The key is zero -binding than wearing a more comfortable healthy underwear!


Recently, CCTV reported again: the incidence of breast cancer in my country ranks first in female malignant tumors.


The incidence of breast hyperplasia of the 20 to 45 -year -old in China exceeds 50%of the incidence of breast hyperplasia, and even more scary is the risk of breast hyperplasia and even cancer. The average age of female breast cancer is 10 years earlier than Western countries!

Why is the incidence of breast problems in domestic childbearing age? What about the incidence 10 years earlier than the West? In fact, it has nothing to do with living habits.

The breasts are rich in blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves. If the chest is squeezed for a long time, it will form breast lymphadenopathy and blood circulation disorders, which will not only form parameter milk, but also increase the accumulation of toxins, leading to breast disease.


Most domestic women are wearing steel ring underwear with abdominal feelings. In the West, many women do not wear steel ring underwear or even bra. Although not wearing a bra and healthy, the problem of drooping appears again.

It has the same comfort as not wearing, and it will not make the comfortable free -signs of the chest sagging.

Ubras no waters and underwear.

A record of selling one every 8 seconds

, Quickly on a certain platform

Sell ​​100,000 pieces.


The fashion and health magazine affiliated to the fashion group, used UBRAS as a designated underwear brand to participate in the famous pink ribbon operation, advocating caring for women’s breast health and starting from wearing healthy and comfortable underwear.

Have done related data statistics. Through it, more than 80%of women will abandon those underwear with steel rings in the wardrobe, and the customer’s repurchase rate is as high as 95%.


why? Because as long as you try it on, you feel that all underwear will be as good as before. It brings “gentle care like the second layer of skin and the freedom of the body’s extension …”

How to move, how to move, it feels like zero belly!


If you agree that you need to make yourself comfortable and healthy, then the steel ring will really forget that you can forget other underwear as soon as you try it ~


Many women consider the support of underwear when choosing underwear. In fact, the higher the degree of bulge on the chest, the chest requires higher support. That is, if you are an A-C cup, the supporting role of the steel ring of the underwear is not obvious, but it is the invisible bomb for women’s health.

For health and comfort,


The ABC cup women need to be comfortable, no trace, no steel ring underwear.


UBRAS designed a one-cup more one-cup OneSize comfortable no-marked underwear.


The imported CREORAFRESH fabric contains 31%spandex. The average design, the supermodel can be stretched freely, suitable for different cups, which is more intimate.

It feels soft and skin -friendly. After putting it on, it is comfortable and natural.




As well as



It is like wearing it, even if you wear it for a long time, you wo n’t be stuffy or strangled. Adopt Japanese imported resin glue, which is different from the healthy and environmental protection of other underwear. There is no problem even if we wear sleeping.

The OneSize model uses a new thin patented water droplet cup, which is in line with ergonomics. Don’t worry about women with integrated underwear without chest shapes, suitable for women with A-C cups.

It’s really good -looking, so wearing a scream ~

The evaluation of the screenshot casually is full of praise.

As long as your figure can be worn within the scope of the figure below. Let the mother who lactate no longer need to entangle how to choose underwear.


Women who are more than only older, even young women will fall in love with this vest -style comfortable and non -marked underwear after wearing it. There is no deduction underwear. It is too convenient to wear and take off.

Of course, no steel ring is also suitable for women who are developing.


High -heeled shoes are uncomfortable for a long time and can be taken off at any time, but underwear can not be taken off. Therefore, a woman, to choose a comfortable underwear for comfort and health.

Advanced hue, random matching, how to wear it is comfortable ~ Basically it is a price that is worth starting at this price. Once you try it on, you will not regret it.

One SIZE is comfortable without trace underwear. Now Taozi has done a very low price. It only takes 105 yuan to be free. Even if Double Eleven does not have a lower price.

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