Tan Xiangdong talks about various Luohan beds


The beauty of Ming -style Luohan bed

The halls of the Ming and Qing dynasties are often centered on the Luohan bed. Ming -style Luohan bed is the favorite of literati and elegant. It is more idle and casual than the top chairs.

The central position of Metropolitan Mingxuan is a Peugeot Huanghuali Sub -Board of Luohan bed.


The three sides are made of gorgeous Huanghuali single board. The positive gap is very small, and the common corners are not dug out, which is particularly uniform and elegant. The single board is thin and light, and the thickness does not exceed 2.5 cm, which is very similar to the one sold by the couple room.


The surface of the seat is wide, and the convergence of the eaves of the ice plate is slightly cumbersome, which may be deliberately pursuing the concise changes. The waist is low, and the wooden plate is made with a wooden board, and it is cleaned compactly. The teeth are straight and intersect with the four -legged shoulder. Start up the yang line along the side, go down to the inside horseshoe. The horseshoe is flat, which is the favorite of the collectors, but it is not ruled out that the possibility of cutting the wood rot at the bottom.


Compared to the Luohan bed in the couple room, the metropolis is more beautiful. The straight lines on the inside are slightly curved lines, which are both soft and soft, rigid and soft, and they are tender and tender.

The morality and fit of the Luohan bed is the revenue of the metropolis in 1976, because of the famous collector An Siyuan. The bed was recorded in its 1971 masterpiece, “China Furniture” No. 34. Mr. Wang Shixiang’s evaluation of the Luohan bed of Nelson is the first. This blog feels that the metropolis is instead of giving up, and I prefer its simple and restrained, which is a pure and bright style that is more in line with humanistic spirit.

The angle of the picture below can show its abundance. Often, many people do not know where the beauty of Ming -style furniture is, just because they are unwilling to lean down and stare calmly.


Ming -style Luohan Bed Beauty 2

If a furniture auction does not have a Ming -style Luohan bed, it is hard to be perfect. Gardechu is a special furniture, because with this single -board Tielimoham bed, it can be called the beauty of the device.


Those who like this Luohan bed are not alone. As early as the exhibition, a garden owner was about to move.


Among the 29 sets of shooting, this bed was one of the only two non -Huanghuali auctions, but it was one of my favorite works. Helpless, the excessive valuation is discouraged, and the final shot has become the biggest regret in the field. If this bed is Huanghuali, it will never be the case. Seeing people’s preference for rosewood of Huanghuali nowadays, they ignore other more valuable things. Perhaps this good thing is another warning to the trend nowadays, reminding people to see the unknown paranoia for a long time.

Tieli wood is suffering from cold, and it can be seen from the so -called mahogany national standard. As one of the traditional hardwood, Tielimi failed to be included in the national standard. The official explanation is that because there are no resources available for trade, Iron Power Times are not included. So, Hainan Huanghuali is also extinct. Why can you enter the national standard?

Search a little, it is not difficult to check the relevant information about Tielim. Moreover, iron wood and sea yellow and chicken wings are wood growing in my country. The history of making furniture is far earlier than red rosewood. It has been widely used as soon as late tomorrow, and a large number of red rosewood has appeared in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. This time difference is not difficult to calculate. The 3.4 -meter iron pilot single -board case of the Forbidden City has a “Chongzhen” knowledge. It is the best example and one of the earliest hardwood furniture with exact age. Essence


The classic Ming -style single -board Luo Han bed win with concise lines and natural and rustic wood texture. It is like the porcelain of the five famous kiln in the Song Dynasty. It is seen with elegant shapes and beautiful glaze.

Qingjun Shenyi’s single -board Luo Han bed is the essence of Ming style and fits the charm of natural and ancient. Gigen,


The strong legs and feet are straight, and the flat square is straight, and the bottom is slightly rolled out of the horseshoe. The lines are tough but not awkward.

Aspect two: The thick side wipes through the clever treatment of the bottom line, which weakens the visual thickness, making the overall shape harmonious.

Highlight three:

If there is no dental bars, it is even narrower than the general cases. Iron force raw materials are abundant and there is no component of cherishment. The tooth strip is made with a wooden waist, and the thickness of nearly 3 cm, the strength of the support is enough to meet the needs of the large span of the Luohan bed. It can be seen from the arc from the corner of the legs and feet. The finishing touch of the designer’s ingeniously reflects the unique understanding of Ming -style furniture.

