Senior workers’ commuting bags, versatile and fashionable


Everyone should have the most daily usage rate. After all, seven days a week, and they took it to work on the way to work in five days.

So it is important to find a commute package that can be installed and looks good!


But the sisters who bought the commuting bag should feel it,

It is really not easy to meet your favorite and comfortable and durable bag.


So let Sister Rabbit’s good friend bacteria today,

Come and talk about those things about the diligent bags so that everyone can choose their dreams.

For my years of buying bags, for example,


The most important point of commuting bags is practical, and the capacity is large enough to install the daily required files, computers, and debris.

If there are more things that the fairy are fragmented,


For example, lipstick, key, etc., then you have to choose a layered bag inside. When you use it in such an urgent use, you will not roll over.


The second is to be strong and durable. Crucs, canvas or artificial leather are all used.

Even the rare skin and coquettish lambskin, not only can’t install heavy objects, squeezing a subway is also afraid of being scraped (I simply for it).


The third point is that the comfort is better and the design is good.


Try to choose a bag with a light or width of the shoulder band (you can decentralize the weight of the bag). Like Goyard, it is a circle with lightness and facilitation, and it has become a god in the Totbag industry.

If the baby who is slippery should not worry about his shoulders, just choose a hand -made withdrawal,

If you have a two -purpose design with a hand -carrying + shoulder back, you can’t be intimate.


The last point is that the commuting package must also match your personal style and work nature.

Otherwise, there will be a feeling of stealing other people’s bags.

For example, when talking to customers about things, the formal bag that can be formal can appear more stable and more trustworthy; while urban beauty can choose some design models, highlighting personality!

I gave everyone the purchase idea of ​​commute bags,

Next is the specific bag recommendation.


A total of 14 models, from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan, gave everyone a simple and practical model and trendy art model.

It is very suitable for commuting work on weekdays, and the student party is also very good.


Dirty SIX is an original bag shop with novel design and is not easy to collide. It is suitable for the cool girl with spicy species I Don'T GIVE that Shit.

This red patent leather Tot has a strong color and soft leather. It can memorize high quality in 100 yuan!

A big pocket is OK, and the back is good -looking!

Amazing Song is a original design brand with simple design and unlocked texture.

Different from ordinary horizontal berts, the vertical version of AS is very unique and unique, even if the empty bag will not softly collapse.

The capacity is also OK, you can put a iPad vertically.


Its bag workmanship has always been online, and it is also very suitable for mothers!


Little CK’s bag really does not let me down again,


The color of this scrub is super cured, which is very suitable for summer.

There is also an inner bag of the same color system. It is also good to take out a single back in the inner bag!


Especially this scrub haze blue, beautiful HIN advanced.

Obag is a bag brand from Italy, and many stars have started.

Its bag has always been known for DIY.


The material is an environmentally friendly material similar to silicone. It can be wiped with water when it is dirty. It is very convenient to take care of it.

They can be purchased separately for the shoulder straps, inner orchestras and other accessories, which are very playable!

Longchamp’s bags should be no stranger to everyone. Whether you are at work or shopping with your baby, it is a king who is not allowed!

Self -weight is very light, and more durable than ordinary canvas,

This dirty pink adds a little more girly. Babies can buy ironing stickers by themselves ~

Madewell is the young auxiliary line of J.Crew,


This brand is famous for the quality of bags. This bag is the one you look at it at will.

The whole leather is really not picky, and the debris at work can be stuffed.

The caramel color is very resistant, and the dark -colored clothes are particularly colorful. Even if this bag has traces, it is not tightened, but the older the older.

At the same price as Madewell, there are Everlane, which is close to the rectangle.

Similar to Celine’s commuting god bag Sangle. One of my favorite points is that the shoulder straps are very wide, and I won’t strangle on my shoulders.

The leather leather is very delicate, and the upper body is the young lady.

If the babies want to enter a commute bag that can be accompanied for a long time, it is right to choose it.


Taipingbird is too good! I went shopping at a glance before.

Nylon materials, both workmanship and fabrics are very careful. The capacity can be installed as large as a coat.

The favorite is its acrylic chain, which is super design. The price is not high, and the student party is also good -looking.


The material of this Tot of the UR is PVC, which is very resistant!

The letter printing increases the sense of fashion. There are three colors to choose from, each color is HIN beautiful! However, the size of this bag is very large, and the shoulder strap is also irregular.

Recommend the cool Gao Mei to enter, the little man should be a little careful.

The co -branded lace bag of the designer brand VenvenNet and the artist Toby is too beautiful!

This is probably the bag that the fairy will memorize! The outer layer is yarn, and the inside is folds. At first glance, the atmosphere is full.

This bag is also very practical,


It can be obliquely across the shoulders, and the capacity is also very large,


It is very suitable for memorizing the exhibition, and the return rate has become higher!

Xiaohua bag comes from domestic original design brand Fakeroom,

At first glance, it was attracted to the contrasting color.


The material of the bag is PVC, waterproof and not easy to scratch,

Large size can be used to install a computer. There is also a bag that can be installed in the inside. Sisters who like minimalist wind can be used to embellish it and break the dullness in one second.


U1S1 I really love green! This peacock green Tot is too beautiful!

The capacity is so large that it cannot be imagined. The bag brand SUBTLE is a Hong Kong multi -street brand, which is good at the use of color.

My favorite is its nylon shoulder strap, which can freely adjust the length.


The label is orange, and the bag is inexplicable. Even if you wear it flat, you are fashionable!

APM’s old flower graffiti bag belongs to the more beautiful series, the more beautiful series, the

They have always been very good at making jewelry, but they did not expect the bags to be so resistant! Although it is cloth, it is very stiff and not easy to deform.


There are two sizes in total, and there are dark patterns inside.


The trumpet is probably the size of A4 paper, and the girls with not many daily things are enough to enter the trumpet; the large size will be cooler and the capacity is greater!

Marni has double -cooked vegetables again! There is nothing to say, just rush this face, and you have to enter a wave!


And in summer, this bag feels a sense of ritual, and I want to go to the beach at any time to barbecue or picnic.


In addition to the high value, he is also able to install it. You can go out the street perfectly every day. It is recommended that the sisters match a bag itself, which is safer.

That’s it for today’s commuting bags to grow grass,


I wonder if you have chosen which one you like!


When you buy a bag, you have to try it up whether the physical store or online shopping.


In this way, you can pick up more accurately to the bag that suits you! What else do you want to see, welcome to tell me ~