Gu Ailing, Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao, who is the most authentic China?


In 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics ended successfully, and the Chinese delegation also ended perfectly, achieving a good result of 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 copper.

Gu Ailing, Su Yiming, Fan Kexin, Xu Mengtao …

Each name makes people honor, and each one winning the championship instantly makes people cry.

We saw Gu Ailing’s Jedi counterattack, and the two gold and one silver income, “Ling Bo stepped up, is invincible.”


After seeing Fan Ke’s new championship, he shed tears at the scene. After falling, he kissed affectionately at the ice.

Seeing Xu Mengtao gripped his fist and roared, the veteran did not die, and he was passed on.


At the same time, the stories behind their gold picked up were displayed in front of the public.

How enviable Gu Ailing is, it is a daughter of a heavenly candidate.

How difficult Fan Kexin is, starting on the shoe repair shop and standing on the Winter Olympics podium.

Can’t help but think of the hot search of Gu Ailing since the beginning of the Winter Olympics.

Everyone’s eyes were concentrated on her, and all the words of praise were dedicated to her.

After I read their stories, I have been thinking about a question:

Gu Ailing and Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao, who is the most authentic China?

Later, I wanted to understand that they were the most real China, but the dimensions were different.

The former is the power of the country, showing the posture of the great power.

The latter is an individual struggle, which is a tens of millions of ordinary Chinese people who burst out of the upward power, fighting against fate and fighting with life.

During the Winter Olympics, in the face of Gu Ailing’s wonderful performance, some people issued soul torture:

Which window did God close to Gu Ailing?

After reading her achievements, netizens joked helplessly: “It’s my chat window with her.”

Gu Ailing is too perfect, and perfect makes people doubt that God is arranging her to be the heroine.


On the ski resort, when she was 15 years old, she topped the FIA’s annual standings. As long as she participated in the competition, she could win the prize.


In school, she participated in the American “college entrance examination” SAT, with a score of 20 points away and was admitted to Stanford University.

And because of tall figures, good -looking face, and love, at least 23 endorsements have been won before the Winter Olympics.

She also learned to ride, archery, off -road, surfing, rock climbing, and any item was often difficult to get in touch with ordinary people.

Look at Gu Ailing’s family.

As early as 1998, the “China Science and Technology Information” magazine published an article, telling Gu Ailing’s mother Gu Yan and her venture capital career.

Gu Yan once studied Stanford in the United States. After graduating, he stayed in Wall Street to work. Later, he opened a venture capital company and had a good career.

Gu Ailing’s parents are elites in the elite, and the family has achieved financial freedom.

Such an excellent economic conditions inserted wings for Gu Ailing’s sky.

On February 8th, after Gu Ailing counterattacked the championship with an amazing jump, CCTV’s commentary to Gu Ailing was:


Yu Rucheng, stepping on snow to find dragons.

In fact, Gu Ailing was born dragon and phoenix.

Destiny prefers her, no one can easily copy her life.

If Gu Ailing dances lightly on the stage of life, then Fan Kexin moves forward in the Shura field in life.


At the age of 18, Fan Kexin was interviewed by CCTV.

She said to her mother, “I want to fight myself, and I can be the championship in the end to let you live a good life.”

When Fan Kexin was still young, the family lost money at home, and her parents had only 300 yuan, and took her to Qitaihe to vote for relatives.

They spent 130 yuan to rent a 6 -square -meter tin room, eat, drink and sleep, and use shoes to discuss life here.

Although the conditions were difficult, the mother still reported the dancing class to her dancing daughter.

But because she had to charge 150 yuan in clothing in the class, she made excuses to obtain her mother, saying that she didn’t like dancing and did not learn.


When turning into the short track speed skating, her first thing was to ask the coach: “How much does the tuition cost?”

Childhood Fan Kexin

After truly starting professional ice skating training, Fan Kexin took a long hair, got up at 4 am every day, trained in the weather at minus 20 or thirty degrees, and went home to study breakfast after the end.

The mother changed her underwear to find that her arms and legs were bruised. There were several places that worn her skin with her feet, and some places had been purulent.


But she still shouted: “I want to learn!”


Because she didn’t want to listen to her mother persuaded her to give up, she drilled into the bed and did not let her look at scars.

After training, she also picked up waste with her mother.

Fan Kexin talked about this childhood experience:

“When I was a kid, my pants were picked up by my mother from the trash bin. After cleaning, I reinstalled it. When the pants were worn for several years.”


During her five -year training career, she and more than 10 children were crowded in the underground garage, practicing midnight ice, starting at 3 am, year after year, so she persisted.

Finally, at the age of 17, she became famous at the British Shefield Short -track Scholarship Championship in 2011 and won a 500 -meter championship.

This is the trajectory of a girl’s life. Tears are more surprised, and suffering is more joyful. With a life -free attitude, a open life.

In addition to Fan Kexin, there is another champion Xu Mengtao, which makes people cry.

On the 14th, Xu Mengtao won the gold medal of free -style skiing skills.

This gold medal, she waited for 12 years from the Vancouver Winter Olympics to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

When she was renovated at the age of 12, she spent 19 years.

Like Fan Kexin, Xu Mengtao’s family was not good when he was a child.

Her father sold for 20 years for her training, got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, and then worn the skewers. On the cold winter night, she stood on a consecutive hours in a row and could not make a few dollars.