According to this Luohan bed from Mr. Ye Chengyao, the bed surface is as high as 53 cm, indicating that the original match should have auxiliary auxiliary. The surrounding single board is much higher than other similar works, but it is not a good deal. The special part of the wiping makes many people know that the answer is unknown.


Wang Shixiang is known as the first one -board Luohan bed

The collector who loves Ming -style furniture is moved by the simplicity and timelessness of the Lohan bed, and they are proud of being based on their own. It was praised by the player Taidou Wang Shixiang as the first single board, Huanghuali Luohan bed.


In addition to the stomped edge of the bed drawer, and the yang line on the inside of the tooth plate, and the inside of the legs, the whole body of the Luohan bed has no repair. The overall shape only uses the gap between the fence, the corner, the easiest edge edge of the ice plate, and the legs of Pengya rolling the horseshoe feet. There are few elements used, which are extremely simplified design.

However, this is not the most simple. In contrast, I prefer the Metropolitan straight foot fence Luohan bed: The gap between the fence is very small, and there is no corner. If there is no sense of Ming -style furniture. Of course, personal preferences cannot represent the orientation of the entire arts and crafts. Mr. Wang said that Nelson’s first is not an exaggeration.

The thickness of the side is slightly larger than the waist. The height of the two is equivalent to the tooth plate.


Although the legged Pengya has a photoplastin, it is strongly attracted to the eyes of the legs, which is naturally attractive.

The backbone is full of color, the pattern is beautiful, and the description of it is undoubtedly the biggest highlight.

In the elegant and clean environment, the dignified and elegant performance of Huanghuali furniture is vividly.

The largest Huanghuali Luo Han bed

A few days ago, the article “The largest rosewood Luo Han bed” in the Summer Palace, there are many viewers, and I can’t help but think of this largest Huanghualu Luo Han bed.


It happened that Mr. Zhang Dexiang’s “Big collector” was published at the beginning of the year, and mentioned the anecdotes of this bed. The article says that the Luohan bed that Mr. Zhang lost his arms said that he complained to Mr. Shi that year, saying that the bed was too expensive. At that time, Mr. Shi had never said a lot, and he had no time to say. However, I went to Mr. Shi’s house on the second day and saw that the bed was already in the court. It turned out that when Mr. Shi saw Zhang Dexiang also paying attention to this bed, he should take the shot when he shot.

Right now, the Luohan bed is a priceless treasure, and it is easy to show people. Fortunately, the first Bohuanghuali exhibition was available the year before, and one of them was full of eyes. It is listed as an official, and you can guess the purchase price of the second bed.

After the exhibition, he wrote an article and described the onlookers. Reproduced today and reconciled:


The three sarcasters are the roof of the Luohan bed. The size of the size is called the largest of the current Huanghuali: about 247 cm deep and 175 cm.

Both the large and wiping head are single wood, with a thickness of about 6 cm and about 15 cm. The enclosure is also carved with a single board of about 3 cm thick. The luxury of materials is rare. The owner does not show people on weekdays, and occasionally is fortunate to enter the room to watch, and it is not allowed to take pictures. This time was exhibited in the first blog, the efforts of the organizer can be imagined. Thank you as “Zihuang Control”.

In addition to the size of this bed, the sculpture is also a dragon and phoenix among people. The dual -sided dual -sides of the three sides of the three sides of the panel is carved with the long -sided dragon. The positive and side patterns are slightly different. The dragon is also vivid and vivid. The decoration layout is rigorous and dense, and the carved work is skilled.


The four -sided teeth are wide, and the outline of the door is about the small thumbs with a thick thumb along the edge. The round and backbone strips are carved with dragon patterns on the front and back tooth strips. In the same person, the side tooth strips scattered the double dragon to hold the life pattern, and the carved Rohan bed with carved workers is seen on all sides of the carved worker. This bed is typical.

Four -footed horseshoe, the shoulder carving evolved the weakened elephant pattern. The eye -engraved eyes are easily overlooked. The elephant nose is converted into the rails of the lower exhibition, echoing the flower leaf patterns of the tip.

