What is the Mao Mao?


Grasson hair is a very popular fur fabric in autumn and winter, but many people are not familiar with the 貉 貉. After all, it is not as common as mink hair and fox hair. So

What hair is the tadpole

? Is the magpie Mao Gui?

The fur grass is a clothing made of tweezers. Its bottom is rich, soft and flexible, shiny, strong in leather, and strong insulation. Grasson is also known as raccoon, earthen dogs, earthen tadpoles, hair dogs, and mules. It is a mammalian, meat food, dog family, and a semi -hibernation. The limbs are short and thin, the tail hair is fluffy, the fluffy length of 3-3.5cm is 5cm long, the weight is 6-10kg, the body length is 850-82cm grim length 17-18cm Baked dumb moss scar while shit, 蜃 鼗 鼗 鼗 獠 獠 獠 谏 谏 谏 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 氩艟 嗟 嗟 诿 诿/P>

The prices of authentic 毛 正 正 正 are generally 2K+. The price is more expensive than rabbit hair, cheaper than fox hair, and the upper body effect of the mules is still very good.

How to choose the pupa fur grass

First of all, see if the part of the fluff is thick enough, and the second to see if the hair needle is uniform or not long. It is important to observe the traces of the hair tip. Good hair, each hairy tip is clearly rooted.

The quality of the skin should be detected through several aspects. The first is each parameter. Basically, the length exceeds one meter, the width exceeds 0.4 meters, the length of the hair needle exceeds 7 cm, the thickness of the pill is more than 5 cm. The oil scrape is very clean but not too much to leak roots. This is a good skin. If you fail to meet this standard, you have to fall.

How to distinguish the 毛 如何 如何 in all parts of the mule and the best place is of course the back. This place is relatively large and straight. If the gray tunnel is the deepest place, the skin in this place is really toughness. And more flat. Followed by the hair of the neck. The hair around the neck is good, but the root is clear, and there is a sense of layering, and it is thin and proper. It is not as soft and sparse as the belly hair. The only thing is that the skin and hair of this part are not very flat. The length presents a arc. The worst is the belly hair and tail hair. The belly hair can also be used in the aspects of popping ring, ear covering, etc. The tail can only be used as decorations such as the key ring.

Mao -collar down jackets are more popular this year, especially 貉 (HE) Zirong -collar down jackets are very popular. So what is the hair of the mule?

貉子毛是什么毛 貉子毛贵吗

Precautions for Maozi Mao Mao Mao

Humidity and heat

The enemy of fur is sunlight and moisture. Therefore, when placing fur, avoid direct sunlight and dampness and humidity. It is best to keep the room temperature at 15 degrees and place a moisture -proof pipe.

Hang up

When hanging the fur, the hanger with shoulder pads is used to hang fur. Do not use a steel wire hanger to avoid damage or deformation of the fur.

Good breathing

People need to breathe, and the same is true for fur. When storing fur, ensure high breathability, do not use plastic bags. When necessary, you can use a large cloth bag to put fur with dust.

貉子毛是什么毛 貉子毛贵吗

What hair is the tadpole

? Is the magpie Mao Gui?