Henan girls wear heads and goes to school, her classmates laughed at her “masked monster”.


All animals are very concerned about appearance, especially humans. From ancient times to the present poems, they are commonly praised by beauties. Although there are very few appearance discrimination in the society, there are many uncommon bonus. For example, the Yuan Dynasty Lan Chufang wrote in “Four Jade · Style”: “The ugly village is similar to the village.” This kind of affection is similar, and there is not much to care about the appearance. What’s more, they also laughed at people with flaws.


Since ancient times, both men and women are committed to making themselves look better.

Girls will buy a lot of beautiful clothes, lose weight, makeup; boys will also perform fitness and muscle enhancement activities. Many artists are common in order to look good in the mirror.

Pursuit of beauty is not wrong, but for those who are not so beautiful, or those who have a certain flaw in appearance in appearance or acquired factors, we should also have a tolerance heart.


▲ Cao Fei photo

There is a unique girl in Zhumadian, Henan. She has been wearing a hood to school for many years, which confuses her classmates and teachers. Some students even laugh at her “masked monster”.


There are also many people talking about this behind, or laugh at her in person,


This also caused a lot of harm to the little girl’s psychology, and it did not meet her parents’ original intention of letting her put her head to school. Everyone must have guessed,

This girl has some defects in appearance. Parents do not want her classmates to laugh at her before putting on a hood for her.

Unexpectedly, it caused many malicious speculations.

▲ Car accident photo

The girl is Cao Fei, who was originally a delicate and beautiful girl. However, one day in 2012, an accident caused her family to suffer a major change.

She also suffered a lot in this accident. On this day, Xiao Cao Fei was a little uncomfortable, and her grandparents accompanied her to the hospital to see a doctor. No one expected that a serious car accident occurred on the road. The two elderly people died on the spot, and Cao Fei suffered very serious injuries.


▲ Cao Fei and his mother took a group photo

This injury is not a bruise caused by the impact, but the burns

—— After Cao Fei and grandparents were hit by the car, the gasoline in the car was leaked, and the high temperature of the impact was ignited. Cao Fei, who was still very small at the time, did not know how to save himself, and could only cry in the burning car.


Although she was fortunate to be rescued, her skin had been burned in a large area, and her life was kept after being rescued, but the burns on her face were difficult to recover.


At that time, the cosmetic industry was not developed, and the funds they needed were quite high. Cao Fei himself was too small and was not suitable for cosmetic surgery. Moreover, even after cosmetic surgery, it would not guarantee that her appearance was completely restored to her appearance.

Essence thus,


Xiao Cao Fei wore a hood every day to continue school, fearing that the classmates would be scared by themselves,

So I hate myself. However, many children are also very afraid of this hood, and few people are still friends with her, which has caused some problems with Cao Fei’s psychology.

▲ Students stay away from Cao Fei (outside the door)

Parents tried their best to this. Finally, they took their daughter to a TV show. On the show, after Xiao Cao Fei was removed, everyone at the scene cried.

It can be seen that the lower part of Xiao Cao Fei appears blue and gray, and the traces left by the burns are far from being eliminated by time. The injury that the accident brought to a little girl couldn’t help but sore her and shed tears for her.

▲ Cao Fei and his father on the show

Cao Fei and her parents who took off their coats were brave, which means that they all decided to live a positive life and no longer escape through the head suit.

The eyes of others have always existed, and not a hood can be covered. Facts have also proved that even if wearing a head cover to cover up the burned face, Cao Fei was still criticized and ridiculed by others. Therefore, instead of any malicious speculation of others, it is better to remove the hood by yourself and face all the doubts and guessing.

▲ Cao Fei after taking off the hood

Of course, those who have a malicious speculation about a girl wearing a hood and even laugh at them should also reflect on their own education issues.


“A good words are warm in three winter, and the evil language hurts people in June cold.” Everyone will have secrets, and there will be pain that people do not want to be known to others. They know that the other party wearing a head cover must be speculated. People, this is tantamount to a sharp sword in the hearts of others.


“Unexpectedly, the wind and clouds are blessed by people.” The accidents happened at all times, they were not expected, they could not respond or prevent in advance, but they truly brought unbearable harm to people. Xiao Cao Fei was unfortunate. She was seriously injured at a young age and had to face the catastrophic consequences of disfigurement. However, all this is not what she wish, she should be treated equally. It should not be ridiculed, nor need to be taken too much care to grow up healthily and safely. Every time we see those who are suffering from pain due to accidents, we should have more patience and normal mind, so that when we are unfortunately encounter an accident, we will be rewarded with goodwill.

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