Both the feet were equipped with a foot, dug the nest in the upper part, and the four feet fell in the nest mortar, which played a protective horseshoe foot from being eroded and worn by moisture. The traces of the use of the footsteps are obvious, and it should be non -new. This approach is called “wearing shoes”, which is similar to the role of legs and feet and copper sleeves. It’s just that the bed is very high, and the original should have foot.

It can be clearly seen under the below wipe, and it can be seen that the original should be a soft drawer. The four -pockets and 5 straight bands are now equipped. Through the gap between the rear side and the bed plate, you can clearly see a row of traces of half -holes. The spray surface of the bed and the waist is extremely small, and the two wipes are straight and straight, which can also explain this.

Between the tooth, it is fixed with a sloppy tenon mortise, and the fence is sold. There is a connection of the lower frame on the front. For other major problems, the compared to the other large -repair Luohan bed, the integrity and road of the road are much higher.


The biggest Qing Dynasty Huanghuali Dragon Temperature Luohan bed


The preparation of the Huanghuali Culture Exhibition of the first blog has been preparing for two years, and it has been collected more than 200 pieces of Huanghuali furniture, 庋 庋, Wenwen, even farm tools and contemporary boutiques. The exhibition is three months old, which is a rare luck for the traditional culture enthusiasts of Huanghuali. It is said that after the exhibition, it will be shot as a whole, and it is not difficult to break the record.


A few days ago, I temporarily went to see Shoubo Huanghuali without a camera. By using pictures of netizens to talk briefly, if there is any infringement, please inform the withdrawal.

Teacher Tian also made a comment after watching it. The appendix was in the back of the deposit: This Luohan bed is really good, the work is fine, the bag is moisturized, and the introduction is very careful and professional. It can be seen that the landlord is a careful person. This is probably caused by the “brake” on the side, which is not big enough. It is also worth mentioning that the three -curved leg bending is relatively small. It can be seen that the craftsman cherishes the material and is reluctant to get the material, causing the bed legs to “straight and bend”. The connection is slightly stiff, but the curvature arrangement is still very good, and it does not affect the strong and upright.

The biggest rosewood Luohan bed

Because of the preference for the Ming Dynasty, he often suspected that the Qing court’s rosewood device was heavy and worked well. There was no rhyme. In addition to showing off blindly, no longer the director. There is nothing to say about the expected work. No wonder the salesman’s aunt said most often: You see how big this is.


Silly foreigner is there silly blessing? I won’t say anything else.

The picture above the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City below.


An Siyuan’s Luohan bed

The classic Ming -style Luohan bed is the most popular with a measurement of a three -seated single board. In particular, the Huanghuali alone has a golden background with a golden background. The pattern is beautiful and beautiful, and it is better than artificial description. It is no wonder that Mr. Wang Shixiang praised the Luohan bed in the Nelson Pavilion and saw the first.

However, if the pursuit of simplicity, the pursuit of simplicity, the corner of the Nelson Luohan bed, and the deliberate shape of Peng Ya, but it is not as good as the Luohan bed of An Siyuan, and it is more simple and not exposed.

The Luohan bed, which was refined, was recorded in An Siyuan’s “Chinese Furniture”. No. 34. When Ming Xuan was established in 1976, Mr. An Siyuan was donated. The three sides are made of gorgeous Huanghuali single board. The positive gap is very small, and the common corners are not dug out, which is particularly uniform and elegant. The single board is thin and light, and the thickness does not exceed 2.5 cm.

The surface of the seat is wide, and the convergence of the eaves of the ice plate is slightly cumbersome, which may be deliberately pursuing the concise changes. The teeth are straight and intersect with the four -legged shoulder.

The tooth plate rises along the edge, and goes down to the inside horseshoe. The horseshoe is flat, which is the favorite of the collectors, but it is not ruled out that the possibility of cutting the wood rot at the bottom. Four -footed fitness, straight and slightly curved lines in the inside, both soft and soft, rigid and soft.


The waist looks narrowed than the front line, but in fact, the upper and inside of the straight tooth plate is arc, and the inner concave is formed with the lower edge of the seat side. Such a method has also appeared on other furniture, but it is very small. Although it cannot be denyed that it belongs to design innovation, it is also suspected of being human transformation in the later period.


