishes to snatch the diners, I am afraid that he also played overcast. There is no clue, which is the reason for his fire. At noon the next day, Li Xiaokeng used the time of school at noon to talk to Wu Mom about the lease. The shop area of ​​Wu Ma Dumpling is similar to that of the micro -travel restaurant. It is also upstairs and downstairs. After three years of rent, I paid 600,000, and Wu Ma smiled.

And Li Xiaokeng also has his own ideas. According to his estimates, as long as he opens a restaurant opposite his shop, he should make him earn a lot of money in three years.

He thinks about the store name, it is called a micro -travel restaurant weekend store. Before he thought about it on the weekend, it seemed that it would not work. He must strive to strengthen his strength. A chef, unfortunately the dark forces did not allow him to develop step by step.

A few days later, Li Xiaokeng opened a weekend branch opposite his micro -travel restaurant. The decoration cost was only 100,000. Although there is no system that costs 100 billion decoration, it is also very warm. The restaurant focuses on high -end brands, so its weekend store is the main mid -level brand.

According to Li Xiaokei’s design, this mid -level brand is mainly targeted at the middle class, and as long as he often eats in his restaurant, Li Xiaokeng is grasped to make these middle class advanced. Diners become smart and healthy because they have eaten their own food for a long time. Then their income will naturally rise.


These diners they cultivate will be their ultimate hardcore fans, and naturally they will not be pulled over by the difference between the Blood Demon Restaurant at a dollar.

Of course, according to Ye Laixiang’s taste, the taste of the blood -burning demon dishes is mainly suitable for the stimulating teenager, and the most important thing is that people who often eat cooking will become very strong. I want to taste the cuisine in person.

However, after all, Li Xiakeng still did not pass, but Feng Sha often came to taste the deliciousness of Li Xiaokeng, and Li Xiaokeng did not mind. The Sasha continued to imitate Li Xiaokei’s food. There are restaurants.

However, the Food Supervision Bureau and the public security departments jointly checked the blood -burning demon dishes once. In the end, the shop was forced to hang out brands under the age of 18, because some teenagers even had a meal in the blood -burning demon restaurant. The crime of beastly hair is that this is unexpected.

Li Xiaokeng was not lucky. As long as he was doing himself, he would like to imitate it.

The focus is now on the weekend store of its micro -travel restaurant. The ingredients here are supervised by Li Xiaokei’s person. The main is fresh and cheap ingredients, and the price is even more civilian. Selling 2999 yuan, and not receiving tickets, you can take it out. Never restrict the sale of egg pain in each meal. The quota achieved the first blowout.

Of course, Li Xiaokeng is more busy now. He went to school during the day from Monday to Friday, and operated a micro -travel restaurant at night. He also had to operate a micro -travel restaurant weekend store on weekends.

Now Li Xiaokeng only needs to meditate for two hours a day, so after nine o’clock in the evening, he basically stays in the ingredients of the Weekend Store in the micro -travel restaurant: Xitang Ancient Town.


The scenery here is beautiful and the folk style is simple. It is just a mountain with the magic capital. The inconvenience of traffic has limited the development of the place. Most local residents have run to the development of the magic capital, leaving only the old, weak and disabled left -behind personnel.

Li Xiaokeng only chose this land

Li Xiaokeng is of course not idle. This bangs and Qian Qianjie have to be found. Moreover, Li Xiaokeng is ready to establish his own power, otherwise it is just such a passive beating. Partners, but you need to observe it again.

Li Xiaokeng looked at the mobile phone, and the system was also installed. He completely ignored himself to lose a iron powder and waiter. It seems that the system can’t expect it anymore.

Li Xiaokei’s efforts are very clear, that is, he opened another restaurant that really belongs to his own, and it is opposite to the micro -travel restaurant.

