The increase in the cooling sky takeaway order adds 50 % of the velvet underwear, and the jacket has become a takeaway brother.


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“The weather is cold, and the late peak season is finally here. It can be 20 orders a day.” Add a cotton inner jacket with a velvet underwear, and then put on a jacket, gloves, knee pads. “Several hot pot orders are waiting to be delivered.”

It is still one month after one month to send takeaway for 4 years. For Zhu Mingli, the takeaway brother is a profession. “No industry can not work because of weather. of.”

The cold wave strikes, the temperature is lower, and the data of hungry shows that as the temperature gradually decreases, the amount of dining orders on the platform on the platform has continued to rise. Essence

Zhu Mingli’s hometown in Lu’an, Anhui. Four years ago, starting from a part -time rider, it has now grown into the captain of the three teams of the Xixi Beiyuan of the Hummingbird Zhongbaohang District. He told reporters that it came a little later this winter, and the weather was cold in late November of last year.

There are CBDs and houses in his business district. Therefore, the weekend orders are relatively stable on weekdays, mainly depending on the weather to eat. “Summer and winter are the takeaway season. Now everyone can earn 100 yuan more than before. It is cold. Everyone does not want to go out. Love a hot hot pot.”

降温天外卖订单增五成 加绒内衣、冲锋衣成了外卖小哥标配

In order to send everyone hot, the little buddies work hard to work outdoors. Naturally, there is no doubt. Fortunately, under the love of the whole society, many big businesses have opened the postal function. Zhu Mingli said that after the afternoon peak, everyone could go in and rest, charge, and drink a glass of hot water. There are additional discounts for rider meals.

“As early as November, the platform distributed us with cold protection supplies. There were handbars, knee pads, and collars. It was not cold when running, so we generally won’t wear too much.”

Zhu Mingli said that there are 26 riders in the team. Everyone’s standard is three -piece suits with velvet underwear, cotton inner orchids and assault jackets. Wearing a half -finger gloves, and a pair of velvet shoes on the feet, it is alive.

“Hangzhou is a little more rain, compared with our hometown, not cold. I never heard that someone was warm and warm, not so exaggerated!”

Some netizens have discussed, should we call for takeaway in bad weather?

From the perspective of old riders like Zhu Mingli, unless the extreme typhoon days, other weather distribution is not much different, the only difference may be to change a few more batteries.

“Everyone can rest assured that the platform will add delivery time to us. After all, we are professional in the transportation service industry.”

According to reports, in addition to catering, the hungry data shows that the order of cold -proof products is rising sharply, including warm baby, cold -proof mask, quilt blankets, gloves and other products, which have increased by more than 300%last week. Outdoor sports supplies such as helmets increased by more than 110%. In addition, festive factors, flowers and chocolate categories have increased significantly.

In terms of knights, the platform also made efforts.

In this winter, he invested tens of millions of yuan to issue nearly one million cold -proof materials for the National Blue Knights, including windproof knee guards, car handle gloves, and bibs. The current cold protection materials have been distributed.

降温天外卖订单增五成 加绒内衣、冲锋衣成了外卖小哥标配

In order to ensure the security of the delivery, the platform will send the weather to the Cavaliers to remind the weather in advance and the precautions for running orders. In the harsh weather scene, the flexible delivery time is matched, and the distribution range should be appropriately reduced according to the weather conditions, and an abnormal assessment such as the corresponding timeout and differential evaluation is eliminated.

In winter, the difficulty of delivery has increased, and the platform has also increased the subsidy for running orders. In addition to the distribution of each order in special weather such as rain and snow, heavy wind, and cold waves, there will also be regular running award rewards, and the end of the year will be provided at the end of the year.

Are you hungry? Also combined with the National Federation of Trade Unions and the National Merchants to establish the Blue Cavalry Station, providing welfare such as rest space, mobile phone charging, hot drinking, discount meals and other benefits. The Cavaliers can directly find the nearest knight station through the online order app. At present, the station has been open to all outdoor workers.

The relevant person in charge of Meituan takeaway told reporters that Meituan takeaway launched this year’s winter care measures in November, which invested 1.6 billion yuan for riders in low temperature weather nationwide Essence

In addition to subsidies, Meituan takeaway distributes cold protection materials for all the rider and some crowdsourced rider of 153 cold cities across the country. It is understood that the Meituan takeaway fully investigates the needs of the riding through the rider’s conversation, investigating questionnaires, etc., and finally selected the rider’s most needed windshield, handlebars, leather knee care, leather gloves, neck cases, insulation pots, mobile phones in winter. Equipment such as rainproof snow sets, 1 million cold -proof materials cover all cold cities across the country.

In addition to winter subsidies and cold -proof materials, Meituan takeaway also supplement winter medicine for the “Tongzhou Guard 1㎡” health service area of ​​the national distribution site, including frostbite paste and cold medicine.

(Original title “The hot pot burst! The cooling day, the takeaway order increased by 50%year -on -year”. Editor Wang Yichuan)