Optimum, straight lines, the weakest curve changes, its simplicity and restraint, is a pure and bright style that is more in line with humanistic spirit.


There are many examples similar to the near -foot Luohan bed. Boston, the former California, and Philadelphia collections have been available. There are also good masterpieces in the auction of the years, such as Big Shi in 1997 and the couple room in the past few years. Wait.


Former California Chinese Classical Furniture Museum seems to be inlaid with a frame, but it is alone. Four legs straight, and the short horseshoe was turned out until the bottom. Mr. Wang believes that this kind of horseshoe is the original design height, but most people have reservations.


As far as Horseshoe is concerned, this one looks more realistic.

The Luohan bed in Boston looks more healthy. Although it is straight, the style is closer to Nelson. Horseshoe is obviously higher than the previous examples, which shows the diversity of such horseshoe.


The Luohan bed of Nishi, New York in 1997, dug without his waist, and the horseshoe has almost been damaged.


Gald’s 2011 Couple Ming Room Old Tibetan, the formula is the same as the previous example.

Two Luohan beds are the auctions of Christie’s in Hong Kong.

Ferl Art Museum Collection of Huanghuali Wan -character Pattern Luohan Bed

This is a very famous bed. The earliest appeared in 1944 Mr. Aike’s “Map Test of Huali Furniture” No. 17, 1970 An Sesi’s “Chinese Furniture” version 35, Wang Shixiang’s “Ming -style Furniture Research” Excerpted this bed, which is currently collected in the Ferl Art Museum in Washington, USA.


The ten thousand characters have a long history in Chinese traditional decorations. They represent auspiciousness in the teachings of Buddhism. In the eyes of ordinary people, all thousands of characters represent infiniteness, and the descendants are long and long. For example, the Philadelphia Museum is hidden in a 10,000 -character pattern and six -pillar shelf (the part of the bed 4). In addition, it is very similar to it at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, which was obtained by Hong’s six -pillar bed.

This Luohan bed is decorated with typical representative positive tanning patterns. Although this short material is not very solid, it is relatively easy to damage. Due to the incomplete words of the circumference on both sides, Mr. Wang Shixiang believes that the bed is at least restructured, which is shortened from a wider shelf bed, and moved to the Luohan bed. Restore the drawings. The line diagram drawn by Mr. Yang Yao in the map also revealed that the horseshoe feet of the bed legs were cut short due to the severe decay, so there was a short flat horseshoe that is now seen.


According to this, this bed has changed a lot of changes, belonging to the “fork gang” furniture. What is the initial shape of it can only be arrogant. Therefore, I don’t want to discuss its artistic value and aesthetic orientation in accordance with the practice, which is meaningless. Even so, it cannot change its historical status and research value. Due to the care of the above monographs, it becomes inherited in order and is expensive.

Philadelphia Liuzhuzi Bed in the front door of the front door of the front door is partially, and it is precise.

Jin Ping Mei 金 bed bed

The picture below shows that on the spring of last year, a very similar bedroom bed actually shot more than 7 million. If the buyer knows the origin of Fourier, I am afraid to think more about it.

Philadelphia Hall Tibetan Huanghuali Luohan bed


The Huanghuali Luohan bed included in the Philadelphia Pavilion and An Siyuan’s “China Furniture” (No. 33), which is not on the display of the exhibited collections, nor collected the color map, and other publications have not seen this bed. The trace.


The Ming style but not necessarily the Luohan bed of the Ming Dynasty, with a straight foot of flat squares, and the inside is excavated to reduce weight and easy to move. The horseshoe is short and flat, and the wear causes only a few. The oblique shoulder frame on the legs and feet, the straight photoplasty, does not make the shape, only hides the wide leather strips to run through the legs and horseshoe. The waist is narrow, wipes on the side of the bed, and wipes the ice plate eaves slightly ups and downs, which is a bit more complicated.

The three sides above the bed, the back is slightly higher than inch. The enclosure is a frame on all sides, a unilateral flat -inlaid core plate, and a core plate slotting belt, just like the method of the cabinet door. Because there are only one -sided panels, one side is exposed, and it is easy to see if the Luohan bed is not on the wall on three sides. This method is not particular about it, regular or single plates, or framed inlaid plates, etc., all have the interest of viewing inside and outside. It seems that the approach of the door core board is rare for Luohan bed. There is another case in the impression that you need to check the information.


