How can Mao Amin look like a six -person person? Wearing a Chinese top with fitness pants, mixing and mating are too fashionable at will


Facing the cold and hot weather, many sisters are caught in the embarrassment of not knowing what to wear every morning. In fact, this season is most suitable for mixing and match with different items, but mixing and matching is not a “chaotic”. If it is not good, it will easily give people a messy, no focus. So today I will talk to you about how to create a fashionable mixing style!

Speaking of mixing and matching, Mao Amin’s wearing is hidden in mysterious machine. With Chinese velvet stitching jackets and fitness pants, it is not only unusual, but also unexpectedly casual fashion, comparable to the taste of dress after 00! Let ’s take a look at Mao Amin’s mixing style to see which tricks that can be used to learn from her!

[1] Selected models that are suitable for your own age temperament

Black Chinese velvet cardigan retro and atmospheric


The black coat on Mao Amin uses the iconic Chinese -style plate buckle and stand -up collar design, bringing a little subtle retro and elegant feeling, and it is very fit with his age temperament. At the same time, velvet fabrics are also a retro -style design element, and the texture of the velvet material is touching, which can instantly enhance the noble sense of the entire shape.

Color ethnic style splices add charm, lifted level

Although the black velvet cardigan is more aging, it will not make people feel old -fashioned. A large part of the reason is to be attributed to the colored national wind splicing design of the cuffs. The brightness of the coat also creates the highlights of the entire shape, which enriches the layering of wearing.

[2] Mao Amin’s matching skills analysis

White sports T -shirt brightens and weakens old qi


The inner layer of the velvet cardigan is a white sports T -shirt. It not only plays a brightening role with a sports style item with a retro wind jacket, but also increases the sense of vitality of the shape and weakens the old -fashioned aging. In addition, the large round neck design has weakened the thickness of the black coat through proper skin exposure, making the overall shape look more in line with the light and comfortable atmosphere of spring.


Tight -fitting leggings injected into a sense of modernity

Leggings on the lower body are consistent with the sports T -shirt style of the upper body, which injects a dynamic atmosphere into the dressing, making the overall shape more energetic. At the same time, tight Leggings can also set off a slender leg line, comparing with the loose version of the upper body, which is thin MAX! However, Leggings is still a lower -legged under -style. If the leg shape is not good enough, it can also expose the shortcomings for one second!


What are the aspects of mixing wind?


[1] The colors of each single product must be tuned to not violate

When creating a mixed -match style, the color matching can play a role in the overall dressing effect. In order to reduce the discord of wear, the color matching of different styles should be harmonious. For example, Mao Amin’s shape, the coat chose a calm black, and the inside is white, black and white with the same basic color. LEGGINGS on the lower body is the same as the coat of the upper body, so there is no need to worry about the problem of color control.


[2] Determine a main style single product, other items pick basic models can be available

Regarding the style of mixed -match styling, many episodes in order to let others see that they are taking the mixing route. They are combined with a variety of styles of single products, but they will look messy. In fact, if you want to make the overall effect more advanced, as long as you determine a main style single product, it is enough to match the items up and down. Senior and fashionable!


Mao Amin’s more style look ↓

Simple and capable style ↓


Pure white jumpsuits are simple and simple. The cross -collar design forms a drop -down line, which can play a good role in modifying the face shape. At the same time, the fold design of the waist can not only increase the styling of jumpsuits, but more importantly, you can also cover up the small belly. Immediately after the upper body, you can retrieve your confidence.

Daily leisure wind ↓


The khaki knitted grandma shirt has a strong sense of texture and can play a role in enriching the upper body shape. Only the two buckles in the middle have played a magical waist effect. Not only showing a wave of small waist, but also cleverly improved the position of the waist line, extending the length of the lower body, saying that the girl’s body is not exaggerated! The inner layer of the grandma’s shirt is paired with a black inside to make the whole shape simple and atmospheric. At the same time, this smooth color matching can also play a role in extending the figure line. Unconsciously, it can play a high and thin role!

Handsome little incense wind ↓

The small fragrant wind jacket always gives a noble and elegant feeling. After adding the shoulder -to -shoulder design, the overall version becomes more quite stylish, which is conducive to showing a strong aura of a big woman. Moreover, the shoulder design is conducive to modifying the shoulder lines, and the narrow shoulder and slippery should be applied. In addition, the fringe hem on the small fragrant wind jacket also adds a bit of unruly and romantic taste to the entire shape, making the entire shape look particularly extraordinary and fashionable.