Every time Xu Mengtao recalled the experience of selling baking skewers with his father, he couldn’t help choking: “Dad is not easy.”

The children of poor people have been headed early.

On one occasion, Xu Mengtao was unwilling to go to the hospital in order to save money and have a cold, and insisted that he had medicine to take medicine.

However, the coach found that these cold medicines have expired long ago, all of which were left long ago, and she was reluctant to throw.


She encourages herself to practice well every night. The biggest wish is to let her parents live a good life.

But behind the persistence is the shocking injury diagnosis report: the cross -ligament fracture of the front knee, the inner side -side ligament sprains, the inner half -moon board deformation …


In the worst, the left knee was nearly 60%of the half -moon board.

During the competition, you can only take the steel nails, finish the jump, and then take the nail.


Xu Mengtao rejected her “request” for her parents to retire. At the age of 31, she had already passed the golden period of athletes, but cast it with blood and sweat.

When winning the championship, her eyes were tears and shouted in unbelievable: “Am I the first?”


This is the script of the girls of the barbecue stall girl. She moved forward in despair, and she was suffering from the pain of the pain to darkness. She dragged the pen from the hands of fate and re -written life.

Whether it is Gu Ailing, or Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao, they have paid a lot of sweat along the way.

But Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao are more like we are tens of millions of people.

As ordinary people, our so -called dreams are often intertwined with work and responsibility.

There is a word in Japanese culture called “lifetime hanging life”. The word originated from ancient Japanese. The samurai class uses this to express the determination to defend the ancestral territory.

In modern times, the word has become a philosophical concept, which means loyalty and responsibility.

Is Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao’s sense of responsibility for family and family members, isn’t it just a lifetime of life?


The original intention they insist on the ice and snow sports is to hope that their parents live a good life.

Skiing is interested in Gu Ailing; but for Fan Kexin, it is not only a hobby, but also a means of making a living.

The ranking of the Winter Olympics is a achievement for Gu Ailing; but for Fan Kexin, it is a considerable income.

This is the difference between the sons of heaven and ordinary people.

As ordinary people, there are not many rooms we can choose.

Facebook’s head of the female owner Shirley Sandberg once said:

“There are many good choices in the world, but you have to choose one, and then loyal to this choice to make it the best choice.”

This sentence is suitable for Gu Ailing’s life, while Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao are only suitable for the second half.

Before Gu Ailing became a professional skiers, she actually had a lot of choices.

In order to make Ai Ling find her true love when she was a child, her mother would take her various interest classes after school.

Gu Ailing said: “I go to school every day, my mother will come to pick me up, and I bring three clothes in the car. Because I want to change my clothes in the car to play football; Ballet play the piano again.

“Anyway, I feel that trying all kinds of different things can make me find my own interest.”

Later, she began to be obsessed with skiing, and her mother began to teach at her own expense to let her go to the world to play.

But skiing is different for Fan Kexin and Xu Mengtao.

Are they talented?

Are they really interested?

Picture source: panorama vision

These are not important. The important thing is that a chance to change the sky appears in front of them. The two of them just want to work hard to grasp.

We often say that there is nothing anyway, so there is no need to be afraid to lose anything.

But the reality is that ordinary people do not have so many choices. The more sleepy, the more they dare not try and error.

Whether Gu Ailing picked gold, or usually eat a leeks, it will firmly occupy the top of the hot search.

And after the popularity of the cold gate champion, after the enthusiasm of the gold, it often disappears in the sight of everyone.

Although Gu Ailing makes people like it, I hope that we can pay more attention to Fan Kexin.

Because Gu Ailing’s story is the myth of a few people, Fan Kexin’s experience is the legend of ordinary people.

The latter uses their cocoon road to tell us:

In this era, you will not live up to every kind of effort.

This is not a survivor deviation.

For a long time, Ice and Snow Sports is called aristocratic movement, but in this nine gold medals, there are two cold gate champions.

Their success lits the torch in the hearts of every ordinary person, which inspired us.

We all have to learn everything given by fate.

Even if we send us a bad card, we have to play it best and work hard, which is the only hole card that may win.

Finally share two small stories about Fan Kexin.


The first story.

In the spring of 2003, the coach was selecting players.

After finishing the stand -up long -jump project, Fan Kexin ran to the side and cried, because the results did not meet the standard.

The coach asked her: “Hey, what are you crying?”

She wiped tears and said, just now, I have a certain amount of wrong, and I usually jump very far.

The coach smiled and said, “Come, give you another chance, I will take you away after the standard.”

Fan Kexin’s strength jumped and crossed the standard line. She broke her nose and laughed: “I said I can skip it, just now I am wrong.”

The second story.

Because of the family difficulties, Fan Kexin’s long -term malnutrition, coupled with her daily overloaded and large -scale training, was diagnosed with severe adolescent iron deficiency anemia.

The doctor has repeatedly told that your physical condition must not be trained anymore.

But Fan Kexin begged his parents: “I want to slip, I must slip.”

Why do you say these two stories?


Because of Fan Kexin, for tens of millions of ordinary people, most of the time is difficult to survive in the gap between fate.

But there is no need to complain, please do your best to mediate with your life. Even if the opportunity is slim, you must hold it tightly.

Please look for dreams and hope, even if the road is twisted again, please stay.


One day, when you break free from the gap, what you goes is Vientiane.

One by one


, I would like to encourage my friends.

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