This photo remakes in the collection of Philadelphia in 1963. You can see that the flat -inlaid core board is inside. In An Siyuan’s book, the fees on both sides are reversed and exposed to the outside. From this to calculate the connection and tenon of this bed circumference and the bed surface, it is not a routine horse selling, or the disruption of the horse sales will be changed to plant sales. Between the side circumference and the positive back, there should be a tenon -and -mortise. It cannot be reflected in the photo. Whether it is not installed in place when taking pictures needs to be verified.


The three -curved legs on the bed are a few sons, and the style is different. By the way, the method of mattress, three -section cushion, combination is easy and convenient, for the small cushions set by a few puppets, it can be available or not, depending on the habit, more scientific and not affecting the overall use. Most of the current mahogany furniture factories are equipped with the entire mattress, as if the Luohan bed is sleeping, there are no other functions. The top of the mat is unable to stabilize, and it is very unpopular. I only do furniture and do not do soft living. In fact, I do n’t understand furniture.

California Old Tibetan Sirarius Duoluo Bed

Following the overall auction of the California Collection in 1996, the Luohan bed appeared again in Christie’s New York in 2001, and changed its master for $ 200,000.

Regarding the introduction of the bed, Mr. Wang Lao and Mr. Ke Chuisi have detailed introductions. It is mainly to say that the single board is made into a frame shape, but after digging, the value is reduced. Interested friends can go through the book to see.

This familiar Luohan bed is a horseshoe of the legs and feet. This flat horseshoe is very rare, and it is alone. Wang Lao believes that this is the original designer of the horseshoe. The reason is that it is highly appropriate.

Regarding this, students propose to think carefully and study small topics on the premise of absolute respect for the throne, hoping to have the opportunity to observe the physical objects in detail.

Different photos effect. The above picture of Christie’s, below California.


Chicago Art Museum Collection of Huanghuali Luohan bed

The Luohan bed of the Huanghuali Ringhuan is the old collection of the former California Chinese Classical Furniture Museum. In 1996, the 100 pieces of Ming and Qing furniture in the museum were shot and dispersed. In 2006, Christie’s New York’s spring auction appeared again in the public vision, which caused fierce competition. In the end, the Museum of the Chicago Academy of Arts won the permanent collection of the museum.

New York Christie’s autumn auction of Huanghuali alone board dragons Luohan bed

In 2002, Christie’s New York was autumn, and furniture was a special session of attacking Dr. Yushan Fangye. 68 pieces of wood and 40 pieces in the audience. It is another successful operation of Jiamutang, which has a positive impact on the cultural promotion of Ming -style furniture.


The champion of this field is this Luohan bed, which is easy to change for $ 350,000. It is more than two meters of Luohan bed. It is a luxurious thing that seems to be luxurious now. When the materials were abundant, it was probably expensive to make such a bed.


Single plate fence, imitation frame inlaid, the front of the front is carved with double dragons and rushing beads. The fierceness of the dragon is revealed, the dragon body is fat, and the dragon tail is transformed into a large cloud head -shaped curls. In contrast, the dragon claws are not proportional and weak. However, the carving skills are exquisite, and the non -ordinary craftsman can.

Soft -drawn bed surface, comfortable and breathable. Simple and clear feet while wiping. Four -footed horseshoe, majestic and strong. The full yang line is connected to the yang line of the tooth plate, and it is rotated into the leaf in the middle to form a distinctive double -top tip with Ruyi. The tooth plate is large and low, and the strong legs and footsteps make it stable and abnormal.

The record was marked in the early 16-17th century, and this blog retained opinion.

Huanghuali Siriosi Duobano Bed

History is recovered, and the classics circulating on the shooting field will appear in a few years. This flat horseshoe foot Luo Han bed is No. 94 in 1997, 51750 Daole. In the autumn of 2006, it turned 38400 Daole. I doubted which record was wrong. Who would do such a loss of money? The information is officially available. Is there so much appreciation in the dollar?

The characteristics of the bed are not on the single board, but the short horseshoe. There are two more cases of Luohan bed with the same dwarf horseshoe. One is from the old Tibetan independence of California. In September 1996, it was shot as a whole, and the lottery No. 100. Another example is a auction of Christie’s in Hong Kong in early December 2009. The auction No. 1932, a three -sir frame inlaid. Both of them have waist, which is obviously different from the old Tibetan Tibetan.