Opposite the Micro -Travel Restaurant is Wu Ma Dumplings. The business is very poor. Li Xiaokeng intends to give it down. In fact, it is best to buy it, but Wu Ma also has done it for so many years. Compensation, it is naturally impossible to sell it to Li Xiaoke

As the colorful clouds on the west darkened, the entire valley became gloomy. Dozens of stars flashed in the sky, and the stars would not be so close. It turned out that dozens of planes flew. It is not just as simple as a kitchen holy god tomb.

Because the last few fighters flying were particularly large, all the soldiers who came out from the inside were soldiers with real bullets.

Although these soldiers were not ordinary soldiers, they did not have the three gatekeepers of the Kitchen Shenshi School. Li Xiaokei’s smiling with orchid fingers a soldier who accidentally hit him.

Value value of Kong Lingjun +11

If it was before, Li Xiaokeng may still be surprised. Now the ninety -level brushing money is a big deal. In this way, Li Xiaofang will not be put in this level.

Kong Lingjun, who was stimulated by Li Xiaokeng, immediately glanced at him, and then retreated to the three houses.

Li Xiaokeng was listening to it and it was ** here. The door of his micro -travel restaurant was lively.

Although there is no bangs now, the teams of Li Xiaokeng, who are spontaneously organized by diners, did not dissolve. The chairman of the Pitchi Association is Lu Lu.

It was the coach Lu Lu at the Longan Driving School. She followed the old principal to go to the micro -travel restaurant once, and then used it as a cafeteria.

Being a micro -travel restaurant as a cafeteria naturally needs strong financial resources.

Coach Lu Lu’s salary naturally can’t afford to eat, but she has a dad of a racing champion and a racing boyfriend who can naturally eat it.

Although coach Lu Lu is not the old -fashioned food in the Weixing Straight Restaurant, but now bangs are gone, and the guys and other guys are obviously not enough for their financial resources. Lu Lu, who drove Lamborghinon’s Revanon sports car naturally.

In fact, when the fans see Rownson, they can guess the identity of coach Lu Lu’s boyfriend. In addition to the racing madage, Huaxia will have the second Rowantton!

After all, Lamborghini produced a total of 21 Revanon, and one was still in the museum.

“Broken the disharmonic chef Li Xiaokeng!” Coach Lu Lu waved his fist and shouted the slogan.

The anxious diners waiting below are naturally a hundred responses. Of course, they are also responsible for love. I hope Li Xiaokeng will see this scene rushing over from the media report or WeChat circle of friends. After eating the food of the pit gods, other foods are like chewing wax, they can’t eat it at all!

Li Xiaokeng naturally does not know what happened in front of the micro -travel restaurant. Now there is no signal at all the mobile phones in his place, and there will be no network. This is a human restricted area. Install the mobile phone signal satellite!

The last large -scale military aircraft came, so that everyone arrived. Those soldiers trained to set up alarm line standing, and the cooking class began to distribute canned fast food for canned beef.

More than a thousand students here are like coming to tourist picnics. Some students eat canned beef and complains why they are not distributed beer!

Li Xiaokeng blushed for them. This is a task, not traveling, and beer. Will you be shot on the spot when you go to the battlefield?

Li Xiaokeng carefully packed the food distributed food. He couldn’t get used to this kind of beef, but it was enough to fill hunger. He threw it away without eating like other students.

In Li Xiaofen’s view, what kind of song will you sing in any mountain, and go to the countryside!

Now to enter the mysterious tomb of the Kitchen Holy God, naturally he still brings some dry food into the heart, although Li Xiaokeng’s Xiaojia Ziqi practiced several wealthy people.

Li Xiaokeng does not need to care about their expressions now. Now Li Xiaokei’s father may be worst than those who are rich and young, but he is always better than those who are rich in the second generation. Men.

“The tomb of the Kitchen Saint God has opened, everyone lined up and marched towards the tomb of the kitchen!” Suddenly a fat man with a weird flag suddenly appeared on the hillside. The funny round face looked like Zhou Botong in Jin Yong’s big book.