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Some time ago, there was a news topic: Henan Village made a Sanxingdui bronze in Sanxingdui Bronze, and many young people knew the “bronze town” -the Yantong Village.

Yantong Village, also known as Yanyunxuan, has been a row of imitation bronzes since ancient times. The villagers are good in craftsmanship, and they are often misunderstood as “counterfeit” villages.

Today, different pasts, the production skills of the smoke cloud bronze bronzes, which are included in the intangible cultural heritage, have made the villagers get rich and increase their income. The small village has entered 100 million yuan in annual, which is a good industry.

In fact, there is also a “Tang Sancai” village in Henan.

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National first -class cultural relics,

Yantong Village “Manufacturing”

洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记

Yantong Village entered people’s vision this time, originated from the imitation Samsung Ding Bronze.

洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记

The copper statue of imitation Sanxingdui is lifelike, and the Internet is on the Internet. In Yanyu Village, “tree becomes forest” and “population in groups”. From 1: 1 to mini version, densely “stand”.

Yantong Village is the village in Yichuan County, Luoyang, and is also called Yan Yunyu.

Many people don’t know that it once had a headache for the cultural relic collection industry.

In the 1990s, Chengdu Airport and Shanghai Customs almost discovered that some people carried a large number of exquisite bronze wares to leave the customs. Among them, there was a “beast -faced Facial Ding” that was exactly the same as the Luoyang Museum.

The beast -faced Fang Ding is also called “Luoyang Ding”.

洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记

Beast Facial Fang Ding

How can such utensils appear at the airport and customs?

With the deepening of the survey, all the spearheads pointed to a well -known small mountain village in Henan at that time -Yan Yunyu.

Although the reputation is not large, it is the number one in the antique Wenwen. Not only the production process of bronze has won awards, but the bronze imitation products created have made many experts and scholars look at it.

Bronze produced by Yanyunxuan, as small as bronze mirrors, to Luoyang Ding, more than 1,000 varieties, bronze enthusiasts at home and abroad have come, and bronze wares have been collected or exhibited by more than 20 museums.

In addition to the common bronze type, people in the village can also make bronze bells. What’s even more amazing is that the person who made the chime bell is a master who only has a junior Chinese diploma and does not understand the rhythm.

At the time, no one could think of the craftsmanship of “counterfeiting” even renewed the village.

Today, Yunyun Village, 1/3 villagers are engaged in imitation bronze processing. Various bronze processing shops stand on both sides of the street. The annual sales revenue exceeds the 100 million yuan mark a few years ago.


Copy cultural relics of Tang Sancai Village,

Experts all “eye -catching”

Speaking of antique skills, in addition to Bronze Village, there is also a Tang Sancai Village in Luoyang.

洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记

No matter who it is, for the first time, Tang Sancai will be moved by the exquisite appearance and strong cultural temperament.

Few people know that the skills of Luoyang Tang Sancai were lost at the beginning, and the recovery of the final manufacturing skills must also be attributed to Nanyaman Village in Mengjin County.

Tang Sancai produced by Shishan Village

Those who have been there must have seen it. There, there are antique three -color and Qin figurines everywhere.

Just look at the randomly placed high -sleeved lady figurines, the samurai figurines with a round eyes, and the three -color horses with a neck and bowing their heads. They will be intoxicated.

According to the local people, although there are only more than 2,000 people in the village, there are more than 20 cultural relics production plants, and there are more small workshops.

Nangshishan Village, like Yanxuan Village, also eats antique skills, and high imitation cultural relics are also false. In 1994, a group of pottery figurines in the Northern Wei Dynasty appeared in the Panjiayuan antiques trading market, and a frenzy of the Northern Wei Pottery figurines was set off in China.

洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记

Several national cultural relics units also acquired the “rescue” of the Northern Wei Dynasty pottery figurines. It is rare that the Northern Wei Tao figurines in the antique trading market are still constantly.

After the investigation, it was found that all the “Northern Wei Pottery Farters” came from Nangshishan Village. Since then, Nantashishan Village has become famous in Luoyang and even the nationwide antique Tang Sancai production circle.

洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记

Nangshishan Village

At present, there are more than 70 Tang Sancai production companies in Nantashishan Village, accounting for more than 90 % of the total production of Tang Sancai nationwide, which can be regarded as “the first village of Tang Sancai in China”.

After decades of devoted research and the hardships of several generations, with the development of Nangshishan Village, it has been sought after and loved throughout the country and even the world.


Once the “counterfeit village”,

Now selling 100 million yuan by antique year

Both Yanxuan Village and Nanyashishan Village rely on the manufacturing skills and become famous “Bronze Village” and “Tang Sancai Village”. They obviously have the same thing, that is, unique regional advantages.

One is the treasure land that sacrifice heaven for thousands of years and the place where the sacrifice ritual.

The oldest “Zishen Father” bronze and bronzes were unearthed near the village. The Jiuli San Tu Mountain next to Yantong Village was the sacrifice land of the royal family of the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties.

The Luoyang Museum “Zishen Father” Tong Ding

The other is the place and birthplace of Tang Sancai.

In 1905, during the construction of the Longhai Railway, a large number of Tang tombs were discovered, and a number of Tang three -color pottery figurines were unearthed, which shocked the world with high artistic value.

From the “fraud” villages that have been criticized in the past, to the current antique industries selling 100 million yuan, in addition to market acceptance and changes in the concept of the world, the most important thing is the love and persistence of villagers.

On the land of the Central Plains, on the annihilation site, the villagers retrieved their ancestors’ skills a little bit.

洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记

Yantong Village reproduced the scene of “Fire Fire, Red Star Purple Cigarettes” in the past, and the imitation bronze rituals were presented by national leaders with foreign guests.

The Expo Word “Tang Sancai”: Tang Sancai Wares also allowed Tang Sancai to re -enter people’s vision and famous at home and abroad.

They have been exploring and integrating cultural skills with tourism.

Yantong Village has built a special museum that integrates, display, and study ancient Chinese bronze casting technology.

The exquisite bronzes displayed in the museum are hand -made by craftsmen, attracting visitors from all directions every day.

Under the decoration of bronze imitation products, the folk customs and humanities and historical landscapes of ancient bridges, ancient temples, Hebu, theater, and sacrifice of the sky are integrated, forming a unique domestic tourist town of smoke clouds.

Nanyashiyama Village is antique in the three colors and Qin figurines, and it is like a Tang Sancai Open Museum.

In 2016, the village built an 8,000 -square -meter Tang Sancai Experience Hall. Tourists did not far away to the three -color town to enjoy the exquisite antique artworks.

Tang Sancai, who is all dotted on the streets of Sancai Town, have become vivid and vivid.

Whether it is bronze or Tang Sancai, it is a strong stroke in my country’s non -heritage culture. Of course, we are willing to see them better.

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洛阳一村庄三分之一的村民仿制青铜古董,年收入破亿元 | 豫记