In addition, the latter of this product and the two cases also has one thing in common, that is, the inner corner of the horseshoe’s foot is excavated. The inner corner of the inner corner of the horseshoe with a strong appearance is not reduced.


Chisu Gongzisong Huanghuali Fushou Luo Han bed

The Luohan bed with a ruler is now everywhere. It can be seen everywhere. It means a furniture shop. Another is also more common, which is a 10,000 -character pattern.

This is also a siege that is connected with a variant’s life and blessings to make regular connections. In the catalog of this exhibition, it is still named “The Ruxia Rohin Bed”, which only indicates that it is Fushou pattern, which is not enough to open the sense of justice.

The shape of the Luohan bed is typical, and the eaves of the ice plate are a bit hard, and it is urgent. Straight and straight tooth strips, only the corner of the corner transition, Zhouza rose to the yang line. Jian Su is Jian Su, but it is not an authentic flavor. The horseshoe was short and flattened. It feels that the four -footed face is basically as wide as the side. The next time you go to observe, you need to focus on the mapping, which is important.

The enclosure is very chic, Fu Shou is auspicious. The front circumference is low in the middle height, which is more difficult to connect from Naizizi, and the visual effects have improved a lot. Overall feels slightly sparse, and it is a bit bigger. The method of investigating the stepping ones is large and small in the horizontal direction. It is particularly rare that the corner is round upside down. It is a layer of skin on each of the thick materials, leaving only the arc connecting the arc at the corner. Therefore, it looks very simple to connect. In fact, the craftsmanship is quite complicated, and it is a test of craftsmanship. If the scale is not good, the entire connection will be misplaced.

The overall feeling is still quite durable, with a very high -quality collection. Two Huanghualu Luo Han beds, the Sheng is used in gorgeous, this is obsessive.

The Luohan bed of Jiadechun in 2012


There is no shelf bed in this field, but the rosewood Luohan bed is shocking. Yesterday at the scene, Ke Chi thought that when he looked at the picture, he thought the bed was the original he received. Ask him some details, he doesn’t remember, after all, it has been too long.

Tochigi Note, the Ring Ring Ring Rohan Bed

Mr. Wang Shixiang’s old collection was partially left over from foreigners in China during the Republic of China. When they left China, the furniture used was not taken away. A considerable part of the “Rosewood Furniture Test” in 1944 is the daily use of these people’s daily furniture.

Wang Lao donated a rosewood cymbal to the Rosewood bed that was not exhibited by Shangbo but did not display. It was first similar to a Luohan bed that was used by foreigners at that time. It was published in “Chinese HouseHold Furniture” published in 1948. The. Kates, which indicates that the Luohan bed is collected by MESSRS.ROBERT and William Drummond. Originally thought it was the same Luohan bed, and it was found that there were differences in the later comparison: the width ratio of the pillar below the seat and the height of the foot of the foot was different. Earlier, the misunderstanding was rigorous and ashamed.


The photo shows that there is a pupae of the tincture of the head of the head, which is not detailed, but the style of the system is not the same. It should be randomly matched at the time of use. In the introduction of the information, the material of the Luohan bed is “chi-ch’IH-MU”. According to the habit of translation at the time, it seems that it should be beylum. Mr. Wang Shixiang’s collections are rosewood and an unknown cork. The difference here should be the result of the same area and even the same workshop, with different materials.

Ming Rosewood Luo Han bed

The owner of the Luohan bed in the appreciation is marked as Mrs. Zhu Guangmu.

I have always been curious about who this Mrs. Zhu is. Today I was idle, and I found it. I found that the five daughters of Zhu Qizhen, the founder of the creation of the creature, and Zhu Guangmu, the secretary of Zhang Xueliang. Zhu Qiyuan’s six daughters married Zhang Xueliang’s younger brother, all of them.


Mr. Zhu Qizhen is very familiar with everyone. His old gentleman donated more than fifty treasures to the Forbidden City. It is not surprising that his female collected this Luohan bed. The picture below shows Zhu Qizhen, who participated in the sacrifice of heaven in the three years of the Republic of China.