What hats do you wear in summer? The first 10 models, the shading is thin again!


In the summer, the most afraid of the sun is. Every day in and out is a must -have umbrella. For girls with lazy cancer, the wife is too troublesome. What should I do? Hats ~ These beautiful and small faces are also a must -have item for fairy ~

1. Korean hidden blue fisherman hat


In the past two years, the fisherman’s hat has been popular in chicken, which is very Korean. There are many colors in addition to the Tibetan blue colors. They are all white series. The style is very fashionable and looks small. Many stars are necessary. The sunscreen is still very beautiful, generous and fashionable, and it is very temperamental ~ It is right to go to the sea to play, and the fried chicken has a fan ~


2. Japanese net red fisherman hat

This is also a popular piece of fried chicken now. Walking fashion fan is particularly foreign, shading effect is also very good. It is very small to wear. The most important feature is that it can be worn on the front and back of the side. Gentle, the yellow side will look particularly playful and cute, super versatile and super beautiful, disk it ~


3. Beauty bow tie the fisherman hat

This retro Japanese casual sun hat, the beige design looks particularly gentle in summer, brought a little cool feeling to this summer. The bow behind the hat is the characteristics of the whole hat The sun protection effect is very good. It is cute to wear, and the face shape is small.

4. Harajuku Wind Riveting Ganxan Hat

This trendy people must not miss the heavy metal fisherman hat. In the summer, not only must they have beauty but also have personality and handsomeness. The cool metal punk feels on the top. The versatile model is handsome and sweet, and the shading effect is also a bar, it is thin on the top ~


5, lace lace sunscreen straw hat


The best combination of traveling in summer is certainly indispensable. Straw hats are indispensable. Lace straw hats are both a cool and stylish hat ~ both shade and quickly eye -catching. It can also modify the face shape with twist braids ~ Grass weaving is very good. It is very comfortable to wear, how hot the weather is, it is very comfortable ~ both sunscreen and can be concave at will, disk it ~


6, wheat stalk empty -top straw hat


This is a hat that I really like, the empty hairpin hat, the stiff and very stylish wheat straw hat. The important thing is that it will not be easily deformed. The elastic hairpin design is convenient. The design of the big hat is good -looking, and it is also practical. It does not pick the face at all, and the lines on the face are thinner.


7. Small letter embroidery baseball cap

A simple embroidered English embroidery, the beige is particularly youthful and energetic, and the knock -up is beautiful and low -key. The band can be adjusted at will. It is really good -looking. Wearing it is a little girl, Su Yan makeup goes out of the street every day ~

8. Candy -colored fisherman hat

Candy -colored single products are super girls, the original style lace, belongs to a small fresh one, the color system of light purple fried chicken sweet girl, peach skin velvet fabric, good sunscreen effect, the brim can be rolled up, It is another kind of charm. The strap is very retro and cute, super convenient, and it is very white ~

9. Harajuku style straight hat


This is a super -personalized basin. The brim is erected throughout. The depth can just cover the eyes of the eyes. It is very suitable for young people who are pursuing personality. Full points, but the hat type is more suitable for girls with small heads to wear, modify the small face, don’t try it easily if you are big ~


10, straps without top sun hat

There is no top hat with a big eaves strap. The multifunctional design is full. There are two straps on the rear side that can be tied to the windproof band and can be tied for the decoration. The design is very flexible and convenient. The sun sunscreen is really great, and it is very modified. The top is cooler than the top ~

These 10 hats are preferred in summer, and the shade is still thin and looks good. Hurry up and wear it ~